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The Beginning of the end by Lili
Chapter 2 : Chapter 1 Location
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Chapter 1
Disclaimer: I don’t own the HP characters. JK Rowling does.

As Harry and his team arrived in Moscow a few hours later so he decided to have a look around.
As if his feet knew where to go he was now standing on a bridge looked towards the Orthodox Church.
Looking down Harry saw an icy blue rose and picked it up.
It was Hermione’s favorite flower/ rose.
He looked all around but she was no where in sight.
He let a single tear drop on the rose.
“Hermione, where are you?” he asked.
Hermione was looking at him at a distance and crying.
“I’m right here, Harry. But it’s not time. A few more days and I’ll find him. But we will meet face to face.” Then with a swish of her cloak she vanished.
Harry looked up.
He could have sworn he heard Hermione’s voice.
As he spent the next 4 days looking for Hermione he knew she was hiding something.
As he stood on the grounds of the Winter Palace of Czar Nicholas the second he began to approach it.
Harry looked at the beautiful palace of the Czar.
Then he heard his name,
He spun on the spot.
Hermione Granger was standing 30 feet from him.
She looked wearily into his forest green eyes.
“Hermione!” he whispered.
She smiled and walked towards him and stopped 10 feet away.
“I just wanted to see you one last time, Harry.” She said.
Harry gave her a puzzled look.
“I’ve got reasons for stealing those files, Harry.” She said coming closer. Now they were face to face.
“Hermione-” he began. But she leaned in and kissed him fully on the lips.
“I love you.” She whispered into his ears.
Harry heard but couldn’t believe.
Then with one last kiss Hermione ran and vanished into the crowd.
Harry stood there shocked.
Then shaking himself he blinked hoping that she was still here.
But she wasn’t.
“Damn it.” He cursed.
Hermione gasped at what she just did.
She had kissed the man who would bring her to Azkaban.
But also her best friend from their days at school.
She began to cry not for her pain but also because she would never marry him or love him till they died.
For she was a criminal and would be sent to Azkaban.
Then she saw the Daily Prophet.
Dementors Sent Out

The Minister of Magic, Ronald Weasley said that the dementors have been sent out to look for the criminal, Hermione Granger, who stole the most secret files known to wizard kind.
“If she is caught,” he says, “The kiss will be performed but not until I give the order.”
Hermione stopped reading.
“No, Ron, please!” she cried.
Suddenly she felt icy cold.
She gasped as she saw 4 dementors gliding to her.
She ran.
She dived into an alley and there was no way out.
5 more appeared circling her.
“NO!” she screamed.
They were closing in on her fast.
“Expecto Patronum!” she shouted thinking hard of the good times at Hogwarts.
But it wasn’t strong enough to drive then away.
“Harry.” She moaned as a silvery mist blasted from her wand.
She was sweating and looked up at the circle of dementors waiting for something.
Then the one closest to her brushed her patronus aside.
Hermione dropped her wand.
“NO!” She screamed as it pulled off its hood.
She was looking into the scaly face of the dementor who would suck out her soul.
Hermione went very still.
“No, please!” she cried.
It grabbed her shoulders and began to suck everything.
Harry felt miserable.
He had lost her and it was his entire fault.
Then he heard a petrified scream.
He knew that scream.
“Hermione!” Harry yelled running to her.
She was crying now.
Her life flashed before her eyes.
Harry on the train and fixing his glasses.
Harry and Ron were saving her life.
The Chamber of Secrets, her running to Harry, and hugging him to her.
Rescuing Sirius.
The Triwizard Tournament.
The Yule Ball in 5th year where Harry had her kissed for the first time.
The death of her parents in 6th year.
And graduation in 7th year.
Then her mission to kill Voldemort.
Braking into the Ministry Vault.
And kissing Harry again.
Hermione could feel the rotten breath on her face.
Then darkness.
“EXPECT PATRONUM!” roared a very distant voice.
Hermione felt the dementor release her.
She dropped to her knees.
But she was in a self-induced necromimetic hypnosomatic stasis. A trance.
And nothing could be done to save her.
Not even Harry Potter.

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The Beginning of the end: Chapter 1 Location


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