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Ginny's Revenge by sarak
Chapter 3 : Drunken Slytherins and the plan
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Ginny ran back to Gryffindor tower with tears running down her cheeks, she ran past the common room and saw Steph. Steph was busy writing something when she noticed her best friend Ginny was bright red and crying hysterically.

“Oh no! Ginny what’s wrong? What happened?” said Steph

“m..m..Malfoy,” said Ginny.

“Yeah what about him?” asked Steph.

“He asked me out this morning”

“Yeah, isn’t that good Ginny?”

“Yes, I was so happy but”

“But what?”

“I overheard him talking to Goyle about me, so I stayed longer to see what he was saying and I overheard him saying that he was only going to use me then dump me” said Ginny now bursting into tears. Steph hugged her best friend who was shaking hysterically, she then looked at her with sympathy then whispered into her ear

“Don’t worry, we’ll make him pay, were going to make him wish he was dead”.

* * * * * * * * *

Draco was ecstatic about winning the cup and the Slytherin’s had a party,

“THREE CHEERS FOR DRACO, FOR CATCHING THE SNITCH!” yelled flint holding up a cup of extra strong butterbeer.

They all held up their cups and screamed at the top of their lungs “WOOOHOOO”.

Suddenly they heard the door squeak open and found professor snape in his pajamas at the door looking like he had just woken up.

“Uh oh” said pansy

“For goodness sake, its 3am in the morning, I understand that you are all happy about winning the cup but I think you’ve all had enough of partying and uh… I think Crabbe has too” said snape then started to stare at Crabbe’s face drowning the tub of butterbeer.

“Ooh snape darling, your no fun at all” said Blaise (just to let you know in my story Blaise is a girl) looking like a drunken monkey.

“Oh dear your all drunk” said snape annoyed.

“No we aren’t, I promise snapey wapey poo,” said Blaise then collapsed into snapes arms.

“All right that’s enough, I want to see you all in bed now, and seeing as though your all uh… under the weather ill let you of first class tomorrow morning, and don’t think ill ever let you off with this behavior again. Now do as I say or ill wake you all up 6am tomorrow and make you go to class” demanded snape.

Immediately the all the Slytherin’s made their ways to their dormitory’s and pansy had to wake Goyle up as he was sleeping in the magic blueberry cake.

* * * * * * * * *

That’s a great idea! Oh my god this is going to be FUNNY” screamed Ginny.

“Hell yeah, I cant wait” said Steph

“Only one problem… how are we going to get into Slytherin tower? We need the password,” said Ginny.

“Hmm… we’ll sneak up behind a Slytherin tonight and listen to what he says for the password, then we’ll follow behind him and sneak in” said Steph.

“that’s not going to be easy, you know once were inside Slytherin tower there will be a Slytherin at every corner and I don’t think they would be too pleased to see a Gryffindor” said Ginny.

“Yeah well it’s worth a try” said Steph.

“What’s worth a try?” said a young bold voice from behind.

“Oh harry you scared the hell out of me” screamed Steph.

“So what are you two girls planning to do” said harry curiously

“If we tell you, you have to promise you wont tell anyone” said Ginny.

“I promise,” said harry.

Ginny and Steph told harry the plan then asked if he could help.

Once harry heard this he started to laugh, he was laughing so hard that eventually his tummy started to hurt.

“Count me in, that’ll show the bastard for cheating in quidditch,” said harry.

“Cheating? Did he cheat?” said Ginny surprised.

“Why do you look so surprised! Of course he cheated, I mean you actually thought Malfoy could beat me? Hell no, just before the game started I heard malfoy put a repellent charm on the snitch to make the snitch as far away as possible from me and whenever I was even nearly close to it, the snitch would just fly away at full speed. I tried explaining it to professor Dumbledore, he believed me of course but there was just no proof that malfoy did it, so malfoy got away with it” said harry.

“What a dick! He makes me so angry” said Steph.

“Also I want to show you two something that may help, but you also have to promise me you wont tell anyone about it” said harry suddenly serious. They both promised so harry took them to his dormitory and showed them his invisibility cloak.

“OH MY GOD! Is that invisibility cloak?” screamed Ginny.

“how did you get your hands on one of these” yelled Steph.

“it was my fathers, dumbledore gave it to me” said harry.

“you know this would make it so much easier for our plan to work tonight, do you reckon you could lend it to us?” asked ginny.

“Yeah sure, that’s why I showed it to you” said harry.

The bell for first period went off and they separated to their classes.

“See you harry and thanks” said Ginny.

“Yeah thanks,” said Steph also.

HEY everyone!! Sorry if this chapter was really short and your probably thinking WHATS THE PLAN DAMMIT!! Well youll find out in the next chapter I should update soon and PLEASEE REVIEW!! Tell me what you think will happen/!?!!?


Luv Sara!!! Mwa xoxo

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