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The Suitable Choice by Sayuri
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Harry and Ron were sitting at the lake of the school. It was the last day at Hogwarts, and the two friends were thinking about their future.
Harry was thinking to be an Auror, and Ron was training very hard to be in the National team of Quiditch. Harry was very happy now that Voldemort was definitely dead; he was going out with Cho for almost a year, and finally she forgots about Cedric Diggory. But Ron's heart was a disaster; he was in love with Hermione for 4 years, but he was never capable to tell it to her. Now he was date with Luna LoveGood, but he didn't like her. She was too afectionate with him: She was always holding and kissing him in front of all his friends. He hates it.

"Why don't you leave Luna and tell it Hermione?"- asked Harry

"Emm....I don't know. I'm scared. You know Hermione. She hates me. She thinks I'm not much for her"- said Ron looking at the lake.

"Ron, I'm telling you. She likes you. Everybody knows it but you. Today is your last chance to tell Hermione that you love her. Maybe you're not going to see her in years."- said Harry.

"Okay. You're right. Tonigh, after dinner, I'll tell Hermione that she's the woman of my life. She'll be mine in...3 hours..more or less"- said Ron with a smile on his face.

Hermione was the best witch of the year. She was prefect for 2 years and this year was Head Girl. But her heart was not so "smart" like his head; she was going out with Vikor Krum but it was a big disaster; she confessed to Krum her love for Ron. Viktor was so angry with Hermione that he started to tell everybody that he and Draco Malfoy slept with her too many times. Hermione was very depressed and her marks started to get worst. This was las year. Now her marks were perfects and she was almost happy at last; she needed to talk with Ron. She needed to confess her love for him or she will lost him for ever...

The dinner bell rings. Al the students were going to the dining room. The dinner was spectacular. After all the students were finish, Dumbledore said his speech to all the students of last year. It was more longer than the others. And more bored too. After that, every student of 7th year headed to their rooms to change their clother. Tonight there was a big party at the Three Broomsticks. Harry and Ron were walking, when Hermione took the hand of Ron.

"Ron, can I talk to you please?"- Hermione said speeking very fast.

" it important?"- Ron asked. His ears turned red and suddenly butterflies were flying in his stomach. Hermione was holding his hand.

"Yes Ronald, is very important"-Hermione said.

"Go Ron. See you at Hogsmeade"- said Harry pushing Ron.

Harry went to the room and changed his uniform. It was a raining. He was talking to his other friends; Seamus, Neville, Dean... even Malfoy. After the dead of his father, Draco Malfoy changed radically his mind. Now he was a wonderfull clever and polite boy. He soon became a friend of all studens in Gryffindor.
But when he was walking to the exit door, he saw the figure of a girl. He started to run to her. It was Cho. She was crying.

"Harry, we need to talk..."


Well this is my first story write in English. I can't write it very well so please help me to write it correctly.

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