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Saving Luna Lovegood by Aaran St Vines
Chapter 9 : The Authority To Defeat Riddle
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Chapter Nine — The Authority To Defeat Riddle

When Harry woke up on Monday morning Claire was there. "Don't you ever sleep?" She chuckled and continued checking Luna's vitals. Harry continued, "I have been meaning to tell you that now that I am over that long rest I needed, I release you from needing to be here all the time. That was never my intent but when I made the request I was not exactly thinking clearly. I still want you to be our primary care giver but I know you have other patients and you DO need to sleep."

"And come to think about it, it has been at least ten days since you had a day off. You need to take time off too." He paused and then smirked, "I don't want a dead heroine on my hands."

Claire paused with that, "I am not a heroine. I just did my job and happened to be in the right place at the right time."

"Yeah, right. And I just happened to be sitting there at the right time when Riddle decided to create a one year old arch-enemy who would one day defeat him."

"I have some very important admirers and some extremely intelligent friends. I was asleep for almost a week but I heard everything that was said. Do you know what it takes for the Minister of Magic and Professor Dumbledore, and Hermione Granger for that matter, to take your advice and offer you unlimited help to the extent of their resources? And everyone agrees that it takes a very heroic person to face down pigheaded Harry Potter and make him behave." He was smiling to a degree but he was also serious. "Besides, I seem to remember someone saying that a hero is an ordinary person who does extraordinary things when they have to be done. Pretty wise person and I believe that statement applies to you. Most everyone I know, with the possible exception of the ward healer agrees with me."

She laughed at the both innocent and smug look on his face. "Okay. I will take Wednesday off and a three day weekend beginning Saturday. Good enough?" He nodded. She continued, "I will get your breakfast. The medi-witch did whatever it is she does to take care of Luna's daily nutritional needs before you woke. In an hour we have a staff meeting. We can probably get you fed and situated by Luna's side by then. Feel like a shower or do you want a sponge bath again?"

She had not realized the effect that question would have. But here was a 17 year old blushing profusely because she had given him a sponge bath while he was unconscious. He said, "I guess I put that out of my memory. I would like to shower if there is a way to do it with all these bandages."

"Waterproof bandages. One of the things I would love to take back with me when I go back to muggle medical facilities. Oh, do you really remember everything said within hearing while you were asleep? That is a question in medicine still under debate."

"Well, I cannot say everyone remembers, but I do. That is why I do not want anyone saying anything that might discourage Luna. I know that I am going to need all of her help when the time comes."

And now the subject Claire was concerned about was raised. Claire was a woman with a strong faith in God. No one takes the vows she did without similar kind of faith or their life would be miserable.

Then she found herself immersed in the world of magic. For the most part religion has made a strong stand against magic as being somehow evil. Now she found that she had met a number of people she really admired that were witches and wizards. And she learned that there were good and evil magical people as their were the same among the non-magical. (Please see Author's Special Note below.)

She was still having a little trouble with every aspect of this, but there was one thing she knew, she was going to help Harry through this. She was going to help him in any way she could. She had been praying for Harry and Luna. She didn't exactly know why, but she had hope. It made no sense but she had hope. Hope does not have to make sense. That is when it is the most sensible.

"Harry, do you really think Luna will be well soon?"

"Claire, I don't think it. I believe it. Surely I do not have to explain the difference to you." He smiled; she smiled.

He continued, "I think we should start with me letting you ask any questions you have. I know that priests only have the vow of confidentiality of the confessional, and also know that we do not have an official doctor-patient relationship; however, I believe that I can trust you to keep everything we discuss just between us."

She nodded and he went on, "The hero worship, the acclaim of the press, being considered one of the greatest wizards in history as Hermione put it," (he was listening in his sleep she thought), "is something I will have to deal with the rest of my life. I could chose to take Luna after she recovers and go and escape to somewhere in the muggle world, but she and I do not want that. We belong here. We have friends here. She wants to teach and write and I want to be an auror. I want to chase down as many remaining Death Eaters as exist, particularly Draco Malfoy. I don't want this out of revenge. I want to remove as much evil as possible so life can be as wonderful as I hope it will be."

"If I tell anyone, in my world how I did what I did, or what I might be able to do, then even my closest friends will have trouble being my friends. But I need an intelligent, bright, intuitive person to be my partner, as it were, in bringing about Luna's recovery. If I am right it will be important to more than just me."

