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The Beginning by Hedwig
Chapter 4 : Home
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Disclaimer: I of course…don’t own any of J

Disclaimer: I of course…don’t own any of J.K. Rowling’s brilliant characters or the clever universe she created for them. I simply borrowed them for a while.
Summary: Ever wonder the real reason behind Amos Diggory’s seeming dislike of Harry Potter? Travel back in time to…The Beginning. A Lily/James fanfiction.
The Beginning
By Rebecca
Chapter 4: Home
As the trunks and pets were unloaded into charmed wagons and pulleys to begin their annual travel up to the dormitories, the students were ushered toward the enchanted carriages. First years went last. Second years went sixth and so on, so the Seventh years took their rightful place in the lead. At the end of term the previous year, a rumor had circulated that first years would be forced to take lantern-lit canoes across the haunted lake that separated the station from the massive, castle-like school…but that was just ridiculous. Much to the first years’ delight, they traveled in style, just like everyone else, lead by the giant jolly groundskeeper, Hagrid. James, Sirius, Remus and Lupin crammed into one carriage and began chattering rapidly.
"James, just give us a hint!" Lupin pleaded.
"Just tell me the target is Malfoy," Sirius repeated his previous and most desperate wish. Lucius Malfoy was a prefect from Slytherin House, infamously the darkest of all houses where most bullies and elitists resided. Hated and feared by most underclassmen even as early as their 4th year, Malfoy had a reputation for causing trouble for innocent young Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws and then conveniently leaving behind no evidence to link him to the crime. In fact, just two years prior, he and his chum, Severus Snape had cursed poor Peter, and left him hanging from the Quidditch hoop in the middle of February. He wasn’t up there long, but it was long enough for James’s fury to rise. He’d snuck into the Slytherin common room the very next night and waited until Malfoy and Snape returned. He slipped a combination confuscious and sleeping potion into each of their bedside water glasses, staying just long enough to make sure they drank it. The next morning, both Snape and Malfoy ran into Professor McGonagall’s classroom 20 minutes late…each sporting the latest in lady’s fashions for reasons they themselves have yet to figure out. James was found out immediately of course…the potion was traced to his wand. It was then he and Sirius decided to form the Marauders, perfecting the art of practical jokes for generations to come. In a way, they owed Malfoy a debt for helping indirectly create them…but this didn’t stop him from being their number one target.
"I can’t believe you’re not letting us in on this," Lupin complained.
"Look guys. We’ve been working on all sorts of mischief for this year. Believe me, there’s still plenty for you all to do. But this one has got to be me…ok? Trust me. I want you three to laugh just as hard as the rest of them will." With that he gave the signature James Potter wink and the conversation was over.
"Fair enough," Sirius leaned back and crossed his arms, "Even if it’s not Malfoy, I can get him myself just as easily.
"Exactly," James concurred. The group continued to chat and before they knew it, they had reached the school. James looked up at the seemingly endless castle before him, towering into the night sky, momentarily forgetting everything he had left to do. A shiver ran down his spine as he sighed. Even after seven years, nothing quite prepared him for seeing his soon to be Alma Mater after three months of vacation. He never let on to the Marauders about this. It would ruin his charming, unattached image…but they probably all felt the same way anyway. He gazed at the thousands of lit candles, illuminating the masterful sight through gigantic stained and cut glass windows. He was finally—
Home. Lily thought as her carriage came to a stop. Amos squeezed her hand as she breathed a sigh of relief. She was finally…home.
* * *

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