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Tuono Parvulus (Lightning Child) by saraane
Chapter 4 : Of Mysteries, and Mystic Occurrences
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Chapter Four, Of Mysteries and Mystic Occurrences

I looked up into the concerned eyes of my headmaster.

“Come on to my office you two. I think both of you could use some chocolate.”

I let Sirius help me up and followed Professor Dumbledore up to my favorite room in the castle. Dumbledore said the password, Lemon Drops, and the gargoyle jumped aside and let us in. On entering the office, Fawkes gave me a chirp of greeting and flew over to my houlder. Dumbledore chuckled.

“I have never seen her take to any student like that before.”

I gave a tiny smile and rubbed her soft feathers. Dumbledore looked ready to get serious.

“Now, I know he attacked the Grangers, is everyone out? Any casualties?”

I shook my head. “No Sir, we managed to get everyone out.”

He smiled in relief. “Good. What happened?”

I decided to let Sirius tell him and just concentrated on my chocolate and the phoenix on my shoulder. Just as Sirius had finished his story Professor Dumbledore’s fire turned blue and Mr. Weasley’s head appeared.

“Professor! Harry didn’t make it back through and we couldn’t find him at what is left of the house! Professor what are we going to...”

“It’s all right. I’m here. We used a portkey to get out.”

I stepped in front of the fire so that Mr. Weasley could see me. I watched a relived look settle onto his features.

“Thank goodness. Harry you almost gave all of us a heart attack!”

I shuffled slightly embarrassed. “Sorry bout that. I intended to go back to the burrow...”

Mr. Weasley’s eyes widened. “You mean... you had to use the portkey?”

I nodded. “If it hadn’t been for Sirius...” I shuddered. “I would never have been able to get out.”

“...I see. Is Sirius with you?”

“Right here Arthur, sorry we worried you.”

“That’s quite all right, just as long as the two of you are safe.”

“Harry, we will stay here for the rest of the night. Why don’t you go on to bed? This could take a while and you have had a hard night.“

“Ok Sirius if you think that is best.”

“I do.”

I nodded and started out of the office.

“Oh Harry, the password is Phoenix.”

“Thank-you professor.”

I let myself out of the tower office. I know I shouldn’t have, but I just couldn’t help putting my ear against the door and listening for a while.

“You really should tell him you know. At least then he would know what was expected of him.”

That was Sirius. I supposed they were talking about the great secret about my past that everyone seems to know but me.

“The time is not yet right. But it does draw close.”

“But when Albus? I really do think it would help him if he knew...”

“Perhaps in the next few months. One more power needs to manifest before he will be ready.”


“He is already a parselmouth, shares blood with his greatest enemy, and dreams dreams of great importance to our cause. I believe that the time has come, however, to train him a bit. If you have no objections Sirius, the two of you could move in the castle for the remainder of the summer. And Harry himself, should stop listening at my office door and get to bed.”

My eyes widened in shock. “Bugger.” I ran down the steps and was down the hall before you could say knife. I took a short-cut I remembered from the Marauders Map and was down in the common room in record time. I flopped down in my favorite chair and settled down to wait. About a minute later Dobby came in with a plate of cucumber sandwiches and some tea. His little face lit up when he saw me and after he had put the tray down he grabbed me in a bone crunching hug.

“Mr. Harry Potter Sir! Professor Dumbledore was asking Dobby to bring some sandwiches to the common room. Dobby did not know that you were in here Mr. Harry Potter Sir,! Oh such a nice surprise for Dobby this is!”

“Nice to see you too Dobby. Um could you let go? I can’t breathe.”

“What is Mr. Harry Potter doing at Hogwarts during the summer? He should be playing and having fun! He shouldn’t be in this stuffy castle with Dobby. Not that Dobby isn’t happy to see Mr. Harry Potter.”

“Well we needed to get out of the place we were in very quickly so we used a Portkey.”

Dobby prattled on while I ate and had tea. I was actually a bit relived when I heard Sirius arguing with the fat lady. I stood up and opened the portrait for him. The fat lady wasn’t going to let him in, saying she still had scratches on her dress. I informed the Fat Lady that Sirius should have access to the common room and stepped aside so that Sirius could enter.

“So, thought you would listen in on us did you?”

I blushed. “Um... sorry?” I gave him that please-don’t-punish-me I’m-too-cute-to-punish look.

Sirius smiled. “Your father used to use that one on the professors.”

“Did it work?”

He chuckled at my expression. “Not usually.”

“Does it work on you?”



The sound of his hearty laughter filled the room.

