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Too Many Years by lastandlast
Chapter 4 : The Train Ride
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AN: People 11 year olds do wear make up! Like lipgloss and eyeshadow! Nothing Drastic.
Pre-train ride
Hallie checked her trunk one last time. She had gotten up a 5:30 that morning due to excitement and was excited and nervous at the same time.
"Ok, Hallie dear are you ready?" her mother asked through the door.
"Yeah mom just a second!"
"Make sure you have all you need."
" I'm sure I have everything." Hallie said a bit of sarcasm in her voice.
" Ok met your father downstairs in 5 minutes."
Hallie had also considered taking her ballet things to Hogwarts but she doubted that there was a studio for that there.
Closing her trunk she lugged it downstairs and say her mother and father waiting for her by the door. Her mother had violently red hair and green eyes while her father has jet black hair (That looked as if he got in a fight with a lawnmower and lost) and bright green eyes. She looked like her mother the most but had her father's facial features and build.
"Alright Hallie there?" Her father interuppted her train of thought
"Yeah Daddy, are we going to go?"
"Yeah Harry are we just going to let this poor girl suffer?" Her mother teased.
"Alright, alright," he mumbled under breath and winked at Hallie.
Once they were on their way to the train Hallie swore she couldn't breath, she opened her window and stuck her head out trying to get some air. Finally after 5 minutes she pulled her head back in the car and leaned back into the seat awaiting Hogwarts.

Pre-train Ride
"Dad, I'm ready!" Lucus called to his father down stairs
"Alright son, got your trunk packed?" his father asked
"Yep, its all here."
" Ok I will get one of the house elves to take it down to the car." His father smiled and him.
Lucus couldn't help at looking at his father. His father had slicked back white-blonde hair, peircing blue eyes, and was about 6'4. Lucus was very much like his father except he had sandy blonde he got from his mother that was always in spikes.
"Hello Lucus are you listening?" Lucus father said snapping him out of his trance.
''Is there any way I could get you to send me my broom?''
''Yeah, during my first year I snuck one in and nobody knew!''
Draco nodded his head in agreement.
''Ok, are you all packed?'' His father asked.
"Yep, is mom coming?''
''Sorry Lucus she isn't feeling well today. Taking care of your grandmother yesterday really took a toll out of her.''
''Ok no worries.''
''Alright lets go!''
With that Draco and Lucus made their way out to their car and got in.
Lucus listened to the radio all the way there thinking about what a good time he would have at Hogwarts that year.

''Ok, Hallie please go through with your mother, when I go with Michael and Adam. Ron, Melissa and Fred you can go after us and Harriet and George can go in after that. And finally Rebecca and Josh.''
''Talk about confusing!'' Fred said to Rebbeca (His fiance)
''Tell me about it! He is trying to kill me! Harry you have turned out just like Perc!" George said with a laugh.
Hallie looked at all her cousins aunts and uncles, "Talk about a family gathering" she said to herself. She smirked.
Her father was married to Ginny and Hallie was their child.
George and Melissa were married and had her cousins Michael and Adam who were both in 4th year (AN/*They are twins*)
Ron and Harriet had her cousin Josh who was in 5th year.
Fred and Rebecca were engaged but were holding off their wedding.
"Geeze," she thought,"and this is only a little of their family."
Hallie and her parents had made it to Kings Cross without a problem but apprently they were having one now.
Hallie rolled her eyes as her father told her she had to run at the barrier. She had heard this millions of times.
She grabbed her cart and made sure Eclipse was secure on the top of it. She started walking towards the barrier and broke into a jog and before long she found herself staring up at a Scarlet Steam train. Her mother appered beside her.
'' Ok lets find you an compartment.''
She glanced up at the clock it was only 10:30 and still had 30 minutes before the train took off.
''Oh well better get a good one!''
A minute later her cousins, Michael, Adam, and Josh appeared at her side.
''Hello there!'' Adam exclaimed Micael and Adam had inherited not only the trademark bright red hair but also their father's gene for mischeif. She loved them because they weren't just funny they were hilarious. Josh liked Mischeif too but not as much as his cousins. He prefered his studies rather than roaming the halls at night. Michael and Adam had the Mauders map and had given it back to Hallie so she could roam the halls and have a little fun. The map had been given to her by her father, and she really treasured it. Her grandfather and his mischevious little friends had developed it and had more detentions then fun which was alot!
''Can I share a compartment with you guys?''
''Sure Why not?'' Josh said and all of them agreeded
Soon they found a compartment towards the back of the train and came out to say good bye to their parents.
''You promise to write everyday?'' her mother asked tearfully
''Of course mom'' Hallie mumbled under her breath while her cousins burst into a silent giggle fit.
''Goodbye sweetie,'' Her father said to her kissing her on the cheek.
Hallie and her cousins went into their compartment and hung out the window saying last goodbyes to their parents.
Hallie leaned back into her seat and fantized about the friends she would make, even a boyfriend maybe!
"Bye Mom." Lucus said to his mother who was crying.
''Owl us everyday, son."
"Bye Dad''
Lucus was hanging out the window of his compartment saying good bye to his parents. He had made friends right away and was sitting in their compartment.
The train started to move. Watching them wave goodbye he slipped his head back into the window.

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