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True Love or Not by fanficcraze
Chapter 4 : A Surprise
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything expect for Caroline.
Chapter 4
A Surprise
Lily raised Harry all by herself for 5 more years. Soon she got sick. Nothing could cure her. One day his mother’s friends came over to see if she was okay. Harry cried knowing his mother would soon died and leave him alone in the world. His mother raised him to treated people with respect. If though he didn’t have much money his mother gave him things most kids would kill for. “Aunt Caroline what would happen to me when Mommy dies?” He asked his mother’s best friend. “I won’t have to go to live with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon do I have to?” “No, Harry of course you won’t.” His aunt told him. “I won’t have to move do I?” He asked again. Then he saw something in his aunt’s eyes he rarely saw. Anger. Usually she was always cheerful and giving people second chances and sometimes third chances. The only time he saw anger was when she was talking about Death Eaters. “No Harry you won’t have to move. “Er you will be living with your dad.” Uncle Remus said neverously looking at his Aunt Caroline with caution. “Don’t mention James name around me!” Caroline hissed. “Now come on Caroline can’t you forgive him.” Uncle Peter said squeaking out the last part. “Never!” She hissed back at him and glaring. “Well maybe its time to bring Harry to see James or James to see Harry now. It’s been 8 years already and they need to bond soon together cause we know that Lily doesn’t have much longer to live.” Uncle Remus said impatiently. “James coming is now? Well I have one thing for certain if you want Harry to see him he will have to come here.” Harry’s mother said coughing a little. “Take it easy Lily.” Aunt Caroline told her forcing her back on the bed as she tried to get up. “Well then it’s decided. C’mon Peter let’s get James. Hey Lily you won’t mind if we get Sirius too now would you?” Harry’s mom just shook her head smiling and said, “Goodness knows I need a good laugh right now.” Aunt Caroline complained, “But I already see both of them enough at work who needs more.” Everyone just laughed. Soon they were gone.
Lily watched as Remus and Peter Apparated. She beckoned Harry to come next to her. “Now dear please don’t be nice to your dad and Uncle.” Harry just laughed, and said “Who me?” “Yes you.” Lily said smiling. She gave him a big hug. Soon they returned because there was a lot of noise going on. “What is this Remus? I have work to do you know.” Lily heard James say. She heard Caroline and James arguing. “Harry hand me my robe would you and my wand too?” Lily asked softly. “Sure Mom.” Harry said and handed to her. Lily got up and walked toward the door and opened it with Harry behind her. She saw Sirius and said, “Hey Sirius. Would you two like a cup of tea?” She nodded toward James. “Lily what happened to you?” James whispered. Lily ignored him and raised her wand and the kettle soon started to whistle and then cups and saucers came flying out. She poured and the tea was hot. “Harry why don’t you greet your dad and uncle.” She told him a little sharply then she meant it too. She saw James gaping at her. “She could see even though Caroline was mad at him staring to laugh. Remus and Peter didn’t bother to conceal it. “You knew about this?” He asked them his voice slightly raising a little. “Well that was why I was so shocked when you asked back at Hogwarts what was wrong with Lily.” Remus said explaining. “How come you didn’t tell me this?” James said. “Because what was the point. What we have done if you knew anyway. More likely you would have kicked me off the Quidditch team.” Lily said raising her an eyebrow at him. James was speechless at first. “But you were still kick off the team.” James said. “Because you made a stuipd rule up.” Lily said angrily. Then James grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her to her room.
Caroline heard yelling inside and was frightening that Lily was going to get real sick at the rate they were going. Then it was coughing and then silences. She saw Harry and Sirius getting along pretty well. Then Sirius straightening up and asked a little coldly toward her, “What happen to that slimy git Snape you were dating?” He asked her. She felt her back stiffened. “He was influenced to much by Malofy so I broke up with him.” Caroline told him. Soon James and Lily came out. Lily looked tired and Caroline rushed to her friend and helped her back to her room. She saw James and noticed he looked worried. “Lily you and Harry are coming to live with me where you will have the proper treatment. And I don’t care. You will live with me with or without objections.” Caroline was surprise by what James said. Lily just looked tired. “But what about all of my things and my ------” Lily started. “I will have movers moved them to place.” James interrupted. “I guess I will start packing some of my personal stuff.” Lily said smiling weakly. “Mom but you shouldn’t. You just stay in bed and let and let Dad I do the packing.” Harry said struggling at the word Dad. Lily smiled weakly, “If you insist.” Soon Lily was back in bed with all everyone helping to pack.
~2 Weeks Later ~
James watched as he brought Lily to St. Mugos Hospital for Injures. He was worried about her. When they finish examining her they told him the news. She wasn’t going to make it. When he told this Lily, she just smiled at him. “I knew it was coming.” She took this entirely pretty well.
