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I Am The Half Blood Prince by Terry Boot
Chapter 1 : I Am The Half Blood Prince
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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story, just the words. They belong to JK Rowling.

A/N: This isn't going anywhere, this is just a one-shot of the Half Blood Prince's unbiased (or not) opinions of the great Harry Potter. It's very short, only about a page long. "They" can be anyone, but I imagined "Them" to be Dumbledoreand Snape and a few other select Order members.

I am the Half Blood Prince

The Boy Who Lived. The boy. Nothing more.

I am the man among men. The prince.

His heroism, though touching, is meaningless. His place in this battle is an accident. It is my destiny.

They tell me he thinks he has a part in this war. I know the truth. Everything that happened to him, all the people killed because of him, all the pain he has endured, it means nothing. His place in this battle is an accident.

They tell me he thinks he is important. They tolerate him, humor him. Let him think he is important. Let him in on trivial secrets. Focus the media attention on him and away from me.

The one true weapon; the one true savior.

He enjoys the attention from the media, from Them. No matter how he denies it, I can tell. I can always tell. He wouldn't be able to live if he were to sink into obscurity. He has grown so used to guarding his every move. Such a shame. He need not bother. Evil's battle is not with him.

I pity Potter, I really do.

I can imagine him tossing and turning at night at the thought of what he thinks to be his destiny. Stupid boy. He has no destiny. He is worthless.

I know why they haven't bothered to tell him the truth. It would kill him, learning that his parents, godfather, classmate, and so many others died for him, yet their deaths were in vain.

For only I and Them know the truth.

It is better for him this way. This "tragic hero" is his entire being. He would be nothing no, less than nothing if the truth came out.

Sometimes I wonder what he will do when he finds out.

As he will eventually. When my destiny is fulfilled, when Evil is vanquished through no deed of his own, he will find out.

They say he has a temper. They say he has powers. I merely laugh.

The boy, have powers that outshine the man's?

Never. I am the man among men.

I am the Half Blood Prince.


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I Am The Half Blood Prince: I Am The Half Blood Prince


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