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I'll Hate You Forever I Think by kristy250
Chapter 8 : Confrontations
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“Why, it’s the Mudblood and muggle lovers.”

Lily’s eyes narrowed. She would recognize that voice anywhere. “Bellatrix.”

And Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape, Narcissa Black, and Rodolphus Lestrange.

Alex and Alice whipped out their wands, and Lily did the same.

Malfoy smirked. “Oh look, the Mudblood thinks she can fight us with her muggle loving friends by her side.”

Lily could see the vein in Alex’s temple twitch, and placed a restraining hand on her shoulder. “Not yet,” she whispered. “Just wait a minute.”

“-and purify our world!” Lestrange finished. Apparently he had been giving an ‘inspirational speech’.

“That muggle- loving fool Dumbledore won’t stand a chance once the Dark Lord shows his true power.” Narcissa sneered. “And when he does, the world will be cleansed of Mudbloods and riffraff like the Suertes and Vivirs.”

Lily felt Alex tense, and murmured in her ear, “Now.”

Alex raised her wand as did Alice and Lily, and were just about to hex the Slytherins into the next dimension, when something, or someones, barged in on the scene.
James and Sirius had been heading to the Slytherin common room with the intention of playing a prank after they had finished helping Professor Flitwick when they heard voices coming from a nearby corridor.

They hid behind a statue and listened to the scene unfolding before them, Sirius getting angrier at each comment. When Narcissa mentioned the Suertes, he muttered to James, “Come on Prongs. I can’t just sit here anymore. Let’s go.”

Nodding wordlessly, James stood up and hurried after Sirius towards the confrontation.

“Bellatrix, Narcissa.” Sirius hissed. “You two trying to get over ‘the sweet and adorable’ Dumbledore by hanging out with these gits?” he asked, quoting their earlier speech.

Narcissa turned red. “We know it was you two that made us... do that. There’s no use in denying it.”

James spoke up. “Why would we want to? We take pride in bringing down scum like yourselves who think they’re better than everyone else.”

Bellatrix snarled. “At least we’re not blood traitors.”

“If being a blood traitor means standing up for what is right, then I’m proud to be one.” James snarled.

“Fine then. Have it your way. You’ll be next, after we take care of this filth.” Snape scowled, indicating the girls.

Sirius stepped up and put a protective arm around Alex. “Or, why don’t you leave before we hex you into oblivion. You’re outnumbered.”

Rodolphus sniggered. “Can’t you count? There’s five of us and five of you.”

Sirius smirked back. “I meant in talent.”

Malfoy let out an angry growl, and stepped forward. Just then, Professor Milles walked by. “Girls, boys, what’s going on here? No trouble, I hope.”

“Nothing’s going on Professor. We were just... talking.” Lily piped up.

Professor Milles smiled. “Ah, of course. Perhaps the Slytherins should come with me to their common room before you can... talk some more. I suggest you Gryffindors do the same.”

With a chorus of ‘Yes Professors’ and the sweep of her cloak, Professor Milles led the scowling Slytherins down the corridor.

Lily promptly rounded on James. “What do you think you are playing at Potter? Don’t you think that we could have handled them on our own?”

“Lily- I- Well- Sirius-” James stuttered.

“Just leave me alone Potter. Come on Alice, I think we’d better leave, and I don’t know if Alex will want us here.”

Alex blushed furiously at Lily’s last comment, but didn’t raise any objections to being left alone with Sirius.
Lily and Alice walked out of the corridor the way they had come, leaving the boys and Alex behind. Once they were out of earshot, Alice turned to Lily.

“Lily, be careful, okay.” Her eyes were wide with fear.

“Of who?” Lily inquired. “Potter?”

“No! Of the Slytherins, especially Bellatrix. That girl doesn’t make idle threats.”

“Of them?” Lily snorted. “They don’t-”

“I know they don’t scare you. But they scare me. Bellatrix seems to have it in for you, and that girl means business.”

“Okay, fine.” Lily sighed. “I’ll be more careful. But only if it helps you.”

“Thanks Lily.”

“No problem.”

A few moments passed in silence, until Lily giggled.

“What do you think Alex and Sirius are doing right now?” And with that, both girls broke into hysterics, the tense moments forgotten.
Sirius cleared his throat, then coughed impatiently. James looked thoughtfully in the direction the girls had left, not taking the hint.

Finally, Sirius said, “Prongs, you mind? We would kinda like to be alone.”

James seemed to snap out of his thoughts and looked, startled, at Alice. “Oh right.” He smirked. “I’ll leave you two alone, shall I?”

He sped down the corridor, much to Alex’s amusement.

Sirius turned to her. “Now, where did we leave off last night?”

Preferring to answer with actions, Alex closed her eyes as she brought her lips up to meet Sirius’s.
Author’s notes:

Well, there’s the next chapter, and don’t forget Alice’s warning, it mentioned again in the sixth year. I tried to stay away from the ‘evil Potions Master’ portrayal; I hope you like it.
Disclaimer: I own what I said before.

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