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Saving Luna Lovegood by Aaran St Vines
Chapter 7 : Harry Wakes Up
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Chapter Seven — Harry Wakes Up

Ron added at this time, "Pansy was so furious at Malfoy. She could not go with him to the Slytherin party later that night because he was in the hospital with Bat Boogies and Wobble Knees. Those are Ginny's and Collin's favorite less-than-serious hexes.

They all had a good chuckle.

Harry said, "Malfoy sure looked funny then didn't he." And the same medi-witch from the first day fainted again.


Everyone rushed to Harry's side. Well, there were too many people to get to his side but they all rushed to get near him. There was a flurry of comments about him being awake that all ran together. "Good to see'ya," "How are you feeling?" "You are looking good," and a number of other statements and questions from everyone.

Harry had started asking, "How is Luna?" No one heard him because of the din of questions. "How is Luna?" he said a little louder. Still no response—too much noise. "How is Luna?" he said louder with a bit of anger added to his face and his voice.

Finally Harry cut through the cacophony slightly shouting, "Sister Mary Claire, please tell me how Luna is doing!" Silence was the loudest thing they heard. A path between Claire and the bed occurred at the same time. Harry didn't force the path. Everyone realized, with chagrin all around, that they were not part of solving Harry's concern.

Claire was there by his side in moments. The chief healer of the ward was coming up to him. The healer abruptly stopped as if he had run into an invisible wall. Of course that is what he did run into. "Harry, Luna is fine. She has not changed. She is being well taken care of I promise. How are doing?" Claire rushed to ask.

"I hurt like I have been run over by a herd of Crumple-horned Snorkacks. Please let me see her." He started to get up and she pushed him down and held him down. Everyone including Claire was surprised that she could do it. Instead Luna's bed began to rise and tilt so Harry could see her. There was panic and pandemonium from everyone there, particularly those who had been leaning against her bed, ignoring her.

Claire saw this and acted. "Harry, please listen to me. You are weak and I do not know how this may be hurting you. You put me in charge of Luna. If I clear a path for you to see her for a moment will you let the healers look at you?"

Harry relaxed. Luna's bed lowered to the floor. Claire made hand motions for the way to part between beds and then she had everyone push the two beds closer together with her in the middle.

The chief healer was making protests at first but the Weasley twins stared him down. They were shorter than Ron, Bill, or Charlie, but they were stocky and at that moment, as they drew their wands, the healer remembered that they were the proprietors of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. They would not cast an illegal spell on him. But his vanity could not survive walking around St. Mungo's with elephant ears or covered in feathers.

"See Harry," said Claire, "she is resting comfortably." Harry stared at Luna as if he did not hear anything negative that was said. "I want to get up and sit with her."

Claire thought quickly as everyone including the chief healer began to express their opinion on the subject. "Harry, all of your friends will be upset if you do not let the healers examine you. After that I will arrange for you to be closer to Luna. You know she would want you to have the care you need and she wouldn't want you to force yourself to be near her. After all, I cannot be responsible for letting a hero kill himself.” Claire smiled at this in hopes of cheering him.

Remus Lupin was at Harry's head on the opposite side from Claire. She was standing between Harry's and Luna's beds. Mr & Mrs. Weasley, Ron, and Hermione were closest to him. These five knew more than any that Harry never wanted to be considered a hero. He hated that he had to kill, to fight, to be what he had become. Good, bad or indifferent, there was very little about Harry's life, other than their friendships, that he wouldn't want to be different.

His face darkened. “I am not a hero. I am a murderer. I killed the same man three times before I could get him to stay dead. I am not fit for human company. Many I care for are wounded seriously and some are dead because I could not stop Riddle sooner. Worst of all is that I could not get to Luna in time to prevent this. I am such a failure.” He blinked back the tears as he stopped speaking.

“Harry that is not true. You saved more lives than you can imagine.” Lupin argued gently. "Hundreds of lives were spared by the efforts of those you taught. And I cannot imagine how many people you saved by stopping Voldomort when you did.”

Harry began to grind his teeth and seemed little consoled. He had heard this over and over. No one here had killed or been the cause of other's deaths as Voldomort pursued him. How could they know what was going on in his mind.

Claire interrupted Harry's grinding noise that frankly had everyone concerned. “Harry, you are not a murderer. You are a killer.” Lupin opened his mouth to protest but knew not what to say. Here was a holy woman who was calling Harry a killer. How could that help?

She continued. “Harry, some times evil has to be stopped by whatever can stop it. Your friends have told me of your many battles with Voldomort since you were a baby. Do you honestly think there was ever going to be a way to stop someone that evil without killing him? I understand you were in some way destined for this battle. Destiny only takes us to good things. Men leave their destinies to pursue evil. If it was your destiny to stop Voldomort then how could it be evil to fulfill your destiny and make so many people safe from danger?”

Claire softened her voice as she kept talking to him. "Over the years you battled Voldomort for time to get strong enough so you could finally do what you were destined to do. Some have died in battle that may not have needed to. That is the nature of war. In a small way Sirius is dead because of you. But he may have been killed the next day or the next month. You will have to live with it, but do you think he would want you to ruin your life and mental well being over it?"

"You came back after the death of Sirius and helped all who would let you to be better equipped to fight in this war. I have met 12 and 13 year olds who have fought full grown Death Eaters to a stand still. None of them had to kill any one. You helped them not be killers. Sirius and all the others that have died are right now rejoicing with your friends here that you succeeded and that you are still alive."

