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Harry Potter and The Green Torch Prince of Storage by Fearles Pheonix
Chapter 3 : Angst... The Final Frontier
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter... but if I did do you think I'd be writing this crap?

A/N: Before I began the next chapter of this story several appologies need to be made. First and most importantly I appologize for being the worst updater this site has ever seen... (except this one guy who hasn't updated in like 3 months... I mean really!) Second of all I'd like to appologize to Eskimo Girl my former toughest reviewer and current greatest fan. For not only am I a bad updater... I am a Lying bad updater who says he will update and then doesn't. Next I'd like to appologize to anyone who has a fan fic on this site... it is likely that I have severely made fun of one or more chapters that you have writen... and that makes me feel really bad... ok so I don't feel bad at all but I'll appologize nonetheless. And lastly and least importantly I'd like to appologize to all you people who read this story and thought "How could he do such a thing to Harry Potter! This is Wrong! I'm telling JKR on you!" I'd just like to ask you all a favor that you could please tell her that I love her stories and read them often while your e-mail is getting deleted with along with many other letters from whiny and complainy fans. So with all that said... I'm sorry! On with the show!

Angst... The Final Frontier

Harry and Company drove along the streets of whatever neighborhood you have to go through to get to Number 12 Grimuald Place with speed that no muggle car could compete with. Tonks (still in a panic from their recent encounter with Dudley) hadn’t taken her foot off the gas since they had left the Dursleys’ house. Finally when they were about half-way to their destination Lupin was able to coax her into slowing down a bit. Only Lupin could do that because the writer of this fic (and every other author on this site for that matter) thinks that Lupin and Tonks would make the perfect couple. I could picture their kids now…

Ummm, anyways as the car slowed down all eyes turned to Harry as they often did when action was lacking. Harry at first enjoyed the attention and was about to do some difficult magic for his audience when he realized that all they wanted was information about what had just happened. Harry opened his mouth to explain when he was cut off by a voice with the knowledge of a thousand encyclopedias and a vocabulary that would beat the pants off of Webster.

“Well isn’t it obvious what happened?” Hermione said to everyone but Harry. “Never mind don’t answer that since I already know that none of you have the intelligence to figure it out and not even Harry completely understands the complexity of this issue.” Everyone was completely stunned by her words but nevertheless they waited for her to continue. “Well this is how it happened. Earlier today Dudley Dursley tried to convince Harry that he was a wizard because for some odd reason Dudley thought he could add a plot device to this story. Harry being the pompous ignoramus that he is (“Thanks Hermione!” Harry interjected) didn’t want anyone else at Hogwarts who would cause him any sort of inconvenience such as blocking hall space or asking him for directions. Therefore he tried to leave before Dudley could join us. This started a chain of reactions that leads us to where we are now. In effect Harry accidentally saved his cousin through his acts of selfishness based on the fact that everyone Harry knows is probably going to die.” Everyone looked at Hermione obviously waiting for her to finish because they had not taken in a word that she said. “I’m done you intellectual rejects!” she said as an after thought.

Ron was the first one to recover and oddly enough he managed to clear up Hermione’s explanation. “So what you’re saying is that Harry saved Dudley from snuffing it like the rest of us?”

“Yes. If you must commit blasphemy against the English language to understand someone then your explanation far exceeds mine!” said Hermione clearly aggravated. But everyone else ignored her last statement and instead let out a collective “oooohhh!” at Ron’s latest insight.

Time passed quickly after that (because I have the power to do that) and soon the group had reached their destination. They all thought clearly about the name of the place and it appeared and they walked in. As Harry walked in he was hit with a wave of powerful emotions. He picked himself off the ground rubbing his cheek and ignored everyone else as he took a tour of the house lost in his own emotions. His guilt and sorrow increased as everything in this house reminded him about Sirius. This may have been due to the fact that someone had taped large, blown-up pictures of Sirius in every room of the house. Harry found himself reminiscing as he walked into the various rooms and halls of the house.

First he walked into the hallway where Mrs. Black’s portrait hung. ‘This is where Sirius used to always yell at his mom… I think it helped him through his loneliness.’ Harry though. Then he walked into the attic where Buckbeak was being kept, ignoring Buckbeak since he was in such a reminiscent mood. ‘This is where Sirius used to come when he was depressed’ he thought ignoring the starving look in Buckbeak’s eyes. It looked as if the poor Hipogriff hadn’t eaten since the death of Sirius. He was hungrily staring at Harry as if he was a juicy T-bone steak. Harry hadn’t noticed the look in buckbeak’s eyes but he quickly left the room since he had had enough of that particular one. But as he closed the door he distinctly heard scratch marks coming from the other side.

The rest of Harry’s day was filled with more reminiscing. When it came to Sirius mourning Harry defiantly had quantity but lacked quality. Soon he found that there was less to talk about as he went to each room. He found himself saying things such as “This is the kitchen… Sirius often came here to… eat?” and “This is the bathroom… a gagging smell was always present when Sirius left here.” But luckily for Harry (and anyone who happened to be in close proximity with him) a day only last so long and it was soon time for him to go to bed.

