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Saving Luna Lovegood by Aaran St Vines
Chapter 10 : The Power To Defeat Riddle
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Chapter Ten — The Power To Defeat Riddle

Claire wheeled Harry down to the cafeteria. They were laughing when they entered so they drew some attention to themselves. Under normal circumstances, that is for most people, it would have passed with a few looks in their direction and a few smiles.

But since when did Harry get normal reactions from people? And that was before the defeat of Voldomort.

There was enough silence to make Claire and Harry self-conscious like they were talking too loud in a library. Then, those who were able, stood and began to applaud. THEN, many who shouldn't, started to try to stand. Harry was red and a bit upset. He made a big deal of telling the closest person near him in a wheel chair to stay seated and the message got out to the others.

Claire tried to get in the food line with Harry in the wheel chair, but the chef came running out and tried to get him to be seated—he was going to prepare anything Harry wanted and serve him himself.

Harry looked thoughtful for a few seconds and asked, "What is the special of the day?"

"We have a beautiful baked cod dish with new potatoes and a fresh spring greens salad."

Harry smiled, "That is exactly what I was thinking about for lunch. Claire?" She agreed. "And would you join us?" The chef turned pink with delight and begged off because of the busy lunch schedule.

Harry looked around and saw a beautiful head of white blonde hair. Besides the beauty was a ponytail of red hair. "Can we wheel over there? They are friends that I want you to meet."

"Bill, don't you dare try to get up. Fleur, how are you? May I present the person that saved my life, Sister Mary Claire. Claire, this is Fleur and Bill Weasley. You have met most of the Weasleys. Bill and Fleur were married at Christmas time."

"Please call me Claire," the typical response, "And I did not so much as save Harry's life as remind him that he needed to do what was right so he could survive to be with those he loved and that love him."

Bill said, "Well, if you can get Harry to do the right thing for his own good then you will have many lined up to take lessons. Of course had Harry not found himself doing what he shouldn't, then I would have never met Fleur, so I cannot complain."

"That sounds like a story I would love to hear over lunch," Claire said, and Bill and Fleur regaled her about how Harry ended up in the TriWizards Tournament competing against Fleur. Since Harry had no family interested in visiting him on the day of the last event, Bill and his mother came to see him. Bill met Fleur, and to coin a cliche, the rest is history.

At the end of the story Bill said. "Of course after meeting Fleur that day I still thought I had no chance with her, all she wanted to talk about was Harry. I thought she had a crush on him." As he said this he winked at Claire and then stared at Harry for his reaction.

Harry had a look of mortification on his face. Fleur Delacor had been the Champion from Beaubaton Academy and she was three years older than Harry. Three years, at 14 and 17, were a long way apart. "Oh, eet izz true that I azked so much abou' you Harree. I waz nervous to meet Beell. He waz so han'zome. I deed not know what to talk abou'. Zo, I knew see Weezlee fomlee were such good freens wiz you, that I azked aver-theeng I cud theenk of. But Harree, befo' I meet Beell, I deed hov a leetle crush on you. Eef you had asked me to zee Yule Boll, I wud have occepted."

"Zere you were, so cute an' zo smoll, but zo powerful and breel-yant. Your flyin' was magne-feque and you zaved my zister. You were zee weener and no one aver celebrated your veec-tory."

A/N —— Okay. So I am no good at writing French accents.

Harry was the color of a Weasley in high duggin. The blush he showed was almost electric. Fleur's Veela heritage had its effect to a small degree but regardless, here was a strikingly beautiful woman telling Harry that she had had a school girl crush on him to a small degree. Claire was never to cease to be amazed at how Harry took in stride the praise he received for saving the world, and would be so embarrassed at something like this. Mature and brave well beyond his years and yet still seventeen.

Claire said, "Bill, how is therapy coming along?" Bill had single-handed stopped a Death Eater break-in at Grngott's Bank. He had stopped six Death Eaters, captured four of them and lost his right leg below the knee and two fingers on his left hand in the process. He held them at bay and only fainted after aurors arrived.

"Very well and thank you. I was very lucky. Losing the leg below my knee gave me a much faster recovery and learning rate than if it had been above the knee. I am right handed so the fingers do not interfere with writing or casting spells. After everything calms down I should be able to go back to Egypt as a spell breaker. However, it will be after the baby is born."

"Baby?" said Harry. "Fleur.. are you.. when..." he sputtered to a stop.

