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The Lonely girl by honeybunny
Chapter 3 : Meeting the Dursleys
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They walked threw the stone wall.They looked around they walked down the street.Harry pointed and said"This is where you can get your wand." They walked into the store where they saw a older man."Hello Harry."He said"and whose your friend." Harry introduced Naomei to Mr.Ollivander."Ah, your looking for a wand Ms.Chaory well try this one a ,Williow 9 1/2 Dragon HeartString."Mr.Ollivander said in a calm voice.She gave it a wave and the windows shattered."No,No try this one Maple 7 1/2 Unicorn Hair."Mr.Ollivander said handing Naomei another wand.She waved it and a sliver light surronded her.After she bout her wand with the only money she had she went to Gringotts the Wizard Bank.Naomei handed the goblin her key and they went to her vault.When another goblin opened the vault there was a very poor heap of sickles and only five galleons and the rest were knuts.Naomei scooped all her money she had in the vault in her bag,and they went off to do shopping.Harry said to Naomei"I have to get somethings ill met you at the front door of Gringotts.About two hours later Naomei met Harry outside of Gringotts he had a cage in his hand.Naomei looked puzzled,Harry kissed her and said happy late birthday.He handed her the cage and it held a beautiful cinnamon colored owl.She said"THANK YOU HARRY!" she loved the owl right away.After they got all there school supplies they walked out of Diagon Alley and went back to the leaky cauldron and they had lunch.They walked around Diagon alley some more where they saw the newest broom the Lighting Firebolt the price was over four hundred galleons.After they got browsing they headed back to the Leaky Cauldron for dinner.After dinner they rented two rooms to stay in for the night.Around twelve o'clock at night there was a knock on Naomei's door.She woke up and opened it.It was Harry he said in a strange voice."I have to take you home with me to the horrible Dursleys.The horrible muggles." The next morning they thanked Tom and took the knight bus to the Dursleys."Now watch your back the Dursleys well don't like magic people."Harry said in a warning way.Naomei nodded.Harry opened the door.Uncle Vernons voice boomed."Harry is that you and your friend Shamion.The little freak!" Harry yelled back."HER NAME IS NAOMEI AND SHE ISN'T A FREAK NEITHER AM I!" Naomei whispered "I see what you meen and where am I going to sleep? Harry looked puzzled and shrugged.He whispered back "You can either sleep in my room or on the couch or in the cupboard your choice." Aunt Petunia schreeched"Harry get your friend in here so we can talk." Naomei stepped in and Dudleys mouth dropped open.Aunt Petunia motioned her to sit down and she sat."Now here are the rules for this house no saying the M word no doing the M word."Aunt Petunia said and Blabbed on.She gave Dudley a long glare and he looked away.She snapped back and heard Aunt Peutunia say"Is that clear!?" Naomei nodded.Naomei and Harry walked hand in hand into the living room and sat down.Dudley came waddling in and sat down next to Naomei.Naomei gave him a long and harsh glare.Dudley sat down in a chair and watched t.v.. Harry and Naomei walked up stairs to put Naomeis stuff away.That night Naomei went downstairs and layed down on the couch and fell asleep.Naomei woke up at five o'clock in the morning went up the stairs,she took a shower and combed her hair and braided it,so it would wave her long black hair.She walked back down stairs after getting dressed.She cooked breakfast for keep it warm she turned on the stove and click it up to ten degresse.After she got done cooking breakfast she started cleaning.It was two weeks after when they had to go to Hogwarts.Harry called Naomei downstairs."Yes harry?"She questioned.She saw him take out the bag she seen before and they traveled by floo powder to Hogwarts.

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The Lonely girl: Meeting the Dursleys


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