Remus had been racking his brain for years to discover a way to tell Harry exactly what she had told him. He would have to borrow a pensieve to be able to ensure that he could remember it verbatim. He knew that all of the professors at Hogwarts, especially Dumbledore and McGonagall would want to hear it. But did it work for Harry?

The room collectively held its breath. Even the chief healer behind the invisible wall was waiting for Harry's response. He had stopped grinding his teeth within a few seconds after Claire started talking.

Claire spoke again, “Harry, I did not call you a super-hero because of your great powers or accomplishments. I called you a hero. A hero is an ordinary person who does extraordinary things when they have to be done.” She smiled.

"Thank you Claire. Thank you for your kind words. No one has ever agreed with me about Sirius. I have come to terms with this and it helps if everyone will understand what you just said. And I can accept being a killer. Thank you for the distinction." And after a moments obvious hesitation, "Please satisfy all the medical requirements necessary as soon as possible so that I my go sit with Luna."

The healer almost fell as the invisible wall disappeared. He rushed to the bed and told everyone they must leave so he could examine the patient. Through the general murmur of those who did not want to leave (everyone) they heard Harry's strained voice say, "Please."

They cleared out quickly, particularly after Molly Weasley took all in hand. The curtain was drain and the examination began. When the healer and the medi-witch were working on Harry's legs, Claire, trying to distract him from the pain, asked, "What is a Crumble-horned Sportback?"

The medicos there snorted their disapproval of the very idea and Harry chuckled. "It is a Crumple-horned Snorkack. It is a non-existent creature that Luna's dad spent his life chasing after. He published a wizard's version of the preposterous muggle tabloid papers chasing after the Loch Ness monster. Of course, Luna believes it exists also."

He turned serious. "If she will just wake up I will spend my whole life helping her prove every hair-brained word he wrote. Is she going to be alright? What is the prognosis? And when will you be done so I can go sit with Luna?" This last question was addressed to the healer Of course he answered all of the questions.

"Miss Lovegood is resting easily and will be able to do so indefinitely as long as you keep visiting her. She has the worst coma of any we have seen from the Cruciatus Curse. So you will have years to sit with her. Now you have got to stay in this bed for several more weeks and then we will begin therapy..."

He was interrupted in his recitation of medical facts by Harry's unwillingness to accept those facts. He struggled to get up and began adamantly telling him. "Luna is going to be well soon and I am getting up to sit with her...." Claire once again succeeded in pushing down because of his weakened state. Once again Harry caused Luna's bed to raise and tilt. The healer and medi-witch were being pushed back by the reproduced invisible wall.

He may have saved the world from unknown horrors but after all, he was a 17 year old teenager still suffering from stress and mental anguish.

Claire reacted. "Harry if you stop all of this I will help you. I promised you I would work out what you ask. Please trust me!" Once again everything returned to normal and Harry settled back down. He nodded to her and with a look of sadness on his face as he turned to look at Luna. "Just tell him to never say such things where Luna can hear it. I won't like that." The healer trembled slightly and walked back to finish his examination.

Claire spoke. "Doctor, am I to understand that it is uncommon for a wizard so wounded to be able to perform magic of such power?" The healer nodded, for once at a lose for words—candidly afraid of this emotional boy who commanded such power.

“Here is what we will do. Harry, you will magic your way up into the air and in a 60 degree angle. The medi-witch and I will will help get you into a bathrobe and slippers. You hold yourself up and we will get you into a wheel chair so you can be rolled over to her. Promise me you will tell us if the use of your powers drains your physical strength at all.” He promised.

They accomplished what she wanted and she could detect no strain in Harry’s face from the effort. She did not expect him to say anything to stop him from reaching Luna’s side so she looked carefully at him during the entire process. When he was in place and holding her hand, Harry smiled, said to Claire, “Thank you” and turned to Luna.

Claire shooed the medical staff away and brooked no objections. "Harry, we will leave you alone with Luna for a while, say 15 minutes. Then I know your friends who have been waiting patiently will want to see the two of you. Promise me you will not over do it and that you will call me if you need anything. Do not strain yourself." He agreed.

She pushed the healer out of the area. "Sister Mary Claire, as a trained psychiatric nurse, fully aware of our knowledge of this curse, how can you possible hold out false hope to this..."

She interrupted him, "Doctor, this boy has faced Voldomort (he flinched at the name) on six occasions that I can count and survived before finally killing him. Is any of that supposed to be possible?" He shook his head no. "He has taught children to defeat Death Eaters and Dementers and with only two exceptions that I know of they have lived to tell about it. Is that supposed to be possible?" Again, the negative head shake. "Well, I for one am not going to tell him that the thing he wants most in the world is impossible. I hope it is true and you should too. But rest assured, it is not wise to tell him what you think on the subject. I understand he knows a lot more curses and hexes other than killing curses. Am I making myself perfectly clear?"

Again he sheepishly shook his head in the negative. "Oh, and Doctor, as I have asked you in the past, please call me Claire."

She turned and pushed the two out of the ward and as they walked away she heard the medi-witch say, "They keep saying the rules do not apply to Harry anymore. Could that be true?" The doctor quickly regained his professional air and gave her a look of incredulity.

Fifteen minutes later, Molly and Arthur Weasley and Ron and Hermione came in and could not believe what they saw.


Disclaimer---As always, what belongs to J K Rowlings is J K Rowlings'. What belongs to anyone else is theirs. Everything left is mine, I guess, but remember the old adage: "There is nothing new under the sun." — Aaran St. Vines***

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Saving Luna Lovegood: Harry Wakes Up


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