"Well Harry, we were going to wait until...we knew...what the future would hold. This past week was perfect for conception and we had the pregnancy confirmed today. Thank you for making this world a place where it is safe to raise a family. My parents and my generation owe you a debt. And now a new generation of Weasleys owe there very existence to you. Thanks mate." During this Fleur leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and whispered her thanks.

As Claire wheeled Harry out he stopped her as a young teen age girl approached the doorway from another part of the cafeteria. "Hello Roxie, how's your father?"

She had been walking looking down and had not seen him. Sadly still, but with a little improvement of her demeanor, she said, "Oh, hello Harry. I didn't see you. Congratulations on your victory. My dad has not improved. When he is not sedated he is in fits and chills and convulsions. Whatever they gave him or did to him the healers do not know what to do. Oh, forgive me, how is Luna?"

"She is doing well under the circumstances. This is my friend Claire. She is taking good care of us. Claire, please meet Roxie Lazar." Harry pronounced her name like laser with a 'z' sound in it.

"Nice to meet you Claire. Actually it is pronounced 'La-ZAAR.' I have to get back to dad. He has to be feed and he has to be awake for it. The feeding potions do not work on him. I am the only one who can get him calm enough to eat and that includes a lot of gyrations. I have to run."

As they walked back, "Her dad was the only Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor to last more than one year during my whole time at Hogwarts. He was also in the Order of the Phoenix. He was on an assignment and was overdue. One day three weeks before the final battle he showed up on the outskirts of Hogsmeade in the terrible condition she described. No one has a clue what happened or what to do about it. It can talk, barely, but he has no recollection of how he got that way."

"Professor Lazar showed up with his little girl of 13 for their first day at Hogwarts. They had been living in America where she was born, but he grew up here and went to Hogwarts. He taught at Madison University there, but when his wife died, he wanted to leave. There is only one school of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the US so he jumped at the offer Dumbledore made him. He had wanted to get back here and join the fight against Riddle. His seventh year at Hogwarts was the year the first war ended when I did whatever I did." "She is the brightest girl in her year and might give Hermione a run for her money in grades before it is over. She is a Gryffindor and took a lot of grief wanting to be called LA-zar when her dad pronounced their name La-ZAAR. I guess she just thought it sounded cooler that way." "Now she is pronouncing her name the way her father does. That may not be a good indication of how she sees the future. I need to think about how I can help her, if I can help her. Could you...that is, if it wouldn't interfere with healer/client confidentiality, would you try to find out what you can about Professor Lazar's prognosis?"

So like the Harry his friends describe and that she had come to know—worrying about others when he still had a lot of recovery to complete, and Luna was never far from his mind. He had discussed her with Bill and Fleur in his usual 'she-is-a-part-of-the-conversation' manner. The look on their faces combined with the the way they entered into the conversation as he did, told her that someone, probably Bill's mum, had warned them ahead of time. Claire had given both of them a smile of thanks and that had caused them both to relax—they had done the right thing.

On the way back Harry asked about the staff meeting, whether he would have access to the medical library and be able to ask questions. She told him that what little objection there was was overridden by senior management. Most were eager to talk to Harry because of his celebrity status. She didn't tell him of this willingness in quite that way.

"So, we can continue our discussions after we get back and check on Luna."

"No," she said rather officially, "we will get back and I will check on Luna and you will take a nap. This morning and lunch has exhausted you. You must sleep at least one hour."

"But I don't fee--eel tired." A yawn interrupted his sentence. "Okay, busted. But just one hour. You relax also."

"I will sit in this chair and close my eyes and we will see. You sleep or I ask for one of those sleeping draughts and knock you out for the afternoon."


"An hours up!" Harry announced. Claire had been sitting there with her eyes closed drifting back and forth between conscious attention to her patients and light dozing. See looked at her watch and it was exactly 60 minutes from the moment Harry's breathing told her he had gone to sleep.

"So these are the three reasons I defeated Riddle: 1) I had the legal authority from my true sovereign. 2) I had the power. 3) I had the right to kill him.

"Do you have any questions about the first reason we discussed this morning?"

"No, I don't think so. You not only had the legal right to fight for your sovereign, you had the force of righteousness on your side. That authority added to your belief system that Voldomort must be stopped. This increase in you believing, or faith actually, helped you feel more strongly that you would defeat him. Therefore you gained more power from the fact."

He nodded. She continued, "Harry, have you considered that this legal authority gives even more weight to my claim that you are a killer, not a murderer. I have heard that the aurors had the right to kill Death Eaters when there was no other way to stop them. Your friends, the late Mad-eye Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt have both killed in that way as a last resort I understand. You do not consider them murderers do you?"

