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The Beginning by Hedwig
Chapter 7 : Expectations
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Disclaimer: I of courseÖdonít own any of J

Disclaimer: I of courseÖdonít own any of J.K. Rowlingís brilliant characters or the clever universe she created for them. I simply borrowed them for a while.
Summary: Ever wonder the real reason behind Amos Diggoryís seeming dislike of Harry Potter? Travel back in time toÖThe Beginning. A Lily/James fanfiction.
The Beginning
By Rebecca
Chapter 7: Expectations
Lily marched down the corridors, as if she could get away from the boy behind her, heading for the same common room. "I donít believe this," Lily muttered.
"What was that Miss Evans?" James laughed, catching up. "You know, I think I have a good idea who the prankster was. When do you want to begin the tutoring sessions?"
Lily stopped short as if about to slap him. "You and I both know who it was and you and I both know that he went to great lengths to make sure there is no proof of it. Looks to me like whoever it is, is stuck doing his own homework."
James smirked, "What if I get you a signed confession? Dumbledore will want an update," he finished in a sing-songy voice. Maybe this head boy thing was gonna be fun after all.
"Look, if you want to make a joke out of this, go ahead. Donít expect me to play along."
"Hey come on, it was funny."
Lily scoffed and continued on her trek. God, he was more annoying than she remembered.
"Look," he said, sobering up, "Iím sorry, honest. Dumbledore knows I was just kidding around." She shrugged as they entered the staircases and waited for the right ones to shift into place. He continued, "Letís just forget about it ok? Iíll agree to lie and say we discovered him and that he was disciplined, if you agree to stop stalking away from me. It was really just for fun."
Lily sighed and shook her head as the correct set of stairs came to a stop and they headed up to the dorms. She was too tired to argue, "Fine," she mumbled. Finally named Head Girl, and she wanted nothing more than to have the title withdrawn.
"Lily!" they heard as they both looked at the staircase above them. Amos Diggory was on his way to the Ravenclaw dorm.
"Oh great," James muttered, "loverboy is here."
Lily finished waving him down as she turned to James and stared, "Look James, if weíre gonna be forced to work together, letís agree on a couple ground rules huh?"
James watched as Diggory struggled to climb down to them. "Ok?" he looked back at the red-head before him.
"First of all, no cracks at the fiancée this year ok?"
"Fiancée?" he asked.
Lily ignored him, "Secondly, if you must continue your pranks, leave Amos and the Ravenclaw team out of it?"
James put his hand up in surrender. This girl was no fun. "Deal," he said as Amos finally found the right staircase and came tumbling down.
"Lily darling!" Amos cried, scooping her up into a big hug, "I didnít get a chance to congratulate you."
"Thank you Amos," she laughed as Diggory finally set her back down on the stone. James cleared his throat.
"Nice stunt today Potter," Amos said as he turned to the now third wheel.
James drew back, splaying his hand across his chest in mock offense, "Whatever are you talking about?"
"Donít know how you made Head Boy," he scoffed, trying not to betray his blatant jealousy at having not been chosen himself.
"Why thank you Amos, how very kind of you," he slapped him on the back and turned towards the dorm. "Catch you on the fields," he tipped an imaginary hat and looked back at Lily, who stood now arms crossed with Amos clinging to her side, "and Iíll see you later Lily darling."
She rolled her eyes as the Marauder finally took off, pleased with himself at another job well doneÖand heíd walked away with practically no consequences! All he had to do was plan a couple measly events with Lily, the Diggory groupie, Evans. That couldnít be too hard, could it?
* * *

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