Harry went upstairs into the room he had shared with Ron the previous summer and sat on his bed.

“Hello master,” greeted Ron cheerfully. “Are you out of your crazy dream like state where you ignore everyone and everything. You didn’t even use the bathroom or eat the food I brought you…” Ron said the last sentence with a tone of hurt in his voice.

“Oh… sorry Ron I wasn’t really all that hungry and as for the bathroom… could you get me my pajamas and a clean pair of underwear?” asked Harry in reply.

Ron quickly obeyed and turned his head as his master changed into his clothes. Harry, exhausted from all the mourning, got on his bed and fell asleep quickly. He awoke in 10 minutes latter and jumped at the sight set before him. His best friend was leaning over him staring into his face as if waiting for orders.

Harry a little freaked out got up and gathered all his things out of the room saying “Now that Sirius is gone there’s a free room… it would be a shame to let it go to waist.” And ignoring the protests from Ron, Harry left quickly and headed for the bedroom of the house where Sirius used to sleep. The large oak door had a the biggest picture of Sirius yet. Underneath the picture the words “Last of the Blacks” were engraved in bright red letters. This made Harry go through all the “emotions” over again but he figured it was much better than sleeping in the same room as Ron. He shuddered at the thought and dreaded the coming of school that much more because of it.

Shaking off all disturbing thoughts of Sirius, (and even more disturbing ones of Ron) Harry stepped into the old room of the house that had once belonged to his godfather. He walked in and instantly noticed hundreds of pictures of Sirius lining the walls… except this time it seemed as though they were there before Sirius had died. ‘And they call me conceited,’ thought Harry with a smirk on his face. Harry also noticed a small night stand which had one picture of all Sirius’s old school friends: his dad, Lupin, and a picture of Wormtail that had the head ripped off. That brought a tear to Harry’s eye (which Harry thought was wonderfully cinematic) and Harry couldn’t resist the urge to cry… so he did. He laid on Sirius’s bed and fell asleep crying his eyes out.

About an hour or so latter Harry was awaken in the middle of the night by the sound of a horribly bad plot device. Being a slave to curiosity Harry had no choice but to go downstairs to the kitchen (after kicking Ron, who had slept just outside of his door) to investigate. Harry walked through the doors to see Lupin in a state that made him look as if he was drunk. Harry assumed that this was because the next day was a full moon, but after the following conversation he was more inclined to believe the first explanation.

“Hello Professor Lupin,” said Harry cautiously. “Why are you up this time of night?”

“Harry, just call me Remus. I was only your professor for less than a year.” Said Remus ignoring the question at hand. (A/N: is it just me or does it seem like in practically every fic, including mine, that Lupin asks Harry to call him Remus?) “Harry I have to talk to you about something,” said Remus.

“Ummm… but Professor… I mean Remus, how could you possibly know that I would be up at this time of night?” asked a forcefully curious Harry.

“Look Harry, when you were born your mother gave birth to you.” Said Remus in a way that made it clear that he thought he was imparting some great unknown wisdom to Harry, yet still managing to ignore his questions. “ And after you were born a medi-wizard smacked you on the bottom and I knew right then and there that you were a baby.” He continued proudly. Harry just nodded and smiled since he was not quite sure where Remus was going with this.

“So after that happened there was a big fight between me and Sirius as to who would be your godfather. Well, we all know how that turned out… Sirius caught me with his famous left hook and I went down screaming like a woman. James, feeling sorry for me and hating to see a lady cry, told me that if both he and Sirius kicked the bucket that I could be your new godfather… almost like a super godfather. Of course after he said that he busted out laughing, but he won’t be laughing now…” Said Remus with a look on his face that all but said “Vengeance has been served.”

“So what exactly are you saying Remus?” asked Harry fearfully. “That you’re like my new daddy?”

“That’s exactly what I was saying son!” Said Remus in a cheerful voice. He then made a gesture that suggested that Harry should come over and give him a hug. Harry grudgingly walked over to Remus and gave him a light hug. Remus pulled Harry into a much larger “fatherly” hug and said, “ I love you son!”

Harry remained silent until he realized that Remus would not let him go until he spoke. “uhhh… I love you too Remus…” he said in an awkward voice. In response, Remus held onto Harry for one second longer and then finally let him go. Harry hurriedly walked towards the exit and opened the door to leave.

“Goodnight Harry!” said Remus unaware that Harry was trying to get as far away from him as humanly possible.

“Goodnight you crazy nutter,” Harry mumbled under his breath as he quickly ascended the stairs and went to sleep… as that is clearly the best way to end a chapter.

A/N: once again I must say I'm sorry... sorry that I waste my time on half of you losers that don't even review! Just kidding... but seriously... please R/R or I'll send Voldemort after you as one unruly fan did to me in a review... at least they reviewed though...

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Harry Potter and The Green Torch Prince of Storage: Angst... The Final Frontier


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