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The Beginning of the end by Lili
Chapter 5 : Chapter4 The Duel
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Chapter 4

The Duel

Disclaimer: don’t own the HP characters. JK Rowling does.

Hermione stood on the spot that looked over The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
It was very beautiful; it was green and very cool.
Then taking a deep breath Hermione walked towards the entrance.
As she walked in the garden the garden came into sight.
A moat inclosed it.
Looking around Hermione saw a small boat.
She climbed in and began it row.
As she did she ran all the spells in her head.
The boat bumped the stone step lightly as it came to a stop.
Slowly, Hermione stepped out.
Her senses were telling her to go and face Voldemort.
Just then 20 death eaters appeared.
“You’ll have to get through us to Lord Voldemort.” Lucius Malfoy.
Hermione grinned.
“Just you 20?” she said grinning.
“Impedimenta!” she shouted as stunning spells shot at her.
“Avada Keda-!” roared Malfoy.
“Stupefy!” she shouted.
Malfoy dropped, stunned.
“Petifus Totalus!” she yelled pointing her wand at the other death eaters.
Then she up into the gardens.
Breathing hard Hermione looked straight.
The corridor was lit so that she had to follow it.
As she drew closer and closer to the arch doorway, a pair of stairs appeared.
Gulping, she went down and into the doorway.
“Lily, James!” she gasped.
A woman with red hair was bound and gagged in a cage above molten rock.
James Potter was struggled in his bindings.
He looked exactly like Harry but his eyes.
James’s eyes were chocolate brown.
Lord Voldemort was sitting on a throne looking down on her, smiling.
“Hell, Dr Granger.” He said to Hermione, who shivered.
“Release them!” she ordered.
“Only if you duel me.” He called back getting up.
A low whimper met her ears.
Peter Pettigrew one of James’s former best friends was standing there.
Voldemort was now walking towards her, his cape billowing behind him.
Hermione gulped and clutched her wand, then she walked onto the catwalk too.
Beside her was lava too.
She looked petrified but determined too.
“We bow and face each other.” He said bowing slightly.
Hermione did the same.
“Fiery Levitate!” Voldemort shouted.
A wall of fire shot up behind her and Voldemort.
“Don’t want any will-people to disturbing us.” He said smirking.
Hermione frowned.
“Dear Harry Potter is coming.” He replied.
Hermione went very still.
“No, Harry.” She whispered.
“Yes. We don’t want Potter-er- coming while we’re dueling,” He said.
“ Now we duel!”
Before Hermione could react she was hit by the Cruciatus curse.
White-hot knives shot into her skin ripping her clothes a little.
Hermione screamed in pain.
Then the pain passed.
She gasped.
Cold sweat dripped from her forehead.
She fell to her knees.
“Expelliarmus!” she yelled.
The wand shot out of Voldemort’s hand.
He smiled.
“Very good, Doctor,” He said.
“But I’m more powerful than you.”
His hand raised and his wand shot back to him.
She gasped.
This was going to be the end of her.

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