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Saving Luna Lovegood by Aaran St Vines
Chapter 6 : Harry's Lessons in Love - Part Two
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A/N If you are still with me after that long chapter, thanks. This should go faster. Please R & R. Thanks!


Chapter Six — Harry's Lessons in Love - Part Two

Finally Fred Weasley broke the silence. "Oi, I want to know when to kiss a girl."

The laughter broke the uneasiness and a number of people chuckled their agreement with Fred. The twins had walked in quietly when they saw the gathered group. They had not made their presence known. That alone was a minor miracle and testimony to Collin's story telling abilities. Since when were the twins ever quiet or circumspect about anything?

Collin began again. "Harry had a ready answer to kissing question. 'Mate, it is always a good time to kiss Luna. I wish I could spend the rest of my life starting right now kissing her. But I am a guy and a guy's answer to that question has to be tempered with a little bit of discretion.'"

"'Since I always want to be kissing, the better question is 'When should I not kiss her?' Well you should not kiss her when she is upset or sad although holding a girl then may be a good idea. You do not want to kiss a girl when it will make her look cheap in anyway. You were there when I kissed Luna at Track 9 & 3/4s at the start of your fifth year, weren't you?' I nodded that I was. "Well that first kiss was to honor her as my girlfriend and announce to everyone that she was with me. A lot of people liked to pick on Luna including some of my friends. I wanted to put the world on notice that if you were mean to her, you would answer to me. But the warning was secondary."

"Harry went on, 'That was a very chaste kiss and it was our first. The 'guy' in me wanted to take her away and snog all the way to school. The 'man' in me that cared for Luna and never wanted to cheapen her or make her feel like an object or possession. I tried to make sure that her first kiss from me would be a sweet memory she would be able to cherish.' Harry was right of course. That simple kiss on that train station platform was burned into my memory forever. Is there anyone here who saw it that does not remember it to the smallest detail?" Everyone in the ward that had there agreed with him quickly.

Collin continued, "Harry told me to never kiss a girl so as to make her feel cheap or like a possession. Harry went on, "I make sure that Luna knows I am paying attention to her before I kiss her. You can sweep in and give your girl a light peck on the cheek or lips in greetings. But a serious kiss, and by that I do not mean a snog session, I mean a kiss where I am trying to tell her how I feel, with that serious kiss you should tell her first with your eyes and your heart what you mean.'"

"Harry looked me in the eye and told me, 'Collin, this makes kissing sound like it is a real serious thing. You have heard the guys talking about how much fun it is to snog with different girls. They make it sound recreational, and yes, it can be fun for both the guy and the girl under careful circumstances. But it will never just a passtime. Kissing will be serious for one of you in short order. Usually it is the girl who will be hurt and you do not want that on your head.'"

"Harry stopped for a moment to gather himself, and them he told me, 'So Collin, I say that if you are not really interested in the girl you should not kiss her. If you do and the relationship ends you will have less of a friendship that you had before the kiss. But I believe that Ginny likes you and if she does, and if you are very careful and go slow, a kiss may be the way to tell her you have feelings for her.'"

"Harry gave me a quick smile that said that he had figured something out. 'I know how you can tell if you should tell her how you feel. Ask Ginny what color dress she is wearing to the Ball. If she gives you an any-old-thing answer that says she hasn't thought much about it, then don't risk telling her, she probably thinks of you only as a friend. But if she get all squirmy and wants to know why you ask and doesn't want to talk about it, then she is going to try to dress up for you and she wants it to be a surprise. Of course you have to be ready with an answer to why you want to know. Tell her you just don't want what you are wearing to clash with the color she is wearing. But secretly you need to know to order her a corsage. I am ordering one and you can too. As a matter of fact, please let me get it for you as a gift to say thank you for trusting me about this.'"

"Harry knew my milkman father did not make much money. He has piles of money if I understand correctly, but you would never know it. Money means nothing to him but helping me meant the world to him."

