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Wrong Place Wrong Time by pRoNgS2
Chapter 1 : Wrong Place Wrong Time
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Chapter 1

“Shut up! You asshole Pothead! What makes you think you can say what you just said?!”

“Why can’t I? Ms Firehead Evans!”

“I dare you to say that again!”

“Firehead Evans! Yoo hoo! Need an ambulance?”


“OW! Evans, you’ll pay for this!” Clutching his cheek painfully, James drew out his wand and yelled.


At the same time, Lily yelled, “Furnunculus!”

James managed to dodge Lily’s curse, but James’ hit Lily beneath her neck. An hour-glass object flew out and to her horror, it started spinning… They both felt their legs leaving the ground. They span fast through the air…


James landed painfully on his butt, near him, he heard Lily groaning. He felt sudden noises around him and looked up curiously, to find that he was directly facing Albus Dumbledore, and all the other teachers. Only, they seemed to be Stunned. Mouths were opened, eyes wide, staring at the heap of the two fifteen years old students, sprawled on the ground. And also, so do the students in their houses. Strange... didn't the feast ended one hour ago?

James shifted uneasily under the gaze of the teachers. He heard scrapings of shoes on the floor and noticed that Lily was hurriedly getting up. Deciding he should too, he scrambled painfully to his feet, butt hurting tremendously. Lily spoke up.

“I…I’m so sorry, Professors! Potter, I mean James, (Lily sent a glare at James direction) and I were umm… walking back (James snorted) from the prefects’ meeting when he shot a curse at me and-"

Lily was cut off however, by a furious James Potter.

“Excuse me! My dear, most honest, Evans! Since when did I start throwing curses at you?! I believe you were the one insulting me! Not to forget giving innocent me a lasting shape of finger marks on my face!”

“What Potter?! Me?! Insulting you? Did you go deaf just now?! I was the one being insulted back then! And serves you right for the sla-”

“Oh yeah?! You think you’re always right! Go back to the muggle world! Mudblood!”


James staggered and immediately drew out his wand, sending sparks at Lily just when Dumbledore grabbed his wrist; the curse went slightly out of course and hit a painting hanging on the wall. It fell to the floor and shattered pitifully. James tried pulling his hand out of Dumbledore’s tight grasp but he was too strong for him. Dumbledore stared at him for a moment then asked softly and disbelievingly.

“James? Is it really you and Lily there?”

James gave another fruitless tug and replied, “Yes. But do you mind letting go of my hand? I think the blood circulation must have stopped somewhere…” He grimaced. Dumbledore’s mouth cracked into a smile. He relaxed and let go. But seemed to be afraid that James and Lily would disappear again, like 15 years before. James let out a long breath, feeling his blood circulating normally and freely again.

Dumbledore then spoke up.

"Students! Please get back to your dormitries! The feast has ended! Sleep well!

As the Hogwarts pupils got up noisily, Lily and James caught many of them, oh well, let's just say, all of them, trying to crane their necks to have a better look. But, oblivious to the future married couple, most students had already found the resemblance of Mr Harry Potter and Mr James Potter, though few thought back to the name of their "saviour"'s dad's name. And the striking green eyes of Ms/Mrs Lily Evans/Potter.

As suddenly James found himself being engulfed in Professor McGonagall's breath-will-be-taken-away hug, he thought he haven't seen the strangest night of his life. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Lily coughing and desperately seeking for air. He grinned, she must have gotten it too.



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