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True Love or Not by fanficcraze
Chapter 5 : A whole again
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything expect for Caroline.
Chapter 5
A whole again
When they reached the Durseleys’ doorsteps, everyone was ready. Lily felt her hands shaking as she rang the doorbell. She waited and then the door opened. There was a skinny boy who wore oversize clothing and had bright green eyes. “Hello. May I help you?” The boy asks softly. “BOY WHO’S THERE!” Lily heard the sound of Vernon Durseley. Lily ignored the sound and said, “Is Harry here?” The boy stared at her. “I’m Harry. But who are you?” Lily gasps and felt fainted. This boy who used to be healthy and was good sized, had good clothes was her son. Lily buried her head in James shoulder.
James watched as Lily sobbed quietly in his shoulder. He saw Sirius, Remus, and Caroline looked angry. He said to Harry, “May I speak to your aunt and uncle?” James watched as Harry went in to the kitchen. “Lily please be strong.” James whispered in her ear. He continued saying soothing noise to her.
Lily was upset. But pull herself together. She saw Petunia coming towards her. “Hello Petunia.” Lily said coldly. “Hello what may I he---- WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! YOUR SUPPOSE TO BE DEAD!” Her sister shrieked. “It doesn’t matter. I want my son back.” Lily said. She saw Harry peeking from a corner. “You told me that my parents died in a car crash!” Harry said. He looked angry. “You did WHAT?!” Sirius bellowed. Remus, Mandy, and Caroline had to hold him back before he lashed out. “Maybe this will help a little. Harry come here.” James said holding out his wand. He then undid the Memory Charm that had been placed on Harry. “Does this help a little, Harry?” James said softly squatting down next to him. Lily watched in amazement as James talked to Harry quietly.
“Yes Dad. Mom?” James watched as Lily hugged Harry. “Uncle Sirius and Uncle Remus. Auntie Caroline, Where’s Uncle Peter and Severus?” Harry asked. “Come here buddy.” Sirius said, “And we will tell you all about it when you get home. Oh and did I introduce you to your Auntie Mandy?” Mandy was smiling. James watched. They were a whole now. A whole family now and never will they be separated ever again.

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True Love or Not: A whole again


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