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The Beginning of the end by Lili
Chapter 3 : Chapter 2 Emptiness
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Chapter 2

Harry Potter dropped his wand beside his best friend.
“Hermione, are you all right?” he whispered.
No reply.
“Hermione, can you hear me?” he shouted shaking her.
But still nothing.
She just sat there, looking into space.
“I’m sorry, Sir. But we can’t do anything for your friend.”
Said a doctor when Harry brought her to a hospital.
Hermione just lay there, as if of stone.
“You mean nothing can bring her back!”
“I’m sorry, but she’ll just have to come back on her own.”
Replied the doctor, putting his torch back to his pocket.
Harry looked sadly at Hermione.
She just lay there day after day.
On the 4th day Hermione awoke in her trance.
“Wake up, Hermione. You have a mission.”
She looked straight. She looked into the eyes of her six-year old self.
“And if I do?” she said.
“You run. Remember, Hermione, you’re trained. You know how to escape from this place.” The child replied.
Blinking she looked all her round.
No one was there.
“Good.” She whispered.
Then quickly she dressed and grabbed her bag making sure everything was there Hermione opened the window.
Good she was only on the ground level.
Then Harry Potter came in.
She looked at him then jumped and ran off.
“No, Hermione!”
He yelled.
But she was gone.
“Why on earth are dementors after her?”
Harry asked Sirius through a phone.
“Harry, Ron gave them permission to perform the kiss,” he said grimly.
Harry nearly dropped the phone in shock.
“No Sirius.”
“I’m sorry, but it’s very true,” his godfather sighed.
Harry thanked him and hung up.
If the dementors got hold of Hermione, she would be worse than dead.

* * *

Hermione was standing before the Winter Palace.
“In there.” She told herself.
Her senses were telling her that the files she seeks were in there.
Then as she entered the palace she felt coldness again.
Quickly Hermione ran in.
In there. Hermione thought as she headed down to the basement.
Then lifting a large cardboard box she gasped.
It was a small jeweled chest.
Quickly she opened it.
“All right!” she said.
It was the files she wanted it was hidden here.
Quickly Hermione stuffed the box into her bag.
Then getting up she brushed dust from her pants and began to hurry upstairs.
“Hello, Hermione.”
She gasped.
Harry Potter was standing there with 20 wizards.
She smiled, lightly.
“Congratulations, Harry. For finding me here. But can you catch me?” She said fleeing.

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The Beginning of the end: Chapter 2 Emptiness


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