“I actually think you have a right to know about it all. If he doesn’t tell you soon I will.”

He gave me a half aggravated half amused look. “But that doesn’t excuse eaves dropping. It’s wrong and can get you into quite a bit of trouble. Just don’t do it again ok?”

I grinned in relief and nodded.

“Oh and don’t tell anyone, that includes your two hip attachments, what you heard.”

I laughed. “Hey if I remember correctly, you had three hip attachments Mr. Padfoot the Marauder!”

“Ok ok you got me! Just don’t do it again or tell anyone or I will turn you over to Filch.”

“Ack! I didn’t think you would be so cruel!” I put my hand over my heart, feigning injury, greatly enjoying kidding around with my godfather.

“Oh just try me.” He had the familiar glint in his eye. He did not look a thing like the former Azakaban escapee. He had filled out in the year I had known him and cut his hair to a just above the shoulder style. I could see why people used to refer to him as a lady killer.

“Oh one more thing Harry, I have been told to tell you that this common room might get rather... crowded in the next few weeks. Don’t ask you will find out about it tomorrow. Now go on and get some sleep. Dobby already put your potion by your bed. I will be up in a little while.”

He hugged me goodnight and I went up to my dorm to sleep. It seemed I had barely taken the potion when Sirius and Professor Lupin were shaking me and threatening to dump lake water on my head.

“Come on Harry! Don’t make me drop this!”

“Maybe you should drop it Padfoot. You know Harry doesn’t wake up till nine!”

“No don’t... I’m awake...” I yawned and closed my eyes.

“No your not.” Sirius dumped the contents of the jar over my head.

“No! Stop!” I held my hands out trying to stop the water. To my great surprise, the water stopped. It just hovered over my head in a big blob.


“Harry, did you do that?”

“I... don’t know... I’ve never been able to do anything like that before.”

Sirius got a gleam in his eye. Well why don’t you get up and try to unfreeze it?” “Um ok.” I got out of bed and positioned my hands how they had been. Somehow, I just knew what to say.

“Start.” The water rushed down and splashed on my pillow. “Bugger...”

Sirius and Professor Lupin exchanged looks. “Dumbledore... Come on Harry get dressed! We really have to see Professor Dumbledore now!”

I nodded and grabbed some robes out of my trunk.

“Umm Harry, why don’t you wear your dress robes today. Just a suggestion.”

“You know something don’t you?”

“Can’t say.”

I put on my dress robes muttering to myself and tried to make my hair lay down, a completely futile attempt.

“Ok I’m ready, let’s go. I just hope they have breakfast up there.”

“Course they do! Now come on!”

I walked between Sirius and Lupin through the halls. I couldn’t help but wonder, what could all this mean? Was the freezing thing a new power of mine? If so, did that mean I would finally find out what in the world was going on, and what was the secret that had been kept from me? Something told me that I would not walk out of the headmaster’s office the same person.

Sirius told the gargoyle the password and for the second time that week, I found myself at the top of the stairs knocking on the door.


His voice was different, I thought as I pushed the door open, grander somehow, what I had originally expected from the headmaster of Hogwarts.

The office was completely different. It had been expanded until it was one third the size of the great hall and a long table was in the middle of the room with various wizards and witches sitting around it. Some of the faces were familiar and some were not. Sirius led me to a seat near the head of the table then he and Lupin sat down across from me.

“Welcome friends! Thank-you for coming so quickly. I believe all of you can guess why I have called you all here.” There were a few nods and grunts of affirmation.

“For those of you who haven’t, Voldemort is back. No don’t shudder. We must all learn to say the name without fear. For Voldemort is only a name and names can’t hurt man or beast. We must also remember that Voldemort was born, grew up, and will someday die for good. Voldemort is only a name conjured up by a little boy named Tom Marvolo Riddle. Do not fear a name my friends.

Voldemort is back, and we must once again take up the task of fighting the darkness. Many faces are the same, some are missing, and we have the job of inducting a new member to the Order of the Phoenix. But first let us mourn for those that have been lost to us.”

I still didn’t quite know what was going on, but I guessed that my parents had been members at one time. I bowed my head in remembrance. I felt as if I had actually known them for I had managed to watch their first year in the pensive.

“Now then we have some cause for celebrating! Arabella Figg has been found! She is currently recovering at St. Mungos and has agreed to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts in the upcoming term.” Their was scattered applause around the table. “Now for the fun part! If Harold James Potter would please come up here?”

I nervously rose from my seat and timidly walked to the head of the table where Dumbledore was standing. He put his hand on my back and guided me to the very front of the room where Fawkes was sitting on her perch and a life sized statue of a golden phoenix in flight stood waiting.

