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The Year of Tears by Jupi
Chapter 1 : Harry\'s Arrival
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Overall Summary: This fic deals greatly with the trios triumphes and hardships, along with the lives of some other characters of JK Rowlings in their 7th year at Hogwarts and possibly beyond.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for the plot!

Summary: An exciting arrival of Harry's and a mysterious letter, along with the death of a loved one.

Chapter 1: Harry’s Arrival

Ron rolled over in his sleep, squeezing his eyes shut from the sunshine beaming into his very orange room. All he wanted was five more minutes of sleep, but then there was a rapping on the door, that was unmistakably his mom.

“Ron! Get up now. Harry’s going to be here in a few minutes.” Mrs. Weasley’s said delightedly.

Ron sprang up out of his bed at the thought of having someone real to talk to for a change and not via owl. He crossed the room in his too-short pajama pants and threw his closet door open. He quickly grabbed a pair of George’s old jeans and a plain white t-shirt. He never once bothered to look in the mirror before he raced down the steps to find Ginny and the twins sitting around the table waiting for mom to put the piles of food out onto the table.

Ron took a seat between Fred and Ginny and began preparing himself for food when a clutter came in from the family room.

Fred and George immediately jumped from the their seats and shouted together, “Floo!!” They sped into the room looking as if Christmas had come early. Ginny and I merely got up calmly and walked into the room to see their dad and a very dusty Harry with his trunk in hands.

Ron couldn’t help but let a smirk cross his face as he saw the shade of green Harry’s face was. When Harry saw Ron he also smirked.

“Let me help you with that there pal.” Ron said heading towards his best friend.

The two young men made their way up the crooked and windy stairs in silence and anticipated excitement. When they finally arrived to Ron’s room they dropped the trunk next to the doorway not wanting to move it an inch farther. The two collapsed to the floor and just stared at each other before starting up with a fresh conversation that held much gladness. They talked about everything from quiditch, classes, Hermione, the Ministry of Magic, and Harry’s birthday, to last years exciting events. Harry yawned and looked out the window at the setting sun. An owl flew into the window that neither Harry nor Ron recognized. Ron got up from his spot on the floor and approached the red tawny owl. They took the letter from the bird and were about to read it when Mr. Weasley called them downstairs. Harry stuck the letter in his pocket and they ran down the stairs to find out what was needed of them. When they got into the family room they saw Percy’s head in the fire looking at them with a look of sadness in his eyes.

“Ron, Harry. You’ll need to sit down for this one I am afraid.”

For once Ron didn’t argue with Percy on this one. They both took a seat the couch in front of the fireplace and stared at Percy to continue.

“There was another muggle-born wizard killing earlier today.” Percy paused, looking down. “This isn’t exactly easy… I’m sorry Ron, Harry; but Hermione’s parents are dead and there’s no trace of Hermione anywhere.”

Ron didn’t know what to say or do, so he ran out the back door of the house as fast as his legs would carry him and went to his favorite place to think. There he plopped himself down against a giant oak tree and sat there, still in shock. Poor Hermione, he thought. Even if she is still alive, she probably witnessed her parents’ death and she would never be the same for it. Chances are though, that she was taken captive to be tortured to death, just because of her heritage. It wasn’t fair. They had just become closer friends this past year at school.


It was two in the morning on a Sunday night and the trio was studying in the common room. Hermione was of course already done, but didn’t at all tired yet, so she stayed up with the boys as they worked on their potions essay. After a couple more minutes of silence and hard work Harry finally dropped his quill after finally finishing his two rolls of parchment.

“I am so going to bed guys.” Harry said collecting his supplies and heading up the stairs. “I’ll see you at breakfast.” And with that he disappeared up the stairs.

Both Hermione and Ron dived back into their work when Ron ran into a dead end with his paper.

“Hermione could please at least give me an idea of what to write about next. I am plum out of ideas.” Ron wined giving her a pouty look.

Hermione glared at him for even bothering to ask her, but the look changed when she saw the look in his eyes. It was the look of helplessness. She sighed and scooted in closer to Ron to better help him.

Ron was at first scared at her reaction. She never helped him with schoolwork, but he wasn’t going to complain now.

“I’ve already mentioned all of the ingredients and I still have a couple inches to go.”

Hermione read over the essay and made her “tsk tsk” noise.

Ron was beginning to get agitated, “What?!”

“You completely forgot to mention fwimcycle puss. However it’s not too late to add it and it should give you the extra couple of inches.”

“Oh,” Ron said blushing a bit. “Sorry to bug you about that Hermione.”

“No problem Ron.” She smiled at him and it never crossed her mind to tease him about what he had just done like she normally would’ve.

“Thanks, thanks a load ‘Mione.”

She giggled profusely and fell back into the couch.

“What?!” Ron asked assuming the worse. Maybe his face had turn an even brighter red than he wanted it to be.

However she continued to giggle.

“Fine, I’ll give you something to laugh at.” And so he leaned over and tickled her until she fell off the couch from laughing so hard.

“Alright I give up, I’ll stop laughing!”

But Ron didn’t feel like stopping and so they rolled around on the floor until Hermione had Ron pinned to the floor and she was straddling him, trying her best not to giggle more. With out warning she collapsed into his hard chest and gave him a hug.

“Thank you for being the big brother I never had Ron.”

Ron was stiff from shock, but soon melted in her arms and embrace. Her hair smelled of strawberries and her skin of some other nice smelling fragrance. He never wanted her to leave his arms. After a few minutes Hermione finally pulled away and stared down at Ron.

“I’m sorry for all the times I’ve made fun of you Ron, please know that I never meant any of those things seriously. You are a very talented and smart guy, don’t ever change.” With one last moment of tranquility and friendship she got up and went to her room, leaving Ron to ponder about what she had just done and said.

End of Flashback

Ron let the tears splash down his rosy cheeks. She meant so much to him. Hogwarts would not be the same with out her, that’s for certain. Ron angrily struck the ground with his fist. Whoever took her away from him would pay with their life.

~~~~My first fic, I hope you readers out there like it. JHehehe I’ll update as soon as I get around to it, otherwise have a great weekend everyone!~~~~

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The Year of Tears: Harry\'s Arrival


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