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True Love or Not by fanficcraze
Chapter 2 : Uh-oh Watch out!
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Disclaimer: I don’ own anything expects for Caroline.
Chapter 2
Uh-oh Watch out!
Lily was soon let out of the Hospital Wing, which was a relief because rumors were flying all over Hogwarts that she had eloped with Remus. James and his friends knew the truth. While Lily was in the Hospital Wing, people were giving him looks like they understood what he was going through with. James knew they knew nothing. So many girls played up to him but James pushed them away. The only person who would do was Lily. On the weekend that Lily was out there was a Hogsmedge trip. All the time he sat and drank one after another. He soon found out that Sirius and Remus had to get him back to Hogwarts. James thought his life was a terrible mess and couldn’t get any worse. It did though. There was to be a dance on the coming weekend. After hearing that, James decided to lock himself in his Head Boy room. He missed the way Lily was there most of the time for him.
~ Flashback ~
James entered his room from drinking a little too much. He slumped down in front of their common room where it was empty. He heard laughter and his head wasn’t thinking right. He just had a big headache. Then he heard someone tutting him. He felt Lily’s gentle touch as she got him to stand up and into his room. He remembers how she pulled the blanket over him. Then he remembers himself grabbing her and making her stay in his room for the night. Then his mind was blank. In the morning he found Lily still there.
~ End Flashback ~
After she was let out, Caroline and Lily caught up on everything. “WHAT!!!” Lily was almost yelling. “That’s just crazy talk.” Lily said lowering her voice down. That night as she was catching up on her homework because the Common Room was too loud for working. She bumped into Severus. “Hey. I haven’t seen you in a while. So what’s up?” Lily said smiling at him. “Nothing really. Hey Lily I know were just friends, but would you go to the dance with me?” Severus said sitting down next to her. “Severus are you scare someone from Slytherin might hurt you?” Lily said concern for her friend’s safety. “No. I don’t care.” Severus said shaking his head. “Sure I will go with you but if you get hurt I will never forgive myself though.” Lily said. “Okay I willing to take the risk.” He said laughing. Soon Lily finished her homework and return back to the Common Room. There she saw Caroline hanging with James, Remus, Peter, and Sirius. She joined them. “Hey you guys got dates for the dance yet?” Lily asked them. They shook their heads. “Hey James why don’t you and Lily go together as Head Boy and Head Girl?” Caroline said. “ Yeah that will be a good one.” “Yeah I agreed.” “All in favor of Lily and James going to together as Head Boy and Head Girl say “Aye”?!” Sirius shouted for the whole Common Room to hear. “AYE!!!!!” Everyone shouted back. “Sorry you guys. Already have a date.” Lily said. “Who is it?” James said narrowing his eyes a little. “None of your business.” Lily snapped. She got up and went through a porthole leading to the Head Boy and Girl rooms. James followed her shouting things too awful to be repeated. Then there was silence and then what sounded like a slap in the face. Caroline tried to get through before the porthole close. She and the boys dove through. There they followed a hallway where they found themselves in a different common room. Lily looked like she was crying and James had an angry look on his face. Lily ran to her room and banged the door shut. Caroline was shaking with anger. “You just didn’t? Did you?” Caroline hissed. “She deserved it.” James said coldly. “I don’t get it. You don’t even know half of the things I know about you.” Caroline was real angry. She turned and went to Lily’s room. She knocked and one answer. She tried the door it opened. Caroline’s anger had turn into worried. The window was opened. Caroline looked at Lily’s desk and saw a note.
I need to be by myself and decided to go to our secret
quiet place. If you want to join me you can. Just don’t
bring any of the boys.
Caroline looked out the window. She saw a figure and squinted at it. She made it out as Severus Snape. Caroline smile a little knowing that Lily would be safe.
James felt he could slap himself for what he did to Lily. When he had enter her room he saw Caroline in they’re smiling like a manic, but when she saw him her eyes narrowed. “Lily deserved someone better and she found it. Boy will you be shocked when you see her at the dance.” Then she laughed a hollow laugh. Now James was real worried. He had hoped to win back Lily but the anger got the better of him. He knew his chances were lost now forever.
That Saturday on the night of the dance, Lily was nervous. She put on her green dress robes. She went downstairs and saw Severus there. She smiled at him. They entered the Great Hall and she saw some people giving her death glares but she gave one of her own. She Severus walked toward Caroline who waved at them. “Severus I am sorry I was not more trusting to you then I should have been. Can you please forgive me?” Caroline said holding out her hand. Severus shook it. Lily smiled as she saw sparks fly between the two of them. “Lily you want to dance?” Severus asked. Slowly Lily and Severus made their way onto the dance floor. As the song ended, She saw someone coming behind them. It was James with Sirius, Peter, and Remus behind him. He had his arms folded in front of his chest. “What do you think you are doing Lily? Have you completely lost your mind!!!!!!!!!!” James yelled. “No I am not doing anything wrong.” Lily said calmly. “Nothing wrong you are associate with the enemy!!!!!!!” James yelled angrily. “Associate with the enemy!! There is no law that said I couldn’t associate with Slytherin. This is between you and your stupid ways! I can and will and there is nothing you can do about it!” Lily said shrilly. “Fine do what you like. But if you are going to associate with the Slytherin you can bet your spot on the Quidditch team will not be open to you anymore.” James said. Everyone gasped expected for the Slytherin who sniggered. “Fine!!!!! I don’t want to play for a team who thinks their pride has more value than friendships do!!!” She screamed in James face. But then she felt a funny feeling in her stomach. Soon she was gasping for air. Caroline and Severus rushed to Lily’s side and got her in a standing position and rushed her to the Hospital Wing.
James stared stonily after Lily, but inside his heart gave a mighty wretch. Sirius then muttered to him, “I hope you knew what you were doing because we just lost ourselves one of the best Chasers in the history of Quidditch.” “You’re asking me if I made a good decision! Have you thought of asking her!” James said shouting. “Sorry.” Sirius said. “Mr. Potter you must remain calm. You have to take your decision into thinking more.” Professor McGonagall said anxiously. “My answer is finally. Lily Evans is off the Gryffindor Quidditch team.” James said firmly. No one dared said anything. “If that is what you think is necessary for the team and you are team captain.” Professor McGonagall said. “ I need to see if Miss Evans is okay.” She got up and left the Great Hall. Later James stormed up back to the Common Room followed by his friends. When they were back in the Common Room, Remus said, “ I think you made a good choice not letting Lily play anymore.” “And why would you think so. I thought he was your friend?” James said narrowing his eyes. He saw him and Peter exchanged a look. “Well I won’t deny that she’s my friend, but I don’t think her health is in any position to play.” Remus said slowly. “ But what you did there, you have to admit there was truth in her words. We did start a lot of the rivalry with the Slyherin.” Remus looked anxiously at James hopping he wouldn’t explode. James didn’t say anything. He just got up and went up to his room. Around ten to midnight Caroline came back. She looked tired. Remus and Peter had stay up waiting for her. “How is she?” Peter asked almost sacred. “She’s doing fine, but Madame Pomfery said that she should avoid anymore stress, it might cause damage to the ------” That was all James heard for he could hear no more. He slumped behind the wall and closes his eyes. “What ever I did to hurt you Lily, I’m sorry.” James said.

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