“Place your hands over the statue.”

I obeyed and felt a warm tingly feeling run through my arms then through the rest of my body. I felt a concentration of the feeling in the crook of my right arm where Pettigrew had taken blood and a puckered painful scar had risen to remind me of that night.

“Harry Potter, do you swear to defend the cause of light, and fight the darkness, to never tire, to never falter, and to never compromise? Do you swear to uphold the cause and ideals of this group as long as you shall live?”

I thought for a moment. Could I do that? Would I do that? Suddenly a gentle voice spoke to me. You can do it child. For you are the child of thunder. You are the prophesied one. I didn’t know it at the time but my hair had began to wave about as it would in a strong breeze and my scar had begun to glow with a golden light.

“I swear it. I swear I will do all in my power to defeat the dark one; and I swear never to stray down the path of darkness.”

I honestly didn’t know where those words had come from. They just popped into my head and out through my lips.

“I the child of thunder swear it.”

I felt a warm wind swirl around me and I felt myself being lifted off my feet. For some reason I was not afraid, nor did I think being levitated by the wind was strange. I opened my eyes to find myself facing the table that was now bathed in a soft golden light. My arms raised on their own accord until they were directly above my head. I was lifted a bit higher.

“Does the order of the Phoenix accept this boy as a new member?”

The entire table stood. “We accept the child of thunder into the order. Let nothing change this, our decision.”

I felt the slightest of pricks on my upper right arm then a faint chill in the same place and was lowered to my feet as the wind and the golden glow diminished. I almost collapsed from the absence of power I felt. Professor Dumbledore put a steadying hand on my shoulder as he led me back to my seat. Across from me Sirius and Remus looked rather stunned. I gave them a tired smile and drank deeply of the water Sirius poured for me.

“Now we will break for a light breakfast, enjoy everyone!” Professor Dumbledore clapped his hands together and, like at the welcoming feast, food appeared in the golden plates before us.

I piled a few things into my plate and looked around the table as I was eating. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were there along with Bill and Charlie, Mad-Eyed Moody, Victor Krum, Hagrid, Madame Maxime, Madame Malkin, all the Hogwarts professors, including Snape, who was sending a glare my way, (Nice to know some things will never change.) Fleur Delacour, Mr. Ollivander, Ernie Prang, Madame Rosmerta, Tom, the Hogwarts ghosts, except for Peeves and Myrtle, and the Diggorys. I was sobered quite a bit when I saw them, memories of the Triwizard Tournament flashing through my head. There were also about twenty other faces I didn’t recognize.

We ate a casual breakfast then got down to business. Professor Dumbledore once again stood at the head of the table and addressed the crowd.

“Now as is the custom, we must perform detection charms on all in this room to see if you really are who you say you are. Before any of you are allowed to leave Hogwarts you must be given Veritaserum to ensure that none of your loyalties have shifted in the long years since we last met.” He smiled. “Now don’t worry! It’s just a precaution!”

With that Dumbledore started weaving his wand in an intricate pattern, making a design in the air, and muttering an incantation. To my surprise, my hands changed from their normal fleshy color to a golden color. I looked up and found that almost everyone else had too. Two people in the back turned a fiery red and Mr. Diggory and Tom soundly stupified them before they could even draw their wands. Dumbledore walked to the back of the room.

“Now let’s see who our would-be party crashers really are. And to think! I wasted good food on them! Revealious!”

Their former faces melted away until Crabble and another man I didn’t recognize were slumped over in there respective seats. I raised my eyebrows. Crabble was probably pretty high up. Voldemort wouldn’t be happy. Then Dumbledore did something I didn’t expect.


They had already been relieved of their wands and tied up courtesy of Diggory and Tom.

“Now then Mr. Crabble and Mr.Somoth, didn’t you know this meeting was by invitation only? We can’t have party crashers now can we?” Professor Snape pushed a goblet of steaming liquid into Dumbledore’s hands. In an uncharacteristic action Dumbledore grabbed Crabble’s hair and poured the potion down his throat. Crabble choked and tried to gag but a hand over his mouth prevented him from it.

“Now then Mr. Crabble, what is your name?”

“ Crabble”

“Whom do you serve?”

“Lord Voldemort.”

“Why are you here?”

“I was sent to spy on your meeting.”

“Where are the real Domble and Boan?”

“Dead, at the bottom of Clear Lake.”

“Where is Voldemort currently?”

“I don... I... he... Riddle Man... Manor.”

