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Reaquaintances by MadisonFelton
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two: The Date
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Chapter 2: The Date

Madison looked at her reflection. She had gold, sparkly hip-huggers and a pretty white blouse-like long sleeved shirt with a small floral pattern below the collar. Her hair was wavy because she loosely curled it. She wore a gold eyeshadow and pink lip gloss. Roxanne wore blue jeans with a hoop belt. She wore a black sleeveless shirt with a white tiger with glittery green eyes. Her hair was on her head in a stylish bun and she wore blue eyeshadow and pink lip gloss. They both wore trendy sandals, Madison’s white, Roxanne’s black.

Soon, they heard the honk of a car in their driveway.

“Bye Tabbs!” Madison called upstairs.

“See ya!” Roxanne shouted.

“Byeness!” Tabitha said.

They both scurried to the car and got in. Draco drove and Ron in the back seat. Madison went in the front and Roxanne in the back.

“Hi,” they both said to the boys dreamily.

“Hey,” Ron said glumly. Roxanne felt upset. She could tell he didn’t like her.

“Hey,” Draco said more enthusiastically.

They talked the whole way except for Ron who remained silent. Draco got out of the car and opened the door for Madison and took her hand to help her out. He did this also for Roxanne saying, “Don’t mind Ronnie boy. He’s not a gentleman.” Ron had sulkily climbed out of the car and mumbled something inaudible.

They sat down at a table. It was a nice restaurant with chandeliers and candles on the table. Very romantic.

Draco and Madison sat next to each other as did Ron and Roxanne. They talked a while and shortly after, Draco and Madison were making out in the dim candlelight. Ron gaped at their PDA (public display of affection). Ron sat stiffly.

“What is your problem?” shouted Roxanne making Draco and Madison stare and came up for air.

“What do you want from me? Roses and a silver carriage drawn by horses? I don’t wanna be here!” Ron shouted.

“Fine!” Roxanne shouted slamming her napkin and storming off.

“Oh Roxanne!” Madison chased Roxanne and shot an apologetic look at Draco.

“What is your problem, Ron?” Draco asked. The first time he’d used Ron’s first name.

“I don’t wanna be here! I told you!” Ron snapped.

“At least act like you do. You have no regard for other people’s feelings! You seemed like a nice enough guy and I thought I’d attempt to get along with you. But you-you disgust me!” Draco said going after the girls.

“What is his problem?” Roxanne complained.

“How do I know?” Madison asked.

“Is it me? It couldn’t be me, could it? ‘Cos I’m the cute peppy one.” Roxanne said smiling weakly.

“Again, how am I supposed to know?” Madison asked. “Well, at least not as peppy as Tabitha,” Madison added.

“True,” Roxanne said. “I just wish I knew why he doesn’t like me. He kinda blew his chance with me. I mean just so I know what to change about myself.”

“It’s his issue, not yours,” Draco said walking up to them.

“Oh, didn’t see you there,” Madison said smiling.

“Well, Ron has an attitude problem,” Draco said his grey eyes twinkling.

“Don’t lie to make me feel better,” Roxanne said.

“Who’s lying?” Draco asked. “It’s true. He is just the same little git that he always was.”

“I didn’t exactly know him,” Roxanne said.

“Well, all I knew was him and Potter were friends. And probably him and that Mudblood were more than friends,” he paused to snicker. “Anyways, he seemed like an okay guy and all but now I know it was just an act.”

“Oh, maybe I could ask him why,” Roxanne said.

“Want me to ask for you?” Draco asked.

“What are you going to say? “Oh Ronnie, why don’t you love me?”?

“No,” Draco replied. “He probably wouldn’t tell me anyways.”

“Wait a minute!” Madison said. “I’ll ask! Be right back.”

Madison ran into the restaurant.

A/N: Not done with this chapter. I'll type some more when I feel like it 'cos I'm lazy and if you don't review, I'm going to feel more like a sloth. So, please review. I'm not gonna post anymore if you people dont review...

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Reaquaintances: Chapter Two: The Date


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