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Don't Tell Me by Elijahsbabe
Chapter 1 : Can things get any worse for me?
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A/N: Oh hello, if you're just now coming on and reading this for the first time, I'll have you know that I had a piece here but they removed it because of the content, so all you need to know, is well, Lily got raped here before she starts talking or whatever...thanks for reading,

Chapter One: Can things get any worse for me?

"No, no… Please no... " (removed by staff)

That was me two summers ago. My sister to whom, I no longer to speak to anymore because of the incident, set me up with him on a blind date. Jeremy Stanfield, that was his name. A rich seventeen-year-old kid who got everything he wanted... I was only fourteen years old at the time... My parents never knew I was out, and were furious when I came home, bloody and raped. They believed me. Petunia, my sister though, did not. Of course we went to court with it, he got away though, his father being so powerful and all… But since that night, I've never been the same... I don't trust anyone anymore. Not one living soul. That is, if you take out my parents of course.

I don't have any friends at school. No, I'm better off alone... And it doesn't help that the stupid Potter boy, a sixteen-year-old kid, the same age as myself, who also attends Hogwarts is always asking me out, sending me love letters, throwing cat calls at me as I walk by in the hallways, and wiggling his eyebrows at me during class of dinner along with his stupid grin that makes girls melt and giggle whenever they see it.

And today is my least favorite day of all days in a year. Today I have to go back to Hogwarts to study magic and endure Potter's never-ending crush on me. Today, I have to go back and start my sixth year there.

Can my life get any worse?

A/N: I know that was short, but I promise it'll get longer. But in the mean time, REVIEW!

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Don't Tell Me: Can things get any worse for me?


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