Harry pondered that for almost a long moment. "Thank you Claire. That has eased my mind even more." They both sat reflecting on this matter for a few moments, comfortable with the silence which is a sign of friendship.

Harry broke the contemplation. "Well, there have been many authorized law enforcement officers that have not stopped illegal actions on the part of others. So in addition to the legal right I had to have the power to accomplish this."

"The summer after my fifth year, right after I went back to my aunt and uncle's home for the summer, I was sitting in my room moping as I had the previous summer. Only this was worse because of Sirius' death. Help breaking out of this funk came from the most unexpected source, my Uncle Vernon."

"My cousin Dudley had been in trouble all school year. His hooligan ways had spilled over at school, Smeltings, and he had been kicked off of the boxing team, suspended for three days, and had grades so low he was on probation of being expelled altogether. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia had overlooked all of Dudley's faults over the years but this was inescapable."

"Uncle Vernon actually came home early one afternoon. He had never left work early before except when he was sick, so I was more than curious. He had been forced by his company to attend a positive motivational speaker's two hour seminar that afternoon. His sales force had to go and they would leave work and not attend unless he was there too."

"He went in huffing and puffing and disbelieving. In ten minutes he was paying attention. In thirty minutes he was enthralled. This was the solution to getting Dudley on track he thought. Dudley had a bad attitude, no motivation, and no goals in life. Uncle Vernon bought a number of CDs and tapes and books and made Dudley listen to them. He even read one of the books and I wasn't sure he could read."

"Uncle Vernon spent that summer ignoring me when ever possible and being barely civil when he couldn't. The threats Mad-Eye Moody and the others made at the train station were in his mind I could tell, whenever he looked my way. But with the tapes and CDs blaring all over the house I could not ignore their message."

"The entire time I was there I could not escape hearing their messages. One idea got stuck in my head and I wondered why. Uncle Vernon use to say, 'If you believe you can do something worthwhile, you can.' I could not get away from that thought because it is true. Uncle Vernon went out and set record sales for Grunnings that year. Dudley applied that thought to his boxing, once they let him back on the team, and won the South England title in his weight and age category."

Claire said, "The Good Book says "As a man thinks, so is he.' I have no problem with this concept. It is a hard thing to start applying but I understand from my readings and my own small experiences that it gets easier with practice."

"I have heard that particular quotation and I love it. So, I applied it to my situation. I needed power. More power than anyone thought possible. I had a thought one day. I have already done a number of things that everyone says was impossible. Maybe I am destined to do the impossible. Just because no one had killed Riddle yet, doesn't mean he cannot be killed."

"The prophesy said that 'either must die at the hand of the other because neither can live while the other survives.' Riddle had tried several times to kill me and had failed. I hadn't tried to kill him yet. I wasn't going to assume he couldn't kill me and act cavalierly, but may be I was the one to kill him. Maybe the magic protecting him wasn't strong enough to fight the magic protecting me. I will talk about the two types of love protecting me later."

"Dumbledore once said that Riddle and I were connected by a spell Riddle cast that had failed. (A/N—GoF) He had failed I realized and he was connected to me that way. Perhaps I had the opportunity to end the connection."

"My belief in the possibility my success began to grow and strengthen. As this happened my ability to defend myself began to grow. In DA one day Ron and Justin Finch-Fletchley and Neville decided to attack me all at once to teach me a lesson. I had had to work before this to stop any one of them—they were good. In five seconds they were all three disarmed and immobilized. In less than a minute 11 other people attacked me at once and I left them in the same state."

"Word got out. Professors began challenging me to duels. Professor Flitwick, the dueling champion in his youth lasted the longest.—22 seconds. They would challenge me in groups. I incapacitated Professors McGonagall, Flitwick, Sprout, and Lupin in less than 40 seconds."

"Only Dumbledore and Snape never challenged me. I never challenged any of them but I asked Lupin to tell all others I wanted the practice."

"I asked Dumbledore how I could strengthen myself even more. He suggested I do two things: 1) practice wandless magic and 2) practice doing numerous different types of spells at the same time."

"He told me that I would probably have my wand against Riddle but wandless magic helped make me stronger with my wand. It is sort of like jogging with ankle weights on to help you run faster. He also reminded me of the battle between him and Riddle at the Ministry of Magic at the end of my fifth year. They were apparating and disapparating and shooting spells at each other and causing different item in the foyer to animate and attack each other."

