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What could happen the fifth year. by theatrechick
Chapter 2 : A bit of Everything.
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter… but I wish I did…

A/N: Once again, please note that Jenna in my fics is not me. Jenna is a name that I really love and I sometimes go by it, but Jenna is NOTHING like me. I’m nice… I think…
Anyway, Shout-out and virtual chocolate to: Willow, Sandi, and Sorceressmon (aka Crystal/Becca)
For reviewing. ; )

Please read/review

What could happen the fifth year.
By Jenna Blake

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were making their way down to the Great Hall for breakfast. “Hey,” Harry said, “do you guys notice that it seems awfully quite this morning?”

Ron and Hermione both nodded. “I know why,” Ron said, “Sandi’s not here.”


“There’s Sandi…” Hermione muttered.

Down the stairs bonded Sandi Tilesmann. Sandi had shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and was pretty short. She was also known for being very talkative. Professor Snape loved having her in his class because he could take mounds of points off of Gryffindor. Sandi had grown up around the Weasleys, so if was logically that she acted a little bit strange.

Ron rolled his eyes, “Anyway… Can you believe him? He paired Neville and Erin Nire together! It’s his own fault the cauldron blew up! Neville makes things explode without meaning to, but that Nire person… Fred and George admire her abilities with explosive! They even offered her a job with WWW… you know Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes! Poor Neville!”

Harry and Hermione didn’t hear a word Ron said, they had stopped paying attention to Ron whenever he started going on about something. They would start taking points off of students, since they were both Prefects. So far, Hermione had taken 5 points from a Ravenclaw first year and a Gryffindor third year for PDA (Public Display of Affection); Harry had taken points off a group of Slytherins for ‘looking strange.’ “Are you two even listening to me?” Ron asked.

“Of course!” Hermione piped up.

Harry shock his head, caught Sandi’s eye, and rolled his eyes. Hermione, although she would ignore him, had taken a sudden interest in Ron over the summer and was flirting with him like crazy. Sandi whacked Ron upside the head, “You know I never listen you!”

“Yeah, Sandi…” Ron muttered. He glared at them all, opened his mouth to say something, and fell down the stairs. Harry, Hermione, and Sandi ran down to the foot of the stairs where Ron and Jenna were disentangling themselves for one another.

“Stupid Hobbit!” Jenna yelled at Ron as she picked up her book and dusted herself off.

Ron looked confused, “Wha?”

Jenna looked at him as if he was annoying her, and he was, “Read ‘The Lord of the Rings’, then you’ll understand.”

She glared at the group of Gryffindors. Hermione looked excited all of a sudden, “Hey! I read those books! Who is your favorite character? Mine is Frodo. Did you see the Muggle movie? I saw it 15 times in the theatre! Who’s the hottest actor in the movie?”

Harry and Ron, who had been looking quite bored, blurted out, “Liv Tyler!”

Sandi bashed them both over the head; “You are both such bloody idiots!”

Sandi, Ron, and Harry went off to the Great Hall. Jenna and Hermione went to talk. Jenna never ate breakfast, some people thought that she didn’t eat, because she was so tinny. Hermione was so excited to find a student at Hogwarts who had seen the movie AND read the books that she forgot about breakfast that morning. They headed off to their Arithmancy class, talking Lord of the Rings the whole way.

Jenna flipped her long black hair over her shoulder. Her dark hair made her already pale shin look even paler. “Well,” Jenna started, “my favorite character is Legolas in ‘The Two Towers,’ and Aragorn in ‘The fellowship of the Ring,” and Aragorn in all the books. I saw the movies 10 times, ‘The Fellowship,’ and 12 times, ‘Two Towers.’ Quidditch practice takes up so much of my time… The hottest actor is…” Jenna seemed to be debating what she said, “Either Elijah Wood or Orlando Bloom.”

They had reached the classroom; Hermione was surprised that Jenna was actually nice, when she wasn’t around Snape… Pansy and Cho heard them talking. “What are you tow talking about?” Cho wanted to know. She would sit off by herself in her own little world thinks of Cedric.

Jenna and Hermione turn toward Cho. “Lord of the Rings,” Jenna said with a smile. She knew how Cho felt about losing someone close to Voldemort. Her cousin Jason had been killed over the summer.

Cho stood up, “Oh My God!!! I love Lord of the Rings!!!”

Before long, the rest of the class came in, they all talked about Lord of the Rings. Even Professor Vector joined in the conversation.

A/N I just wanted to let you guys know that Elizabeth, Sandi, and Erin belong to my friends. I am using them with their permission. So if you read a fic with them in it, they didn’t steal my characters. I borrowed them. Thanks for Reading, now please Review.

Also, if anyone wants to take a shot at who future couples might be… put in you review. I just might do something special for you next fic…

Coming next, find out more about Jenna’s family, and Erin, Ron, and Sandi go to … Divination…

Please Review!!!

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What could happen the fifth year.: A bit of Everything.


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