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The Beginning of the end by Lili
Chapter 4 : Chapter 3 The Chase
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Chapter 3

The Chase

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Harry Potter characters JK Rowling does. But the fanfics I write are my ideas.

Harry was running trying to catch her, but she was too quick for him.
As she reached the elevator she pressed the up button but didn’t go in.
Instead she pressed the 4th floor and took another elevator to the roof.
By the time Harry and the wizards got to the 4th floor it was empty.
“NO!” He yelled.
Once again Hermione escaped.
Remus and Sirius hurried over.
They had arrived in Russia 2 days ago.
“Harry, did we get her?” Sirius asked.
Harry shook his head, no.
“She got a jeweled chest and fled.” He said softly.
Sirius slapped his hand to his forehead.
“Oh no!” he moaned.
“Sirius, what was in that chest?” Harry asked.
The elderly man shrugged.
“I don’t really know but all I know is that it holds files of powerful spells.” He said, darkly.
* * *

Hermione sat on a bed in a hotel not far form the Winter Palace.
She ate while she looked through the files.
It was the ultimate files of spells.
Then she stopped.
The spells that can kill Voldemort were now in her hands.
Wiping ketchup from her lips, Hermione began to memorize all the spells.
Then she heard a voice from the hall.
“Hermione, where are you?”
It was Harry.
She frowned and finished the rest of her porgies and got the files back in the chest.
Then taking a duffel bag she stuffed it inside along with her, laptop, clothes, books, and moneybag.
Then she slung it over her shoulders and opened her window and climbed out.
“Now to find Voldemort.” She whispered as she walked along the ledge.
Then she climbed back into an apartment.
“Sorry.” She said to a couple making out.
Then she opened the door and stepped out.
Harry was now at the end of the corridor when she cleared her throat.
“Very soon, Harry.” Hermione called.
Quickly, Harry spun around and saw her looking at him, but then she turned and walked away.
He ran and found her waiting for him.
“I’m sorry, Harry.” She said.
But he pressed his fingers to her lips.
Then him kissed her.
It turned into a passionate one.
Then she pushed him away.
“Stay away, harry. My mission.” She snapped.
Then she ran and jumped through a window.
Harry looked after her.
“I love you.” He whispered.

* * *

Hermione growled in frustration.
Harry was getting too close and she was nearly finished.
“Where are you, Voldemort?” she mumbled, chewing on her burger, and typing on her laptop.
Just then Voldmort’s face appeared.
“Why hello, Dr Granger.” He said smiling.
She scowled.
“Voldemort.” She said.
His red eyes flashed.
“You would’ve been my top death eater you know.” He said thoughtfully.
“I wouldn’t have became a death eater even if it was the last thing on this planet! I wouldn’t trade me freedom for a life of death and darkness.” Hermione snarled.
“Freedom? What freedom will you have once you go to Azkaban?” Voldemort said laughing his cold icy laugh.
“Doctor, you’ll find me in Iraq. And here.”
A small mirror popped out.
It was very beautiful.
“You’ll have to use that to locate The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.” He smiles then vanished.
She looked at he mirror.
“This is it. Once I perform the spell that will destroy Voldemort I’ll go freely to Azkaban.” She promised.
Then she made a copy of the mirror and sent it to Harry.
Knock knock
“Who is it?” Harry asked.
“Special delivery to Mr Harry Potter!” said a woman’s voice.
He opened the door.
There stood a woman holding a package.
“Sign here, please.” She said holding out a form.
Harry took it and signed it, and then he handed back to her.
“Thank you.” She said and she gave him the package and left.
Then closing the door Harry opened it.
Out fell a mirror with jewels on it and a video.
He picked up the video and popped it into the VCR and flipped on the TV.
Hermione’s face appeared.
“Hello, Harry. I’m on my way to Iraq. My mission is almost complete. And now it’s time to tell you why I stole those files,” she said.
Harry gaped at her.
“My mission started about t years ago when we graduated form Hogwarts. There Professor Dumbledore told me about the files in the vault at the Ministry of Magic. He trained for 4 years while at Hogwarts at first I didn’t know why then he told me. My mission will end in Iraq and so there I will find Voldemort and kill myself. Harry, in my 6th year he went to my parents’ house and murdered them. But I know that the dementors will also be hunting for me too as well the Ministry and you, Harry Potter.
Harry, I love you so much. But then again you are a member of M.E.T.A.D.M, so you’ll have to arrest me once you catch me. The mirror will locate me for you.
Harry, I’ll miss you while I’m in Azkaban.
Good bye, Harry.”
And she blew him a kiss, then the screen went blank.
“No, Hermione.” He whispered.
Then clipping on his cape and cloak Sirius walked in.
“Harry, where are you going?” he asked.
Harry turned to him.
“I’m going to save Hermione.” He replied putting his wand in its holster.
“WHAT!” He gasped.
“I’m going to save her.” He said again.
Then he moved swiftly towards the door.
Sirius stopped him.
“Harry, you can’t.” he growled.
Harry turned to him again.
“I’ve got to, Sirius. She’s going to find Voldemort on her own!” he begged.
Sirius shook his head.
“It’s a trap! She’s going to kill you, Harry!” Sirius snapped.
Harry frowned at him.
“Even if it is a trap. She won’t kill me.” He said.
Sirius frowned.
“Harry, how would you know?”
“Because I’m her friend. And I love her!” he shot.
Sirius went silent.
“All right, Harry. I support you. But if you die-”
“Then the dementors will perform the kiss on her.” Harry finished for him.
Sirius smiled, wearily.
Then shaking his hand firmly, Harry left.

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