"I started with a few advanced DA members who were willing the risk of getting hurt a bit. I started wandless against Ron who was trying take it easy. It hurt a lot at first but I got to where I could fight for a while on an even scale. Then I could fight longer. Then I took on Neville and Justin. Then all three. One practice session I took on six DA members for over 15 minutes and held my own, giving as good as I got."

"This was getting out to more than just the DA members. I wondered what Riddle would think if he heard about it and if he was going to train also. Draco Malfoy gave me my answer. I thought it might be planted information but as it turned out it was true. Riddle said the exact same thing Malfoy said before we started the final battle."

"Malfoy said, 'Practice with all your parlor tricks and multiple attackers. You will only face one person in the final battle, the Dark Lord himself and he will not be immobilizing you. He will go straight for the kill. I say that the Killing Curse always beats the Disarming Charm."

"Claire, that told me all I needed to know. The Dark Lord was counting on the fact that I couldn't kill him because I wasn't going to use the Killing Curse. Draco didn't know that the Disarming Charm did fight the Killing Curse when I battled Riddle in the grave yard after winning the TriWizard Cup. I knew the Riddle's Killing Curse hadn't completed the work against me. I was prepared and getting mentally able to take on Riddle with the Killing Curse if need be, but I wondered if it would work for me either."

"I did use the Killing Curse against Riddle and it did kill him. Twice, But he came back to life. Twice. I will tell you about that later."

"I did something that year at Christmas I had never done before. I sent Aunt Petunia a Christmas card and asked her to tell me how Uncle Vernon and Dudley were doing with their motivation programs. I won't bore you with how we had to interface muggle post with owl post, but she wrote back a surprisingly cheery and long letter. Dudley had gotten back on the boxing team and was pulling his grades up. This gave him a more positive self-image which helped him able to stop bullying people. He was actually considering running for a school office at the end of the year for the next year."

"As the director of Grunnings that had direct responsibilites for sales, Uncle Vernon was leading his company to record new business growth. This was making their whole family happier and it spilled over to me. She asked how I was doing and it seemed sincere. I thought about it and wrote back in a very limited way that Uncle Vernon's campaign to help Dudley had helped me too. She wrote back delighted."

"That summer of my 17th birthday was my shortest stay since going to Hogwarts. I left on my birthday. Uncle Vernon never did want to talk about anything magical. But one night while just the two of us were watching the news he looked at me and told me that Aunt Petunia had told him that the recordings had helped. I just nodded not know what else to do. He stared at me for a long moment and finally said, 'I am glad. Good luck in your big battle.' and got up and went to bed. To this day I do not know how he knew about the final battle but I appreciate what seemed to be a sincere wish for my success."

"The day I came of age the protection of that household ended and my presence was a threat to their safety. I left at 12:01 AM. Aunt Petunia was there. At 11:59 she gave me my first real present from them—a nice new pair of trainers. I wore them everyday until they were near destroyed in the final battle. I would like to believe there was some residual protection on them for me that came from my aunt. I believe she hoped that might be so because she made sure to give them to me when I was still under her protection."

"All of this added to my increasing faith as you call it."

"The final two factors that made me sure I would win came as I pondered the prophesy about my confrontation with Riddle. It started, 'The one with the power to defeat the Dark Lord...' and contained '...he will have power the Dark Lord does not know....' For a year I did not realize that was talking about two different types of power."

"'The one with the power to defeat the Dark Lord...' spoke as if I had the power already. As I thought about it I realized I already did. In my first year I had the power to defeat him in the form he took posessing Professor Quirl. It wasn't just the affect of my mother that made him unable to touch me. He had to resort to physical violence, strangling me, to stop me."

"Remus Lupin told you about how at 13, I conjured a corporeal patronus able to fight over a hundred dementers." She nodded, enthralled with this story. "Well, I did not know that few wizards can conjure a corporeal patronus at all. Auror training starts with that because if an auror cannot produce one there is no reason to go on. Most wizard's corporeal patronus can take on a dozen or so dementors. This fact helped my believing. I grew in that power also, and in the battle at Hogwarts before the final battle with Riddle, my patronus killed all dementers even though a few that escaped."

"I also realized that in my confrontation with Riddle in the graveyard when he regained his physical body, I fought him and defeated him. When our wands connected he should have had the power to force his way to make my wand generate the shadow of my last incatations. It took alot of effort, but it only took a little time and I had forced his wand to do it. He was trying to break the wand's connection the whole time and couldn't. I broke it when I chose to."

