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Memories by SweetandSpicy
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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A/N: I am sorry that this chapter has taken so long to get in, but i have just had a lot to do over the past few weeks... here is the next chapter. 9 Reviews minimum till next chapter. Enjoy.


Chapter 7




Hermione Granger looked out of the airplane window, and sighed. A pang of guilt and shame settled in her stomach as she frowned at the ocean below her.

What in goodness sake had she gotten herself into?

She looked around the plane. The passenger that was next to her was in deep slumber,
snoring quietly.

And would she see Ron?

The words repeated themselves in Hermione’s head.

She felt like screaming.

She loved Micheal yes, but was she IN love with him?

Hermione bit her lip trying to decide.

And why on bloody Earth was she asking so many questions?!

Hermione stared blankly into the airplane chair in front of her.


She had met him that night at her first year of training to become a healer… she had been so messed up about Ron… Periodically, they had just talked, Hermione talking about herself, her ambition, her goals, while Micheal talked about becoming a Healer. The little small talk soon became big conversations, that went on for a long period of time which lead to coffee shops, clubs and restaurants. They became friends, and after some comforting times, they were next .. lovers.

Micheal was the only one who really had ever loved Hermione.

And that’s where Hermione stood-

Desperately trying to figure her life out.

Hermione hoped she would not see Ron on this trip. It would make it all easier.

The pain still lived in her… the pain that her first love had caused. The pain to see the one you loved going off and cheating on you.


She had cursed that word 4 years ago.

And to this day, she still did.

Ron had woken up that morning happy, for once. Thoughts of Hermione hadn’t come up so far that day.

Stretching and getting out of bed, Ron groggily walked into the kitchen, to see Harry had spent the night AGAIN at Ginny’s.
‘That horny toad.’ He thought as he grinned to himself.

He started a pot of coffee in a cheap junkie coffee machine Harry had bought at Big Lots the previous month.

After filling the coffee cup up with water, he turned it on and went to the living room to wait for the arrival of Wizard’s Weekly.

Today, luckily, was Saturday. It was already noon, and Ron didn’t understand how he could have slept in for long.

Oh wait.

Yes he could.

He had been out clubbing the night before.

Completely understandable.

A voice came over the airplanes intercom system many hours later. “Hello. We have arrived in London, England. If you would please fasten your safety seat buckles, we will be arriving shortly. I hope you have enjoyed your flight. ”

BEEP. The pilot’s voice ended as abruptly as it began.

A sleeping Hermione had gotten startled, as she had fallen asleep many hours before.

After the plane had landed, Hermione had gotten her items together and gotten off the plane, to come to a familiar place.

Her home.

After drinking coffee and eating breakfast, Ron decided to go workout at his local muggle gym.

Hey, it was better then sitting in the front of the TV and becoming fat.

Putting on a white t-shirt and some trousers, he got a water bottle from his refrigerator.

Closing the front door behind him, he started to walk down the hallway that would lead to the outside world. He took out what looked like a stick from his pocket.

CLICK, went the lock on the front door as his wand worked it’s magic, like it did everyday.


Hermione finally had gotten off the plane.

Finding her luggage bag inside the airport, Hermione lugged her two bags out of the airport and into the outside world.

Now, Harry lived on 1126 Magnolia Street, Apartment 20.

Where the heck was that? Hermione wondered.

Flagging down a taxi, Hermione put her luggage into the trunk of the car, and opened the back seat door of the car.

“Hello.” She said as she stepped up to take a seat in the car.

A man, older then her, around the age of 35, smiled back at her and greeted her.

“Where to, ma’am?” He asked turning around in his seat to get on the road.

“1126 Magnolia Street, please.” Hermione said as she closed the car door, getting comfortable for the half hour ride to her destination.

“Right away.”

And with that the driver started the car, and they began moving up the road.


Ron opened his front apartment door an hour later, to see that Harry still had not come back yet.

Ron was very very sweaty. Always having a easy sweat tolerance, he knew he didn’t smell to hot, so he decided to go shower.

Peeling off his sweaty clothes, Ron made his way towards his bathroom.

Turning on the shower, he took of his silk boxers and jumped in to become startled when he felt ice cold water pour from the water faucet instead of hot water. Shivering, he began to lather some shampoo into his greasy hair.

And that’s when he thought of Hermione. He wondered where she was, and what she was doing.


The cab finally came to a halt, outside a very elegant apartment suit.

Paying the cab driver, Hermione got her bags from the trunk and walked onto the sidewalk, that was lined with beautiful flowers and expensive lighting.

Very cute, Hermione thought.


With Hermione still on his mind, Ron finished showering and stepped out of the shower. He took a white linen towel and wrapped it around his bottom naked frame.

Standing in front of the mirror, Ron tried looking at his reflection through the foggy mirror..


Hermione made her way through the lobby of the apartment building.

Room 20 was upstairs on the 3rd floor.

Making her way to the elevator, she stopped and waited for the chime that would tell her when the elevator from upstairs had arrived to her level.


The elevator had arrived.

Taking a deep breath, Hermione entered the elevator and pressed the button to the 3rd floor.


Ron took a bottle of Wizard’s shaving cream from his sink cabinet and got a shaver from one of his sink drawers.

Getting off the elevator, Hermione made her way into the hallway, pausing for a second.

This was it, she decided. The moment she had come here for.

Spotting Apartment number 20 she walked down the hallway towards the door.

Taking her finger to the doorbell, she pressed it down, to here a ring go through the apartment.

Just as Ron was about to put a glob of the white foamy shaving cream in his hand, the doorbell rang.

Wondering who it was, Ron made his way into the living room and towards the door, still only wearing that one linen towel.

Unlocking the door, Ron opened the door.


Hermione could hear someone coming to open the door.

Holding her breath, the door opened.


Ron looked out to see a very beautiful, hot, brunette woman standing in front of him.

Who was she?

She looked very… exotic.


Hermione gasped as she noticed red hair and a freckled body standing in front of her. She would know who that was any day. Suddenly a bunch of emotions hit her.

“RON?” She said loudly.

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