“What are Voldemort’s plans up to now?”

“He is planning something big. It involves Potter over there.”

“Who else?”


“What is he planning?”

“No.. He... planning to… planning… take Hogwarts.”

“Is that all you know that could help us?”


“Thank-you. Off to Azakaban now. And a memory charm for both of your troubles Obliviate!”

Both of the men’s faces went slack and they started looking around in confusion.


The men once again were slumped over the table.

“Arthur, if you would be so kind.”

“Of course Headmaster.”

Mr. Weasley levitated the spies and directed them out of the room.

“Now, that the spies have been routed out, down to business. For those of you who haven’t heard what has been going on I will give you a short recap. Voldemort’s first victim was, of course, Cedric Diggory. He died bravely and will be remembered fondly. The next was Mrs. Figg who I had placed to guard Harry and be his secret keeper. She was interrogated and put under the Imperious curse while under the effect of Veritaserum. The next victims were Mr. and Mrs. Dursley. They were Harry’s aunt and uncle and thus, his caretakers. They were tortured and killed. Harry managed to get his cousin, Dudley Dursley to safety. His next attack was on an innocent muggle who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her name was Sara Jones. Next he attempted to kill the Grangers but Mr. Potter foiled that attack just last night. However, Voldemort did succeed in killing Mr. Igor Karkaroff, the former Headmaster of Durmstrang last night. Mr. Karkaroff was, according to Mr. Potter, a death eater that did not answer the summons
on the night of Voldemort’s rebirth. Voldemort swore to get his revenge and it seems he now has it. Mr. Karkaroff was found in several pieces this morning by his family and friends. The message, So shall it be with all who betray the Dark Lord Voldemort was written in his own blood on a piece of skin that had been ripped off his back. His family and friends are currently being set up for therapy sessions at St. Mungos. And we just received information from the horses’ mouth, if you will, that he is planning to attack Hogwarts. The question is, when and how will he carry out his threat?”

In the end none of us could figure out what he planned to use. We knew the why, who, and the how but we were clueless about when, where, and what. The meeting ended at about three in the afternoon and Sirius, Remus and I immediately came up to him.


“Yes Sirius?”

“Harry has his other... talent.”

Dumbledore’s eyes lit up. “Oh really now? May I see it?”

I blushed. “I umm don’t know how to control it yet, Sir.”

“Well then what did you do when you used the power?”

“I threw my hands out in front of me and said, Stop.”

“Do the same thing then and try to stop...” Sirius leaned over and whispered something in Dumbledore’s ear. The Headmaster smiled. “Try to stop this cup of water from soaking you.”

He held the glass over my head and poured the water out. I held out my hands.

“Stop!” I felt an instant chill as the water landed on my head.

“Why didn’t it work?”

“I don’t know let’s try again Harry.”

Fifteen glasses of water later...

I was dripping wet and getting quite annoyed. Dumbledore held the glass of water over me and dumped out the contents. I held out my hands, picturing the water stopping in mid air, and yelled, “STOP!” To my great surprise and relief the water was standing still in the air.

“Harry you did it!”

I grinned at Sirius and held out my hands to him.


He froze. Remus looked quite surprised.

“Harry, what did you do that for hu?”

I held my hands out to him.


“Ok Harry now unfreeze them. They wouldn’t make nice lawn decorations.”

I held my hands out to Dumbledore.


He froze for just long enough for me to dump the pitcher of water over his head.

“Harry, why did you... I am soaked.”

I smirked. “Yes you are Professor. Why didn’t it work as well on you?”

“Well Harry I think that has something to do with my power. You can’t freeze anyone that is more powerful than you. Judging on how long I was frozen I would guess, as far as power goes we are about equal.”

My mouth just hung open and my eyes felt like they were about to pop out of their sockets. “E...equ...EQUAL!!!??? But...I’m...I’m just a kid! How could I be equal in power to you!? No way. There is no way that I am...”

“Harry if you will just calm down and unfreeze Moony and Padfoot I will explain it to you.”

I quickly obeyed and we all sat down. Dumbledore opened a very large very old looking book and read from it.

“ Tuono Parvulus

(the legend of the lightning child)
When evil covers light,
and days are dark as night,
when shadows grow ever dark,
a hero will be born.
Child of Gryffindor shall he be
and that thou will know him,
these signs three.
With a mother’s love and the babes cry,
the darkness will seemingly die.
The child will be left with a mark on his head.
He will live, with his parents dead.
All will be silent for a time,
then the dark one returneth with a deadly crime.
He will take the blood of the heir,
but doing this he should have a care.
One final sign doth remain,
until the dark lord can be slain.
The heir will have father time at his command.
Who will win? Which will stand?
Only time can tell.
One will live, one will fall,
and in that decide the fate of us all.

