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Tales of Gilderoy by PIDGETandRAYYA
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five
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Chapter Five

Severus couldn’t believe it! It was impossible, or it should have been impossible. He didn’t understand what was happening to him. He had, quite literally, never felt like this in his entire life.

He felt warm and he tingled all over, it felt like some kind of virus, but he knew that it wasn’t. Severus Snape was in love! Him! In love! The very idea was preposterous, but that didn’t stop it from being true.

He followed her every move, hung on her every word and honestly believed that without her he would slowly fade away and die. He was well and truly smitten by Minnie McGonagall and he had reason to believe that she felt the same way about him. He was positive that he would do whatever he was asked because he would be doing it for her.

Presently, he was sitting in his office at his desk. A mirror stood in front of him and in between lay a comb. He was carefully studying his reflection critically.

“Hmmm...maybe not,” he muttered to himself, as he picked up his comb yet again. He tried again. This time is hair was parted to the left, but no, that didn’t look good either. Looking around the room, he noticed a long piece of black ribbon, maybe he could use that?

“Accio ribbon,” he drawled, pointing his wand at the ribbon. It came obediently to his hand.

Combing his hair back, he carefully gathered it into a low ponytail and tied it off with the ribbon. It didn’t look too bad, but on the other hand, it didn’t look too good either.

He heaved a huge sigh and was startled to hear someone knocking at the door.

“What is it?” he fairly snarled.

“You wanted to see me, sir,” Rayya said nervously.

“Come in then.”

She walked in, took one look at her Potions Professor and quickly slammed a heavy lid down on top of the laughter that wanted to erupt from her. She tried desperately hard to keep a straight face.

“Ah, yes! Professor McGonagall lent me this book. Could you return it to her with my thanks?” Snape asked, his voice almost betraying his feelings for the woman.

“No problem. Umm...Professor? Couldn’t you have returned it to her when she came in after class this afternoon?”

“That is none of your concern, but if you must know I hadn’t finished reading it then. Of you go,” he stammered, feeling very uncomfortable. He felt himself getting hot.

Rayya wisely let the subject drop, grabbed the book and left the room.

Once she was nearly at the Gryffindor Tower she finally burst out laughing, tears streaming down her face. He had looked ridiculous with his hair tied back with a ribbon and then he had blushed!

She was laughing so hard that she tripped and stumbled, dropping the book. A letter fell out. She picked it up and noticed that it was unmarked. She supposed that it could have been used as a bookmark, but it was sealed. Her curiosity was roused and she was tempted to open it.

Rayya heard approaching footsteps behind her and she quickly jammed the envelope back inside the book. Turning she saw Professor McGonagall approaching.

“Professor! Professor Snape asked me to return your book. He said to thank you for lending it to him,” Rayya explained and handed the book and it’s contents to her teacher.

“Oh yes, thank you, Rayya,” she turned and found the letter. She tucked the book under her arm and opened it. She began to read, “Dearest Minnie....”

“Did you say something Professor?” Rayya asked.

“No, I just wished you a good night,” she quickly said.

“Good night, Professor,”

It was all Rayya could do to remember the password to her common room. Once inside she found Pid and gasped, “I think Professor Snape is in love.”

“Oh! To whom?” Pid asked

“Professor McGonagall! Wait till you hear what he had done with his hair! Come on, I’ll tell you all about it,”

* * * *

“Dearest Minnie,

Please be mine, forever!
Love your Sevvie”

She smiled and went all girlish, twirling her long hair around her finger, her encounter with Lockhart soon forgotten. A wild plan formed and she hurriedly grabbed the nearest book from the bookcase. Unfortunately she didn’t bother to look at the title, which was: “The History of the Muggle Karma Sutra and Associated Practices”.

She had borrowed it from Dev Moira, the Muggle Studies Professor, as she had been in a rather kinky mood and she had thought that it might extend her repertoire.

“I wonder if Sevvie would like to borrow this?” she asked herself.

Turning Minnie, left her room to meet Sevvie, for a tryst of the romantic kind. Hopefully he’d be receptive and want to experiment. She certainly wouldn’t have picked that particular book if she had known what was going to happen.

Author's Note: Sorry for the long wait. My computer has died and my brother's didn't have word on it until a week ago. But Lockhart is back and is causing even more trouble than usual.

What will happen next? Who else is going to fall for his charms? Wait and see.

And thanks to everyone who has reviewed. It is greatly appreciated. Please continue to read and review.

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