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Too Many Years by lastandlast
Chapter 2 : Diagon Alley Dispute
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Hallie couldn't believe her luck! She was on her way to Diagon Alley with her mom and dad and was going to Hogwarts. Ever since she got her letter she couldn't stop reading it again and again. After a while she started to see the real picture.
"What if I don't make any friends?" she thought to herself, "What if I am horrible in my classes?"
"What if someone tries to kill me like father?" Calm down she told herself and took a look at her supply list.
" Hmmm, Hallie I think that there is going to be a ball this year. Where's the calender they sent you?"
"Here Daddy" replied Hallie handing her father the calender.
"Well there is going to be about 5 balls this year! Wow! We only got one and it was because of the TriWizard Tournament."
Now she couldn't believe her luck BALLS! And 5 of them! She could hardly wait. On the way to Diagon Alley all she talked about wasthe supply list, classes, and the balls with her mother.
"This is going to be the best day of my life!" she thought happly as the train slowed.


"I wish this train would derail and my life would be over." Thought Lucus. His mother thought it was the best thing and decided to take the train. All the way to London his father was on his cellphone talking to the other Unspeakables at the Ministry of Magic, while his mother gabbed excitedly with a woman sitting next to her.
Sure he was excited to be going to Hogwarts and couldn't wait to be shopping for his new supplies but it would have been better if his mother wasn't there.
Lucus looked down at his letter again. Not too bad at least there would be balls to attend. Like his father Lucus had a nature knack for attracting girls. Lucus was nicer than his father and didn't loose his temper over the slightest thing. But sometimes he really would like to blow off some steam. Thats why he loved Quidditch but the worst part was he wasn't allowed to have his broom at school! He couldn't even try out for the Quidditch team. This was going to be one lousy year.
As the train slowed down his mind immediatly switched back to school and supplies and he immediatly brightned.


Harry had always love Diagon Alley, and Hallie was almost opened mouthed by the street that was lined with shops.
"All right dear before you start wanting to spend all of our money in one place we need to get it." said Ginny happly.
"All right" and they walked towards the snowy white building Gringotts.
All of a sudden Harry stopped dead in his track. 10 feet away was no one other than Draco Malfoy himself.
Hallie and Ginny turned around and started back towards Harry. Ginny looked in the line of his trance and immediatly her face flushed.
Hallie was wondering what was wrong with her parents and smiled at the boy that was standing next to his father looking extreamly uncomfortable. He returned the smile, and turned to look at his father giving him a puzzled expression.
"Potter" Said Draco coldly
"Malfoy" replied Harry
"Concidence meeting you here. Is this your wife Draco?" Said Ginny happly trying to break the foward anger.
"Yes and this is my son Lucus. We are here shopping for school"
"Oh is he starting school? This is my daughter Hallie she is going as well."
"Well love," she started giving Harry a cold look. "to stay and chat with you but we have a lot to get done. Lucus."
"Coming Father." Lucus smiled one last time as the Potters before being ussered away by his mother.
When they were gone Hallie looked at her Father and asked " You don't like him do you dad?"
" Oh course angel, we just have some uh.... some diffrent views on things."
" Ok, lets go shopping!"
The Potter and Malfoy family then spent the day shopping for robes, supplies, wands, and anything other you can think of.
Both Hallie and Lucus were unaware that there families were in a VERY big disagreement and not some petty argument.


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