"Claire, by proximity and ability you are who I need. I can do it without you, but it will be harder and I believe it will not turn out as well for all. It is unfair to put this on you. You can take a day or two and think about it but I need to know before you go on your day off on Wednesday."

"Harry, I do not need to think about it. I was praying as is my practice this morning and I felt this amazing peace come upon me as I ask God to help you and Luna and to let me be a part of the recovery if possible. Just now as you asked I felt that peace return. I believe I am here in this facility at this time for this very purpose."

She could see relief flood to his face. He had been concerned that she might not help him. With that one look she became even more determined to help in whatever way possible.

"So as I asked, what questions do you have for me?"

Claire did not hesitate, "Simple really but so complex. You talk and act as though everything is an accomplished fact. Several of your friends comment on it from before your defeat of Voldomort and afterwards. Even now you are confident. You seem to know. I guess I want to know how you did it and how you seem to know that what others consider is impossible is going to happen as simply as I know the meeting starts in 5 minutes."

"I have to leave for the staff meeting. I will be back in roughly one hour. Please be ready to start trying to explain it all to me when I get back. Do you need anything before I leave?"

"No, we will be fine. You can do something for the three of us at the meeting. I am going to need to go to different places in this hospital to see some people and I am going to need access to the medical library and to pick the brains of experts. I do not want to interfere with efficient medical treatment or insinuate myself into people's private lives, but it will be necessary or I would not ask. You might as well bring it up now so the wheels of bureaucracy can be greased."

ted ted "I will bring it up. But the ward healer and the Head of St. Mungo's heard the Minister of Magic give me has carte blanche. I think I can play on that it need be."


When Claire came back to the ward from the staff meeting she was confronted with unusual circumstances. She was met at the door by a man that had security written all over him. He was not the security guard type, or the auror type. He was in his mid to late 30's and was in excellent physical condition. This man was coldly and discreetly efficient like a highly trained body guard—which is exactly what he turned out to be.

He asked for her name, looked on a list without really taking his eyes off of Claire and called. "Mr. Potter, is this Sister Mary Claire?"

It was not Harry's voice that answered. There was a second of hushed conversation and then a rich regal voice was heard. "That is she. Thank you Jennings."

"Right this way Sister. And might I add my thanks to all you have and will receive." Jennings said this while looking beyond her, ready to handle the next security intrusion.

Claire had noticed that Jeenings was dressed like a Banker or Solicitor and yet had a wizard robe on as a cape over the outfit. As she approached Harry and Luna's part of the ward she saw three more men the same only different as Jennings at what was obviously a perimeter around Harry and a person she had never seen before who was actually visiting with Harry."

This young man was obviously very close to Harry's age if not the same age. he was even more splendidly attired and had a bearing that went with the regal voice she heard.

As she approached the young turned to her and said, "Sister Mary Claire, this is an honor. I have heard so much about you and I owe you so much. My name is Dean Thomas but you can call me Dean. I am, whenever permitted, a school mate of Harry's. We use to room, until I had to make other arrangements."

"Please call me Claire, Dean." She heard Harry chuckle.

"Your Highness, I cannot let this continue. You are setting poor Claire up for embarrassment though I know that is not your intent." Harry was chiding him but the look on his face was not too serious. "Claire, this Geoffrey Dean Charles Thomas, Earl of Miniup and Prince of Powys. He hates his first name and introduced himself at school as Dean, but Your Highness is the appropriate title. He is just not use to it yet."

The eldest, most official looking, and the most ruthless looking of the body guards approached the young man. "Your Highness, it is time. We must disapparate in five minutes to make your next appointment."

Turning back to Harry, "I am sorry I have not been able to visit before. Security. A terrible word for not getting to do what I want when I want. Please let me know how you two are doing." Turning to her, "Claire, I know the Minister of Magic told you the same thing and I dare say that is enough, but if there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate. I owe you a large debt and Harry a greater one." With a moment's hesitation he turned again, "Luna, you are looking well. I look forward to hearing the end of the joke you started to tell me just before the final battle started."

"Blaine, Hollis, Dill, shall we." Each man in a practiced move came by and shook Harry's hand seriously, looked at Claire and nodded, and walked out with the former Dean Thomas in center of their planned formation.

