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The Beginning of the end by Lili
Chapter 8 : Chapter 7 Visit
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Chapter 7


Disclaimer: Don’t own the Harry Potter character just write about them.

Harry laid on his bed thinking.
Hermione was taken from him and would rot in Azkaban.
The thoughts of her being there made him feel angry.
Her body and her delicate face wouldn’t last in a place full of soul sucking creatures.
He imagined her delicate face behind bars day in and day out.
Harry got up and crossed to his bathroom.
As he splashed cold water on his face as he pictured Hermione wrapping her soft arms around his waist, and planting soft kisses on his back and neck.
He smiled and got back in bed.
“Good night, Hermione.” He whispered.
Then his mother came in.
“Harry?” she asked.
Harry sat up.
“Mom.” He whispered.
She smiled and sat on his bed.
“I’ve missed you so much. I was hoping to find my baby boy soon but I waited 21 years before I found him again. But your friend lead us back to you.” Lily said, hugging him to her chest.
Harry cried softly in her arms.
This was how it suppose to be.
Lily being there when he need her.
James teaching if how to be a man.
But only one thing was missing.
Hermione wasn’t there to hug him at night, and having her kiss him in the morning.
When Lily let her son go, she saw tears.
“Harry, are you all right?” she asked, worriedly.
“Mom, I love you and Dad. I’ve spent 16 years hoping that one day someone would come and take me away from the Dursleys.” Harry choked.
Then he looked seriously at her emerald green eyes he had inherited.
“But at Hogwarts I fell in love for the first and last time in my life. She was beautiful even though everyone else said she looked like a beaver. Her parents died in the 6th year. Mom, I fell in love with my best friend, Hermione Granger. But she’s in Azkaban.” He said, wiping tears away.
Lily looked at her grown up son.
“You can always visit her. Tell you what, I’ll bake some cookies for you and you can take them to her.” She promised.
Then she tucked him in like when he was a year old and kissed him.
“I’m glad you’re back, Mom.” Harry whispered.
Lily smiled at him.
“I am, too. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there and your father too.”
“It’s okay. You’re here now and that’s all that matters.” Harry said.

* * *

The sun rose to a bloody red color then to a pinkish yellow.
Harry was already up, sitting on his window in his parents’ house.
“I wonder if Hermione can see the sunrise?” he asked aloud, but softly.
“Probably not.” Said a soft voice.
James Potter came in.
He looked old but he did look like he was 20 not 43 years old.
And Lily, his wife, was 42 years old.
“Why?” he asked.
“Because,” he said, sitting on a chair beside Harry. “ The dementors don’t want them outside or near too much sunlight.” James said, bitterly.
Harry sadly outs the window.
“I’ve to see her.” He said.
James nodded.
“Your mother is making some breakfast, come down when you’re ready.” James said, getting up.
Nodding, Harry went to his bathroom and took a long, hot, shower. After he went down for breakfast.
Lily was shouting at her husband, because he stole a cookie she had baked for Harry.
When she saw Harry laughing she stopped and hurried to the stove.
Then she set down waffles.
“Good morning, Harry.” She said, smiling.
He smiled back.
“I baked some more cookies, since your father decided to eat them.” She added, glaring at James.
“What kind?” he asked.
“Sugar shaped like, bears, hearts, and bunnies. I added some chocolate chips in too.” Lily said, now putting down eggs and beacon.
Harry nodded and sat down.
After breakfast Harry got all the dishes and began to wash them.
“Harry, you don’t have to do that. Just get ready to go.” Lily said, gently pushing him away.
After a couple of minutes Harry took out the cookies.
They smelled great.
As he wrapped them up in a clear bag with a icy blue ribbon Lily wished him luck.
At a quarter to 12 Harry left to Azkaban.

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The Beginning of the end: Chapter 7 Visit


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