"Well, I must tell you that Ginny turned very red when I asked and did NOT want to discuss it with me. I did get out of her that her dress would be white. Harry found roses that were a perfect match for Ginny's hair and she was the most beautiful girl at the Ball—although I know Harry and Ron will dispute that." Ginny only beat Hermione in the blushing because she had a head start on the red coloring.

Ginny took over. "I was in denial about the possibility that Collin liked me. Collin was my friend and he couldn't possibly love me. He was just the sweetest guy in the world. I did want to look smashing for him and it is amazing what Hermione can do to a second hand dress from Fluer Delacour, my brother Bill's fiance."

"Collin was so dashing. I know he is an inch shorter than me but his work with Harry in fighting tactics had filled him out with muscles and gave him a confidence he is still not aware. It gives him a presence. And I did not not know it but his dad had been a quite the dancer in his day. Magical tastes in music and dancing runs years behind the muggle world and the old dances his Dad taught him made him the one all the girls wanted to dance with. He refused to dance with anyone but me."

Ginny was getting excited now in her telling. "It was the last dance of the evening. It was a slow dance and Collin divided the time between telling how pleased he was to be there with me and just looking at me. I felt like I was going to explode. He had been the perfect gentleman, not trying to steal a kiss or get extra friendly so to speak. All the other guys I had dated would have made some 'move' on me by now. I thought he must not be interested in me that way and I was keeping a brave face for the dance. But I was ready to run at the end."

"The singing stopped but the music hadn't yet. Collin looked into my eyes. and said, 'I may be stupid for taking this risk but I am about to explode. Please forgive me if I ruin everything, but...' he stood on his tip toes and barely brushed my lips with his. "I love you Ginny. I can no more not tell you than fly without a broom. Would you think about being my girlfriend?' I answered yes loudly enough for him to hear over the music, but the music had just stopped."

"So all those around us heard me shout "Yes" and turned in time to see Collin and me locked in our second kiss. Harry was right there with Luna. Hermione and Ron were there and Ron looked like he was going to be mad but Hermione throttle him before I would have. Neville and Padma were dating at the time and they were there. Of all of my friends, everyone I would have wanted to be there were there."

Collin added, "Of course Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson were there also and Draco had to make a short children joke." Collin made sure Claire knew who Malfoy was and about the feud with Slytherrin that now is a part of the war. She did.

Ron added at this time, "Pansy was so furious at Malfoy. She could not go with him to the Slytherrin party later that night because he was in the hospital with Bat Boogies and Wobble Knees. Those are Ginny's and Collin's favorite less-than-serious hexes.

They all had a good chuckle.

Harry said, "Malfoy sure looked funny then didn't he." And the same medi-witch from the first day fainted again.


A/N —— Well that was an intense bit of writing for me. I hope it is not too much for you in some way. Some may say it is unrealistic or that I am dreaming that teenagers would act that way—even in fiction.

It could be that I am writing like this because my wife has been away for a week and a half to be with her sick mother. I miss her and I love her like Harry and Collin love Luna and Ginny in this story. Or is it that Harry and Collin love Luna and Ginny like I love my wife? Of course they are teenager and I am just "a bit older." Do not tell me love like this is impossible. We live it every day.

Well, there is a way of thinking going on today called "the courtship movement." Its adherents value each other and respect each other as a part of it. I am not preaching morals. I know you will do what you want and this is a free country. Just decide what is the best for you and do not settle for anything less than treating others well and being well treated in turn.

Coming Up Next!!!!! Harry wakes up. School starts back. Harry remains by Luna's side. How can Sister Mary Claire help Harry save Luna? How will Cho Chang help? Will Luna come out of the coma?


A/N — Please review! Thanks for reading.

A/N — New Story Soon! In a few weeks I will be posting a new story line. This one will take place long before the founding of Hogwarts. It will reveal how magic as we know it in Harry's day originally came to England. If you would like to be notified when it goes up please e-mail me at Thanks for your interest.


Disclaimer---As always, what belongs to J K Rowlings is J K Rowlings'. What belongs to anyone else is theirs. Everything left is mine, I guess, but remember the old adage: "There is nothing new under the sun." — Aaran St. Vines***

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Saving Luna Lovegood: Harry's Lessons in Love - Part Two


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