As the months passed James and Lily made up for the missing time. One day Lily was feeling well enough to enjoy some fresh air, so she and James went out to Hogsmedge. As soon they walked into a walk into the Three Broomsticks, the Daily Prophet followed. Photographers started snapping pictures. “What are they doing James?” Lily said bewildered. “I don’t know.” James answered. Then a head poked out behind all the reporters. It was Severus Snape. “Severus do you know what is going on here?” Lily asked as James and her followed him through the crowd. “I thought it might be nice for you guys to be on the front page.” He answered. “’You did all this?” Lily was shocked. “But how did you know I was going out with James today. Only people who know are Caroline and Harry. You and Caroline aren’t---” Severus grunted a little. “Let’s just say I have some inside information. Come on you two, Dumblore wants to see you two.” As they made their way toward Hogwarts, Lily noticed all the familiar surroundings. When they approached the castle, (Lily had forgotten how big it was) Lily saw a least 8 Auors guarding the door. When they neared them, they salute to James who nodded at them. But they were taken aback that Lily was with James that day. When they went in there was a group of first year heading off to class. “GET TO CLASS THOMAS, DUNG, CHANG!” Severus barked. “OR IT WILL BE 100 POINTS TAKEN FROM RAVENCLAW!” James just shook his head with mock consent on his face. “Still a little mean to the little first year are we not?” James said sweetly. Severus bit back a retort after a look from Lily. “You of all people James should know not to that.” Lily said scolding at James. Then a figure ran up to them. “Oh good you found them Snape. I told you you would find them there.” Lily immediately recognized the voice as Caroline. “And you telling me nothing is going on between you two.” Lily said shaking her head. “THERE ISN’T!” Both of them bellowed at the same time. As they said that the door burst open with the Auors barging in. Lily giggle as she saw both of there faces a deep red. James didn’t bother to hold it in. Caroline waved her hand and the Auors left. “ There is nothing going on between us and even if there was we would have ended it because there is no way I could date and teach at the same time.” Caroline said. “Your resigning?!? How come you didn’t tell me?” James said shocked. “Hey it isn’t my fault that you don’t go into your office everyday and when you do you will find the letter on your desk.” Caroline said. She led the way toward Dumblore’s office. When they got in, Dumblore said, “Ah I see you have made it, Miss Evans and Mr. Potter.” I could feel James’s hand squeezed mines. “Miss Evans I understand your predicament right now, so I am suggesting this. I want you to leave Harry with your Muggle sister.” Lily opened my mouth to protest, but no words came out. Lily could feel tears sliding down my cheeks. “But why?” Lily whispered. “Harry is all I have.” “Miss Evans I know you love him but this is necessary. You do know the history of the Potter, don’t you?” Dumblore said. Lily shook her head. Dumblore sucked in a breath. “Well you might as well sit down for this. The Potters descents ---” But Severus interrupted. “They are descents from Gryffindor. Which makes them Heir of Gryffindor.” Lily was a little shock.
James watch Lily’s reaction closely. When her eyes meant his he felt himself look away. “Which makes Harry the youngest Heir of Gryffindor. And You-Know-Who, want him.” Caroline said. “My sources tell me that someone dear to you have betray you and told them all about Harry. I advise you two to go in hiding. After sending Harry to your sister, or you may ruin his chance of a life to live.” “No there has to be another way! I c-can’t send Harry to Petunia. You don’t know her like me!” Lily was crying really bad now. “I understand Lily. But think once he comes to Hogwarts you will be able to see him and he will come back to you.” Professor Dumblore said firmly. He doesn’t know how much this will kill me. James hand was firmly on her. “If it will protect Harry we will do it.” James said.
“Perfect. But we will have to erase his memory.” Professor Dumblore said. James felt empty inside. “Before we have to give him up can he attend our wedding?” Lily said. James felt bad for his soon to be wife. Dumblore nodded. After the wedding James watched as Dumblore took Harry away from his life. “We will be back to together as a family soon. My son.” James whispered.
~3 years past ~
Lily had gotten better for Harry’s sake. Even though he couldn’t remember her and James. They had been in hiding ever since that fatal day. Last year James had defeated You- Know-Who by himself. Well not really but with the love of Lily and Harry he knew somewhere off with the Durseley, had help him overcome You- Know- Who. He and Lily were ready to take back Harry when he started for Hogwarts. On Harry’s birthday, Sirius and Mandy (Sirius wife), Remus, and Caroline (Peter James found out during You- Know- Who’s defeat was found convicted of betraying James and his friends) all plan to get Harry back from the Durseley. They showed up at 10 in the morning and headed toward the Durseley.

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