Claire watched them go and turned back to Harry who was looking at her with that smile that he had when he knew he was going to enjoy telling her something. She paused before speaking, gathered herself and smiled back. "Okay, spill. Is he some sort of African prince? I have never heard of Miniup or Powys."

" I mean Prince Geoffrey—it is really hard to keep that straight—is only half black. Well actually he is two quarters black."

"Two-quarters, but that adds up to half."

"True," Harry continued, "but Dean... oh... I am just going to call him Dean with you. He wants me to continue to call him that but I am sure the bodyguards will be a visual reminder to use his correct name and title when he is around."

"Anyway, Dean's mother is half black and so is his father. His maternal grandfather goes back for centuries to King Henry II and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine. They had a son named Geoffrey who history says died at the age of 11. He didn't die. he was found to be magical and was spirited out of the castle and given money to go to a foreign land. He didn't. He was taken to Hogwarts under a false identity and graduated in 1177."

Dean's paternal grandmother traces her lineage back to King Charles II who died in 1685. His eldest son was James II who was deposed three years later. Charles II's wife at the time of his death, Catherine of Barganza, was pregnant. She kept the pregnancy quiet because she knew James would have him killed, but she named him Charles in hopes of the throne for him one day. When James was deposed little Charles had already shown himself to be strange enough to keep out of the public eye. He was kicked out of Hogwarts for fighting but was reinstated and graduated two years late."

Both men found that they liked the magical world much better than the court and assimilated in to our society and dropped their titles."

"You know how Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles have a number of titles" Well as all of these little kingdoms were amalgamated together the titles were kept an given to various family members. Henry II's son Geoffrey was given the title of Prince of Powys. Charles had the title of Earl of Miniup. Because the boys both turned out 'odd,' that is magical, the titles were not given out again from the throne. That means they belong to the heir of those two gentlemen—the sole heir and the first magical heir to either line in over 200 years—Dean. His parents and grandparents had no idea."

"All of this is important to what we have at hand and how I was able kill Riddle. You have heard of the prophesy about me and Riddle, how 'either must die at the hand of the other because neither can live while the other survives.' and all the rest of that?" She nodded.

"Well, there was some construction work being done at Hogwarts during the Summer before my sixth year. They uncovered a cask with a number of artifacts from the original founders of Hogwarts from over a thousand years before. It was sort of a time-capsule. The most significant thing in regards to the war had to do with the prophesy of the Half Blood Prince."

"What's a half blood prince?" she asked.

"Some people in magic circles think blood line is the most important thing. If you have a long heritage of all wizards in your family going back. they say you are better than those that are half bloods or the terribly insulting 'mud blood.'"

"A half blood is someone with a mother or father with a strong heritage but the other side has no magical heritage that they know of. The insulting mud blood name is given to someone who is magical but has no traceable lineage to magic."

"Does it make a difference?"

"Well, I am barely a little more than a half blood. My mother had no heritage but she was magical. My father came from a long line of witches and wizards. Hermione is straight mud blood, although it still hurts her when anyone calls her that. Most of those insulting names mean little anymore, but the intent to hurt, which you do not have, hurts more than the actual words to her and most who would have the mark against them."

"Here is the bizarre thing. Hermione is the brightest witch of her age. Few alive measure up to her intelligence in wizarding. She is the best spell caster in memory at school. I... well, I am what I am so that cannot be too bad I guess."

"When the prophesy was first made known to the public it was released by a busy-body reporter, Rita Skeeter, who did not wait for the whole story. She jumped the gun and reported what she heard. The article she wrote just announced that there was a prophesy from Godric Gryffindor that a prince of half blood would arise when the capsule was open and he would provide the authority needed to bring about the conclusion of the war at hand."

"And here is the interesting part. Almost all of the Death Eaters are pure bloods and proud of it. However, their Lord, Voldomort, is a half blood. His real name is Tom Riddle and his father was a muggle."

"So that is why you call Voldomort Riddle. I wondered. It is sort of an insult to your enemy, or rather putting him into proper perspective. You do not want to think too highly of him or want anyone else to."

