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The Beginning of the end by Lili
Chapter 7 : Chapter 6 Azkaban
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Chapter 6

Disclaimer: I only own the plot of the story not the character in it though.

Nearly a week passed before Hermione fully woke up.
“Where am I?” she asked, hoarsely.
“St Mongol’s Hospital.” Said a soft but deep voice.
She blinked and saw Harry Potter sitting there.
“Harry, I –” she began.
But he pressed his fingers to her lips.
“Shh.” He whispered.
She looked at him.
“I’m going to Azkaban aren’t I?” Hermione said.
Sadly, Harry nodded.
She looked away.
“Harry, I really do love you.” She whispered.
He grinned, weakly.
“I do too. I love you so much.” He croaked.
Hermione smiled.
“I know.”
Then 4 dementors glided in.
And the Minister of Magic.
“Hello, Dr Granger.” Ron said, taking off his blower hat.
Hermione looked fearful at him.
Then her eyes fell on the dementors.
“Ron, please, she just recovered from the battle of Voldemort.” Harry said.
Ron shook his head.
“I’m sorry, Harry, but I have to.” He said. Then he nodded to the dementors.
Then they dragged her out of bed and out towards the door.
Harry tried to stop them but he felt clammy cold.
Ron grabbed his arm.
“Stop it, Harry.” Ron said, sharply.
He turned to his red haired friend.
“How can you let them take her!” he yelled.
Hermione shook them off.
“I can walk you know!” she snapped.
Then getting all her strength she began to walk out the door.
Harry could see her wincing in pain, and her tears of it.
Hermione turned and looked back at Harry, he looked horrified.
“Hermione!” he shouted.
But she turned and left with the dementors.

* * *

Hermione was thrown into her cell a short while later.
She sat there alone.
So this what’s like to be in Azkaban. She thought `, dully.
She heard people screaming in their cell.
She shivered.
A few hours later a dementor came in with some food.
It was only bread and some kind of meat.
The only thing that looked good was the water.
“A toliken from Mr Potter.” Said a creaky voice.
She took it.
As she drank it she felt better, but still cold.
She watched the faint sunlight in her cell window die to a blood red then pink.
She touched she cheek.
It burned.
She knew it needed more healing but didn’t care much.
Hermione ripped her pant leg and saw it was scaly and scared.
“At least Voldemort is finally gone.” She said, aloud.
“Voldemort’s gone!” shouted a voice from a cell a few ways from hers.
“I killed him.” She shouted.
“You hear that?” shouted another.
“She killed him!”
“Lord Voldemort dead!”
Hermione smiled, weakly.
He was dead. But she had a very heavy price to pay for it.
Her freedom was now gone.
A cold tear fell from her stone cold face.
“I wish I was dead.” She mumbled.

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The Beginning of the end: Chapter 6 Azkaban


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