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Hermiones Sadness ~ A Song Fic.~Full of Grace by Prefect Gryffindor
Chapter 1 : Hermiones Sadness
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A/N~ Ithink it is obvious the song(sarah mclachlan) and characters(JKR) dont belong to me! The plot for this fic does.

full of grace..........sarah mclachlan

the winter heres cold and bitter
its chilled us to the bone
we havent seen the sun for weeks

"i cant believe it he's gone, what are we going to do?"
"what are you talking about hermione, we move on. we have to live right!?"
"i just wish i could have told him everything that was on my mind, its like this last week has been a bad dream!"
"dry your eyes mione, its not too late he can hear you, he is right here in our hearts, he was our best friend, he will always be here."

to long too far from home
i feel just like i'm sinking
and i claw for solid ground

"my best friend, my best friend died saving my life, i cant stand here and tell you to be strong when it should have been me! I cant hermione, I just cant......."
"please be strong you have to be strong. you have to be strong for me, be strong for you."
"hewas the bravest person i know."
"the funeral is over we have to go we cant keep standing here like this, i feel like i am drowning in pain and sorrow i feel like i will never be happy again."

i'm pulled down by the pulled down by the undertow
i never thought i could feel so low
oh darkness i feel like letting go

"hermione, are you all right, hermione can you hear me?"
"why am i on the ground?"
"you passed out I am taking you home!"

if all of the strength and all of the courage
come and lift me from this place
i know i could love you much better than this
full of grace, my love

"no put me down i cant leave until i speak the truth that is in my heart."
"mione, dont torture yourself, i am sure that he knew!"
"how can he know if i never told him?"

so its better this way
i said having seen this place before
where everything we said and did hurts us all the more

"i never told him how would he know? answer me?!"
"you are getting hysterical!"
"why wouldnt i be, the man i spent the last seven years in love with is dead!"
"please hermione, you dont have to do this now, today"

its just that we stayed to long in this same old sickly skin
im pulled down by the undertow
i never thought i could feel so low
oh the darkness i feel like letting go

"when then next time i see i have to do this now! i waited seven years, why wait any longer. go, leave me i need to be alone, here!"
"i wont leave you, i will wait over there but i am not letting you out of my sight!"
"whatever, just leave me here to say my peace.......i dont have the strenght to fight you."

if all of the strength
and all of the courage
come and lift ne from this place

"i dont know if you can hear me, but i have to tell you. i am sorry i waited to tell you that i love you. i love you and i am sorry that i never told you, i wish i could go back to any day in the last seven years and tell you that you are the one my first my only true love, i will never love anybody like i love you. i wish i would have told you, that we could have spent our lives together. i cant help but feeling that if i did you would have been with me that night and you would still be here."

i know i could love you much better than this
full of grace
full of grace
my love

"you are done i am taking you home, hermione. please you dont have any tears left."
"okay take me home, but tell me, how will we live without him?"
"i dont know hermione, nobody can replace him in our hearts we just have too, he would have wanted it this way."
"how will i live without ron?"

well it is quite obvious now, that ron is the one who died a hero. ron is in gryffindor and he is a hero, one that is unsung. i wanted to end thinking it was harry who was dead until the last line. however when i decided i needed a banner i asked for one with ron and hermione. i thought it would give it away. but even then it was still a toss up since you had just the 2 ppl talking and you only knew one was hermione. it was hard for me to write this. i kept going back and taking away emotion, because i couldnt make it through without crying. i had alot of friends die in HS, so it was reminisce of that. anyway i hoped you enjoy reading this. i enjoyed writing it. it was my first fan fic anything. thanx for ur reviews. with love, ~PG~

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Hermiones Sadness ~ A Song Fic.~Full of Grace: Hermiones Sadness


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