"In the battle of the Ministry of Magic, I held my own against Bellatrix LaStrang and later Riddle. I was upset about Sirius dying and wasn't even concentrating that hard. I stopped fighting when Dumbledore got there. He placed me in a safe place and I didn't even try to get out."

"Every confrontation I had with Riddle I beat him or fought him to a stand still. I realized that was the power I had to defeat the Dark Lord that was mentioned at the start and at the end of the prophesy."

Claire spoke up, "And there was the power you had to defeat him when he tried to kill you as an infant."

Harry looked at her for a moment. "Well, actually no. That was the power that was spoken of where the prophesy said '...he will have power the Dark Lord does not know....' That was the power of love. Your Good Book say it best. 'Greater love has no one than to give up his life for another.' Combining that with a mother's love was very powerful. Riddle found out about it and that was why he wanted my blood to revive him. He gained access to a neutralizing affect of the contact with me and assumed he had negated the power of love."

"Having never known love in any sense, he did not know the extent of its power. His witch mother died in child birth. His muggle father rejected him completely. He grew up in an orphanage where they treated him adequately but no one loved him. He went to Hogwarts and never made a single friend. The first associates of any kind were his recruits into the Death Eaters. They joined him for the power and soon came to only fear him. He never knew anything about love. Therefore he dismissed its power."

"I knew my parent's love for over a year. There was an extension of this from my Aunt though it was tenuous at best until recently. Many people that I have never met have loved me in a way for what I did to Riddle as a child. Some of those tried to do more."

"Mr. Weasley was at the Ministry that morning when the message came in about the night my parents died. He left for home immediately. The Ministry closed for the day in celebration. Mrs. Weasley had just given birth to Ginny less than two months before. Ron was a little more than one. The twins were three and terrors already. Bill and Charlie were at Hogwarts and Percy was five. When Mr. Weasley told his wife of my situation he had gone home to ask if he could offer to adopt me. Before he could ask Mrs. Weasley suggested the idea. They were poor and did not know I had money. That love has meant more to me that I can ever explain or repay."

"Mr. Weasley went straight to find Dumbledore and made his offer. Dumbledore declined and did not tell him why but said that it was important that I go where I went. I believe by that act Ron and I were destined to become friends and the Weasleys to become the family I consider as my family."

"The Weasleys were the first. I also understand that there were dozens of other families that made similar offers. I know none of them. But that love counts."

"To this you have to add the love of my friends. Ron and Hermione were first. Then came Ginny and Collin and Neville. You have to add the Weasley twins at that point. There is Sirius until his death and Remus and then the number of friends becomes hard to list."

"Friendship as a type of power is merely metaphysical for those of us non-magical," said Claire. "Is it more than that in your world?"

"It is considered very important and I believe to many it is more important than with muggles. But only a few knew how much it might mean as a multiplier of power in my case."

"Of course Luna's love was as powerful as my mother's probably. It gave me a peace and confidence I could have gotten nowhere else. For all the love of friends and family and even strangers, the love between a man and a woman goes deeper. We have not made love. I believe that that love in context of marriage would have added to my power, but honoring Luna's chastity brought with it a power of its own."

"As for my love helping others, I at least know I have been able to help many prepare for battle. I think my love as a brother and concern for their safety has been important in this. During battle, I cannot say, but others take heart when I am there. I'd like to think that is love."

"I can tell you for sure. I papably felt the love of each one outside the Forest while I was fighting Riddle. Each time there was a loud sound I felt them even stronger pulling for me and wanting the best for me. I am as sure of that as I am that we are talking right now."

"These factors of love combined with everything else I have told you about the power I have gained for battle. These factors constitutes the basis for the power I have, save one last thing."

"The last thing that added to my confidence that I would be powerful enough to defeat Riddle came from the most unexpected quarter. At breakfast the morning of the battle for Hogwarts and the final battle, Professor Snape came up to me and asked if I would go with him for a few minutes. We did not know that was the morning of these battles so what I will tell you next will obviously be even stranger than it might appear in hindsight. We all knew something was up and Professor Snape had brought that information back so he was very aware. But only Riddle and his minions knew that was the day."

"I had made an overture to him the previous summer to apologize and try to bury the hatchet so to speak. No one told you this but my father had been rather cruel to Snape when they were students. Before my parents started dating my mother was furious at my father when she caught him being especially cruel to Snape. Snape wasn't innocent, but my dad had mates that looked out for him and most of Snapes attacks were thwarted or lessened. Snape was a loner and had no one watching his back."

