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The Beginning of the end by Lili
Chapter 6 : Chapter 5 Arriving
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Chapter 5

Disclaimer: I don’t own the HP characters the plot is however, mine and please don’t take this idea. It took a while to think this up.

Harry was on the plane to Iraq, thinking.
Hermione was going to face Voldemort and probably be killed.
As he arrived in Babylon he took out the mirror.
Quickly Harry bought a camel for 20 Iraqi dinar.
It was very slow but it was good all the same.
At last it stopped.
The mirror glowed and a grand entrance appeared.
“Wow.” Harry said.
As he got off the camel he tied it with magic.
Then walked in.
A boat was waiting for him.
Quickly Harry rowed it across and dashed up the stairs.
Malfoy and the other death eaters lay stunned have blinded on the floor.
Quickly Harry made his way inside and some how to the basement.
A wall of fire blocked his view a little but he could still see the people.
But he saw a woman with red hair and a man with very messy jet-black hair.
“Mom, Dad!” he yelled.
“Harry!” Lily cried.
Then a woman with straight brown hair looked at him.
“Hermione!” he shouted.
But she looked sadly at his face.
“No.” he whispered.
Lord Voldemort smiled at him.
“Hello Harry. Say some last words for your friend. She’s going to die, Potter!” Voldemort called.
Hermione screamed as the scar burned painfully on Harry’s forehead.
“Incendio!” Hermione yell shooting blue bell flames onto Voldemort’s robes.
Harry turned to see Wormtail.
“You!” he snarled.
“I’m sorry, Harry.” He wailed.
“You’re gonna cost me my friend’s life!” Harry growled.
“I’m truly sorry.” Then he pointed his wand at Harry.
“But I must.”
“Harry!” Hermione screamed.
“EXPELLIARIMUS!” Harry roared.
Wormtail’s wand flew into the molten rock.
It hissed and vanished.
Hermione sighed.
flames shot onto her back.
She screamed as they licked he flesh.
With a bit of water from her wand Hermione put it out.
“Hermione, stop!” Harry cried.
“Stay out if this, Harry.” Hermione said, with her back to him.
“Crucio!” Voldemort yelled.
“Impedimenta!” Hermione shouted.
Both spells hit one another and bounced off.
Voldemort’s hit Hermione in the stomach and hers hit him on the knee.
She fell to her knees in pain.
“I can’t loose.” She moaned.
Then she looked coldly at Voldemort.
“Petrifus Inkedamus!” she shouted.
A jet of rainbow colors rammed into Voldemort.
“I know that spell. It weakens me. I hid it in the Ministry.” He said softly getting up.
Hermione grinned, weakly.
“And I’ve got more where that came form.” She said, breathing hard.
Harry looked at her as she stood up straight.
“ Hermione, stop!” he yelled trying to break the firewall.
But it was too strong.
“Stay out of this, Harry. I warned you that before!” she warned.
“This is my fight.” She added.
Harry fell to his knees.
“No!” he cried.
Hermione faced Voldemort with her wand.
“Finite Petrifus Ducio!” she bellowed.
A golden light shot into Voldemort, he screamed in pain.
“Crucio!” he roared.
Hermione shirked in agony as her clothes ripped some more.
She fell to her knees again.
“It’s not over, Voldemort.” She hissed getting, gingerly to her feet.
“You’re a stubborn one. Yes, you are.” He said, a very thin smile dawned on his pale face.
Hermione wiped blood form her mouth.
“It’s the beginning of the end.” She said.
“No, Doctor, it is your end.” He hissed.
He raised his wand.
“Perhaps a little more pain?” he whispered.
Hermione cried in agony yet again, she didn’t think that her body could take the pain.
“NO!” Harry yelled.
Wormtail squealed and turned into a rat.
“Not so fast!” he roared.
And Wormtail lay stunned.
Hermione looked straight at Voldemort.
“It’s time!” she shouted.
“Crucio!” Voldemort roared, throwing the Cruciatus curse hit her again.
Hermione hit the firewall.
She screamed as the flames burned her back.
“IMPEDAIMENTA!” she shouted slowing down Voldemort as he drew near.
“Incendio!” he shirked.
Blue flames hit her in the chest.
She cried in agony and put it out.
“Your turn.” Hermione snarled.
“Avada Kedavra Tatem!” she screamed.
Harry saw a jet of emerald green light hit Voldemort.
He screamed , his body and mind exploded into ashes and then into nothing.
“Incendio!” Hermione shouted.
The chains holding the cages of Lily and James Potter broke.
“Winguaadem Leveosa!”
And they floated softly.
The wall of fire vanished and Harry ran to her.
Hermione collapsed.
Her back, legs and front were burned badly.
Blood poured from her head, kegs, arms, and mouth.
James freed himself and Lily then he ran to Harry who had Hermione in his arms.
“Hermione, wake up.” He begged.
She said nothing.
Harry started to cry, softly.
James dropped to his knees.
“Harry, she’s dead.” He said.
Harry shook his head.
“No, she’s alive. I can feel her breathing.” He said gruffly.
James lifted her bloody wrist and listened.
There was a faint thump thump.
“Harry, she’s barely there. We must get to a hospital.” His father said getting up.
Lily rushed over.
“Oh, Harry!” she said.
He nodded and picked Hermione up.
She was getting lighter, he could feel her slipping away.

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The Beginning of the end: Chapter 5 Arriving


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