"Exactly," Harry said. "When I first came to Hogwarts everyone was too scared to call him Voldomort. Dumbledore would and a few others. I did as a boy because I didn't know better. Then I faced him in my first year and defeated him to some degree and I could not call him He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named after that. About the time others began to fight him and call him Voldomort, I started calling Riddle. I wanted to decrease the fear of his name even more. I believe more people call him Voldomort after I started calling him Riddle. Anyway, back to the news story."

"Riddle had tried to hide his half blood status but I had talked about it to the press and it was getting around. When this prophesy got out he threatened the Daily Prophet into printing an article he wrote claiming the position of Half Blood Prince of prophesy. He claims, with good reasoning, to be the heir of Slytherin. That was his claim to a royal position from wizardry."

"By then the rest of the papers in the time capsule had been translated. They stated that the royal relationship would come from a heritage of British Royal connections to those that were wizards AND Royal in a more traditional way. This came out as rumor and Riddle ignored it. The Daily Prophet wouldn't report this interim information out of fear of him."

"Finally the genealogy was finished and Dean's position was made clear. I was asked by Professor Dumbledore to be there when he was told. At first he laughed. Then he fainted. Then he was whisked out of school for a while until his coronation. Queen Elizabeth approved his coronation and renewed the titles of his office. All of this was done in secret because it was known that Riddle would go all out to stop it."

"This is where Luna's dad came in. He had the courage to print the whole story. He plastered the wizarding world with a free issue of his magazine, The Quibbler, in which he published the whole truth. It was shortly after this that he went missing."

"Dean, now Prince Geoffrey, made two first proclamations. He first made it known that he wished that Mr. Lovegood be given an Order of Merlin First Class in absentia. It was good of him to not make it posthumous. That would have upset Luna."

"The second proclamation he made was to declare me his champion. And that was the first of three major reason why I was able to defeat Riddle."

"Champion is an ancient concept that many are aware of. A ruling king might be too old or too young to go out and fight another king or champion fairly. Under these circumstances he would appoint a champion to fight for him. So now everything was back where it was suppose to be in a lot of people's minds."

"Riddle was going to fight Potter. So all this royal shenanigans was for nothing the Death Eaters and Riddle said. Except it wasn't for nothing it was very important."

"I said that there were three reason I won. The first reason is that I had legal authority, authority given to me by the highest over-all authority in the land. I had authority to fight this evil which was now officially declared illegal, and renegade."

"In the United States the right to govern is derived from the consent of the govern. That is the president's authority. In Great Britain, there is voting that produces those with the right to govern, but this is a limited constitutional monarchy. The queen or king gives final approval of the parliamentary government."

"We are a British magical nation within Great Britain. We are governed in an equivalent manner. 'Open up in the name of the King' use to mean a lot more than it does now. I fought in the name of the Prince and that gave me the legal right to vanquish the enemies of my monarch."

"Harry, that is amazing, did that give you more power?"

"It did though there are those who do not see it. It has to do with the second reason I won. I had to have the power necessary. Prince Geoffrey gave me the authority and I believed it was important. That made all the difference."

So these are the three reason I defeated Riddle: 1) I had the legal authority from my true sovereign. 2) I had the power. (Which I know may sound confusing for now.) 3) I had the right to kill him."

"Claire, I am hungry. I am sure Luna won't mind if we wheelchair down to the cafeteria for lunch. I want to be out and about and see what reaction I get in public in this limited manner. We won't be able to discuss this while away from here. But I am sure something will come up for discussion."

Author's Notes ——

Note 1) I needed a Half Blood Prince for this tale. — I do not believe Dean Thomas is the Half Blood Prince. I am planning my own Sixth Year story where I will reveal who I think it is. I also do not believe his royalty comes from the British Royal history. I will reveal my thought on this in that story.

Note 2) I am an American—You Can Probably Tell — I studied history and I believe I am well read. If I have misrepresented the British Government in my too brief explanation please e-mail me and I will change it. I think I got it right though.

Note 3) Magic in the Real World — When talking about Sister Mary Claire's faith I had a to reconcile Magic with religion. Harry Potter is fantasy so we can do so. In the Real World there is no such thing as magic and anyone involved in witchcraft is playing with evil.. There is no good or white magic. Run.


Disclaimer---As always, what belongs to J K Rowlings is J K Rowlings'. What belongs to anyone else is theirs. Everything left is mine, I guess, but remember the old adage: "There is nothing new under the sun." — Aaran St. Vines***

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