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Deadly Obsession by Relena
Chapter 2 : Hermione\'s Decision
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This story, for starts, will have short chapters. Im mainly focused on my other fic, Ceciť's Story, also here in General. But this fic *might* be good. I don't know. So I may discontinue in due time. Enjoy it while it lasts.

As soon as they got to the school, Hermione began to think about how to get Ron to notice her.She sat by Parvati and Lavender, with her diary on her knee, and a quill and an ink flask next to her on the bench. She watched every single one of Ron's moves: what kind of personality he liked, what body shape, hair color, etc.
Then she would adjust herself to that type. It was sure to work. She looked up at Ron, who was sitting across from her. He was starting at the empty Defence Against the Dark Arts spot. Hermione instantly knew what he was thinking. Who was the new teacher. The spot was cursed with an odd sort of people who always applied when the spot was empty.
"So Ron? Who do you with will get the job?"
asked Parvati. Ron shrugged.
"The oddest person who comes along..."
He said. The sorting started, but no one at that part of the table was paying any attention. Parvati smiled.
"I agree Ron! Oh, and I like your new clothes and haircut!"
she said brightly. Hermione jotted down a quick note in her diary:

'-Flirty and agree with him.. NO MATTER WHAT!'

Hermione the turned to Ron.
"Yes Ron! Do tell us where you got those clothes. And your hair is a sexy as Carson Nolsone.. that Muggle actor!"
she said. It was true: Ron's hair was spiked, and dyed brown with blonde tips. And his clothes were.. awesome! The latest in wizardry fasion, and the more.. improved schoool uniform. Ron smiled.
"Well.. my father got moved to HEAD of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, and Percy became Minister of Magic. Didn't you hear? It was in the daily prophet.. Fudge stepped down."
he said.
"Yes.. I do beleive I heard Malfoy speaking about it on the train, but you never can trust Malfoy."
Hermione said. Ron nodded.
"Thats true.. Oh! The sorting is done! Hush, Dumbledore might tell us who's our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher!"
he said. Everyone quieted down.
"Welcome back! As we know, the Forbidden Forest is, hence the name, FORBIDDEN to students. Argus Filch, our caretaker, has a list of near 350 items that are forbidden in corridors. They may be veiwed in his office. And as you all know, except perhaps fisrt years, the Defence Against the Dark Arts spot is empty, again. But, we had a generous young lady offer to take the job. Let me introduce.. Madamosille Fleur Delacour!"
Dumbledore shouted to the school. Fleur, a pretty girl of whom they had all met walked in, smiling. She was skinny, with silvery blonde, straight hair. She was as skinny as a stick.

'-Must be skinny'
'-Dye hair, straighten, and thin'

Hermione wrote as Ron stared at Fleur with a dazed expression. Hermione was destined to be the flirty, skinny, sexy blonde that always agreed with Ron. That was what Ron wanted in a girl. And what Hermoine knew she must be to get him.

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Deadly Obsession: Hermione\'s Decision


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