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Hermione's game by drkangelbabe
Chapter 3 : The Rules of the Game.
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Thank you so much to the people who reviewed! Please do so again!!!!! Have fun reading this!

Disclaimer: the club and the plot are mine!

“Well, that was fun,” Draco broke the silence as he stretched out on one of the couches.
“Yeah, whatever, mind if I change the colors? I’ve had enough of red and gold for the past six years and I don’t need it now, not when I change the colors,” Hermione asked. She pulled her wand out, she didn’t really care if he didn’t want her to, she would leave the green and silver alone, but she would not spend another year surrounding in red and gold!
“Not at all, just don’t have girlish colors. Black is fine with me by the way,” he said in a way of a subtle hint, but he couldn’t pull it off this time. He obviously expected the worst; did he actually think she wanted colors like pink and baby blue or whatever he considered girly? He raised an eyebrow as the red and gold became purple and the green and sliver faded into black. Malfoy surveyed the room, noticing the interesting combination the two colors created.
“As I’m hearing no objections, I’m right to assume this is fine with you? Also, those colors will also have been applied in the bathroom, whatever is purple is mine, got it?” Without waiting for him to speak, she walked up her stairs to her room.
The stairs continued up for quite some distance, and Hermione was curious as to what was up there. “I’ll check it out later; right now I want to check out my room and then go take a bath. Hmm… what should my password be? I know, my favorite club,” Hermione figured. It was fail safe, nobody even knew she went to clubs. Well, that wasn’t true, some people knew, but wouldn’t admit it was true. “Sweet Seduction” opened her door and became her new password, and she walked into the magnificent room. A huge four poster bed took up most of the space, and was covered with an array purple and black fabric. The walls with their soft purple glow emphasized the black carpeting. She was glad Malfoy had requested black downstairs, it went well with her royal purple and it was a combination she obviously loved. The bag she asked not to be unpacked was sitting on her bed and she quickly put it in the closet, unpacked. She didn’t need the contents to be discovered. She questioned her sanity as to why she would bring that, especially to bring that here. Confident that it wouldn’t be discovered and be looked through, she went back downstairs to take a relaxing bath.
Malfoy wasn’t in the commons, but she figured he was in his room. Walking into the bathroom, she filled the huge bathtub with warm water, noticing the shower on the end of the room. It wasn’t noticeable if you were at the sink counter, but could be seen clearly from the tub. Stepping out of what little clothes she wore, she allowed the welcoming heat to envelope her senses.
Draco’s room was what he expected it to be. The dominating black was interrupted by snatches of sliver. He collapsed onto his bed, Granger was something else and she was taking control over his thinking. During the feast he could only think about her, much to his annoyance. Too bad he had been against her all those years; he could have experienced that earlier. The kiss, not the lost of control. Oh well, you couldn’t change the past. He sighed and left his room. Once outside his door, he was tempted to explore where the stairs went, but decided against it. He wanted to talk to Granger. Once downstairs, he realized she wasn’t in the commons. The books are down here, what could have been in her room to amuse her? Deciding to take a shower, he walked into the bathroom.
Hearing the door open and close, Hermione looked up. There was Malfoy, just standing there looking at her with a very curious look on his face. She scowled at him, “Weren’t you leaving or something?” she asked sharply.
“Nope, I’m taking a shower and then talking to you. I would recommend that if you have privacy issues you be done before I am seeing as I would have no problem sitting here talking to while you’re naked,” he smoothly retorted. Walking over to the shower he turned it on and then turned to face her again. “Remember, both staring and drooling are rude,” and with that he stripped and walked into the shower, closing the door behind him.
“Damn he’s got a nice ass,” Hermione quickly banished the thought, or she tried to anyway. Malfoy kept entering her thoughts. Quickly becoming irritated, she got out and wrapped her towel around her. Moving to the sink, she tried to keep her mind off of that annoying jerk.
“You know, he hasn’t been much of a jerk today, and he is pretty hot…” a little voice told her.
“SHUT UP!” she yelled at it silently. At the moment the shower shut off and Malfoy walked out, graciously wrapping his waist with his black towel.
Damn that Granger, he could only think of her the whole time. Noticing that she wasn’t in view, he walked over to the sink, standing behind her. He eyed what the towel did not cover, which was plenty of leg. He suddenly wished the towel would fall; it annoyed him for some reason. She hadn’t noticed him yet, seeing as he wasn’t in view of the mirror yet. He took a couple of steps, silently sneaking up on her, until her back was a scant inch from his chest. Wondering later what had possessed him to do so, he snaked an arm around her waist and closed the small distance between them.