"Part of the agreement mom extracted from dad when they started dating was to stop the feuding. Dad did but Sirius did not."

"Anyway, my letter over last summer to Professor Snape went unanswered but there was a marked difference in his demeanor towards me. He still jumped on me for the slightest infractions but only like he did any other Gryffindor. He did not do anything to bait me all year unless I opened the door in some way. Even then it was not as viscious as in the past."

"As we walked out of the Great Hall at breakfast I could not imagine what was on his mind. He told me that there were four reasons that he had treated me the way he did all these years. He felt like he owed it to me to tell me."

1) He despised my father (nothing new there) 2) My mother was the only woman he had ever loved (startling surprise) 3) He stared at me to see my mother's eyes but hated seeing them in my father's face 4) He hated to think that if I died the last of her would die with me "He went on to explain that that was why he had saved my life on the Quidditch pitch my first year—it had nothing to do with the notion my dad had saved his life. That was also why he was so hard on me when I was out of order and risked getting hurt or killed. My mother had been a brilliant potions student and that was why he was so hard on me in class. It was because I was not living up to the academic potential she had given me."

"He finished that sentence and abruptly turned and walked back into the Great Hall. I was standing there staring into space five minutes later when Ron came to check and see why Professor Snape had returned to breakfast and I hadn't."

"Well, that day, during the battle for Hogwarts, the tide had turned our way. My corporeal patronus had killed most of the dementers and we were getting the upper hand. Lusius Malfoy snuck up on me and was going to kill me. Nobody except me thought Riddle couldn't kill me, but the reasons I thought he couldn't did not apply to Death Eaters. Had Riddle not insisted on killing me himself all those years one of his underlings could have done it fairly easily, perhaps."

"Lucius wanted the glory of killing me and he wanted to turn the battle back into their favor. He slipped in behind me and the first notice I had of his attempt was hearing him give the Killing Curse. I recognized his voice and thought for sure I was dead. I turned and dodged and saw Professor Snape on the ground between us dead."

"I was so heightened for battle that I disarmed and immoblized Lucius for incarceration before he knew it. He had been stunned to inaction by Snape's sacrafice. No Death Eater would have done that even for Riddle. Malfoy wouldn't have done it for his own son. When Draco saw this he didn't even try to get his father released. He escaped right then and was one of the few Death Eaters to do so."

"Professor Snape was not a blood relative or even a friend, but his sacrifice for me—his love for my mother, the one who's love had protected me so strongly for so long—gave me an added edge. That particular power from love I knew was the last extra something I needed to overpower Riddle. I thought about telling Riddle about it to befuddle his mind and make it easier for me."

"Of course I didn't say anything to him about Professor Snape. I got into the Forest and saw Luna and Riddle went straight to gloating over how her mind was gone and how everyone I had ever loved was dead or like Luna. I knew that was not true. There were dozens that loved me that I had just left in pretty good shape all things considered."

"I was about to beat myself up inside over Luna when I knew I felt her in my mind. In my mind flashed 'Don't.' just like Luna use to say to me whenever I would begin to beat myself up over someone dead or hurt. It had been her signal more than just one word. That one word reconfirmed everything she had ever told me that gave me peace about the inevitabilities in my life."

"Claire, that word in my mind, appearing after Luna was in this state, is why I know we can get through to her. She got through to me."

"So that completes the list of all the reasons I had and I guess still have the power that I have. There are a lot of little details about why I was and/or am still able to do certain things in certain ways. I may never figure them all out. If I need to know how anything works I will just tell Hermione about it and she will not rest until she can explain it in detail."

"Harry," Claire said. "You said you had the legal right to kill Voldomort and the power, but then you said the third reason you were able to defeat him is because you had the 'Right' to do so. That is sort of confusing. You had the legal right and the right? I don't see the distinctions."

"Well, just because you have the right in your realm to do something does not mean your have the right in someone else's realm. That will not take too long to explain and after that I will tell you briefly about the actual battle with Riddle."

"And with that mystery to ponder, I think we ought to go to the cafeteria for dinner. It is a little early and maybe we will miss most of the crowd. Besides, that Mr. J. Poindexter Wilberton is coming by to see me at 6:00 this evening for some reason."

"Oh don't you know him, Harry," Claire said. "He is from the Order of Merlin, whatever that is."


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