Do any of you not know what this means?”

My mouth was hanging open. There is no way I can deny it and say it isn’t me that poem is speaking of.

“So... I... am destined, Harry Potter, I am destined to fight Voldemort? Why me! I mean can’t... I don’t... I don’t have THAT kind of power!!”

Dumbledore laid a hand on my shoulder. “Harry, do a disarming spell the same way you have always done them.”

“But Sir, I...”

“Do it. Then you will see what you are.”

“All right Sir, but I know what it will do.”

He grinned. “Do you now Harry?”

I looked at him like he had most certainly lost his marbles. Of course the spell would work normally! All this was just a huge coincidence, and it was someone else’s job to fight Voldemort.

You are only fooling yourself you know.

'Wha? Who are you?'

You of course! Well a part of you anyway. Tell me... why did you leave me at home Harry? I had to leave Lil, she is fine though, and come to you!

'YOU were Lil all this time!?'

No, I wasn’t. And unless I need to speak to you I will let her be the dominate personality. She did agree to it you know.

'This... is so weird!'

Just try the spell Harry. Oh and you should thank me. Without me you would be dead and the rest of the wizarding world would be a very different place. Dumbledore would be dead, Ron would be dead, all the Weasleys except Fred in fact, and he would be a death eater. Hermione would never have gotten her letter, and Hogwarts would be a prison much, much worse than Azakaban.


Just do the spell.


I felt a burning power force it’s way through my body and out my arms. Next thing I knew Dumbledore was flying through the air and smashing into a wall. He sunk to the ground unconscious. To say the least I was stunned. My mouth was hanging wide open, and my wand dropped from my lax fingers and clattered on the stone floor.

“Did... Did I do that!?”

While was getting over the shock Remus went over and woke Dumbledore up. He walked over to me and with a twinkle in his eyes, gently shut my mouth.

See told you to just do the spell.

“Professor? How... did I do that?”

He smiled at me. “There has always been an amazing power sleeping in you. Harry, you have the potential to be as great as Merlin himself. As for your charms... I will teach you how to make them more gentile. Unless you want to kill someone, never do a charm or hex while you are angry. For now we will keep your new powers a secret. For the rest of the summer I will train you in how to be gentile. Then once you can do a disarming charm without knocking someone across the country, you will be taught other things. I realize that you will need your friend’s support so I am allowing you to tell Mr. Weasley and Miss. Granger. It must go no further than that. If Voldemort knew that you have begun to discover your power, he would call on the powers of hell itself to prevent you from using them. I am afraid no one would survive.”

I bit my lip and nodded. So this was what had been kept from me all those years. I really couldn’t blame them for not telling me. I wouldn’t have been able to deal with it as an eleven year old.

“Oh and Harry, make sure that you never mention your new... talent except in person. Owls can be intercepted.”

“Yes Sir.”

His smile returned. “Very good. Now, for the rest of the day why don’t you and Sirius go get your things? Then you can spend some time in Hogsmede if you wish. If you encounter any problems just use the portkey from last night. Keep it in your pocket always.”

With one more, “Yes Sir.” we were off. We flooed to the den and I packed my things quickly. Then I got permission from Sirius to go talk to Ron and Hermione. I raced over to the burrow and found the two hunched over a game of wizard chess. They took one look at me then ran over upsetting their chairs in the process.


I raised my arms. “I’m fine guys. I am just fine. But we do need to talk.”

Ron saw the determined and secretive look on my face and nodded once. “I know just the place. Follow me.”

He lead us to the lake then stopped at the edge of it. “Jump in here. It used to be a meeting room or something. You won’t get wet it’s a portal of some kind. I found it when I was on holiday last year.” With that, he leaped in.

Herm and I exchanged glances. “This had better not be a joke.”

“I doubt it Harry, he knows you can’t swim.”

You should learn you know.

"I thought you were only going to do that when I needed you."

You do, you just don’t know it yet. Your friend is looking at you strangely.

I looked at her. Yup one weird look to go.


I sighed.

'Thanks for making me look like an idiot.'

No problem part of my job.

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever...” Then I turned to Herm. “Errr that is one of the things I need to explain.” I held my nose and hopped in the portal. I felt a slight rushing sensation then my feet landed on solid ground. I opened my eyes and laughed out loud.

“This is an old Order of the Phoenix meeting room!”

AN: There's the fourth chappy! Three more to go!

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