Hermione froze; she hadn’t even noticed him come up behind her. She turned around, her arms automatically going to his shoulders. His lips brushed hers briefly and she leaned forward and kissed him. His hands slid to the small of her back and pulled her even closer to him. Pulling his head down, she deepened the kiss and his tongue met hers. It teased hers for a few minutes and then left, only to kiss down her neck. He gently pushed her until she leaned against the counter and he was slightly above her, his leg between hers.
She tasted so good to him and fit so perfectly with his body. His hands ran over her body, tempted to pull off the towel that blocked her beautiful body from him. He was so into her touch that he almost didn’t realize that she was tugging at his towel. Only to be fair, he slowly unwound the towel from her, going slowly as if he was unwrapping a treasured gift.
Finally realizing what was happening, Hermione pushed Malfoy off of her. Wrapping her towel tighter around her, she looked up at him. Big mistake, she wasn’t expected the look he had. A mix between confusion and lust, with traces of annoyance, filled his face.
“We can’t do this, “ she whispered, almost as if she were pleading him.
“Why not,” he asked, “How is this wrong?”
“We can’t, just cant. I’m sorry Draco,” her voice quavered with an emotion he couldn’t decipher. He watched her walk away from him, for the second time that day. And for the second time, he wished he could stop her from leaving. What bothered him was how strongly he wanted to do this. Did he love her or something? He scoffed at the idea. He, Draco Malfoy from a pureblood family, was in love with Hermione Granger, a little mudblood? The idea was ridiculous! Also, he had never loved anyone in his entire life and yet, nobody else had ever been able to hold his attention like she had. “Well, how wouldn’t have been thinking about her, she drastically changed her appearance!” he explained to himself. Convincing himself that it was only her body he wanted, he went to bed.
Thoughts swarmed in Hermione’s head as she lay on her bed. What had just happened? She had been so caught up in it… What would have happened if she hadn’t had come to her sense? The thought made her shudder. And what was up with Malfoy anyway? That was the second time today he had tried to start something. Was he in love with her? She quickly dismissed the idea.
But that gave her a new thought, what kind of affect was she creating? Did she now have the power to attract guys’ attention? She laughed; if that was true then she could have any guy in school! She remembered working at the club. Oh how those other girls had been jealous of her! She was the business for the club and they knew it. Envy tainted the club; she had been the most sought after. It was her who made hundreds of dollars a week in tips, not the other girls. Oh she could definitely use this new power for her own good. She could have any guy on his knees begging her. But why take the easy road? Why not go for a challenge? She could take a guy who would never fall for her and make him.
Of course, this game would have to have rules, all games did. Yes, this would be her game, her challenge to herself. Rule one: She could tell no one of her game. If someone found out, the game ended and she would lose. She didn’t want to lose, losing was bad. Rule two: She could use any means of seduction to help her. Tempting and teasing where her specialty, after all, it wasn’t right to give a guy everything he wanted. That made him spoiled and nobody likes spoiled. Rule three: she wasn’t allowed to fall in love with him. If she fell in love, she wouldn’t have a victory, it would be tied and ties were not accepted.
Now who would her first player in the game be? Correction, victim, she was, after all, he player in this game; he would just be the pawn she played with. Who could this guy be? He couldn’t be friends with her or someone who got along with her. That ruled out everyone but the Slytherins. She couldn’t stand anyone who was just plain dumb so he would have to be clever and cunning. Enough that he would pick up the hints she would drop, but not enough that he would figure out it was just a game. Bonus points to her if he couldn’t stand her or rarely got along with her. Even more points if he was a player, which would keep her on the edge, wondering if he was just acting or really in love. That let left only one person, Draco Malfoy. Malfoy would be her first pawn. Oh, Malfoy was perfect! It would be wonderful revenge for all those time he created hell. The pain of every insult, every spell, and every fight would be returned to him threefold. After all, nothing hurts as bad as having your heart broken by someone who was once your enemy. For once, he would be the one played and it would be from the last person he expected. “The game will start tomorrow,” she promised to herself. She drifted to sleep imagining the whole grand affair.
Draco woke as a feeling of dread settled over him. There was no reason for it, and that made him uneasy. He tossed and turned for what seemed hours, sleep would no come again. When he finally relaxed enough to sleep, it was Hermione who was on his mind. Ironically, it was think of her that calmed him down. He didn’t question it then and when he awoke again in the morning, he had forgotten. His only memory of that night was the dread and sense of unease.

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Hermione's game: The Rules of the Game.


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