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Harry Potter and the Heir of Merlin by Expelliarmus
Chapter 1 : Harry Potter and the Heir of Merlin
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Chapter 1- Voldemort’s Prize

In a dark street south of London, there was a man named Tom M Riddle. Tom Riddle was a cruel man, and the house that he lived in was damp, dark, and cold, just like him. The people who lived in the suburb all said he was strange, coming out only at night. Anyone who entered that house, besides the hooded men that went in every once in a while, never came out.
That is where this begins, as a boy named Elmer Osiris told his friends about a fourteen-year-old boy with dark hair and green eyes come out, after the body of a tall, blonde man was found dead.

“Remember how he had a hole in his stomach?” Elmer said to his friends, who were practically drooling in suspense. “I heard a cry, ‘Reducto,” and then a sound like brick breaking.”
“Yeah, right,” said one of his friends. “Prove it. The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. Go in the house, take a picture of the kid, and show it to us.”
“Alright,” said Elmer. “I’ll even use your camera, so I can’t fake it. Even better, Jack, come with me.”
His friend looked like he had been asked to eat raw slugs. “Okay,” he said.

Later that night, at exactly 12:00 P.M, the two boys ran to the house.
“You sure he’ll be here?” Jack asked nervously.
“Sure as sun.” Elmer told his friend.
They approached the house, and a smoke smell came to their nostrils. ‘I guess Tom Riddle is home.’ Thought Jack ‘The murder happened when no one was home, so unless that kid is crazy, he won’t be here. But, what if Riddle doesn’t like guests? Then again, all the murders and disappearances happened when he wasn’t home. Maybe’ But his next thought was cut off by Elmer ringing the bell. A tall man greeted them. His hands were like spiders, his skin was like a ghost’s, and his face was that of a snake. He also had a snake wrapped around his arm.
“Ah, Nagini, si shaspasa shosomespasa shasletoka. Shostesasasasa sisosmosha. We have guests.” Tom Riddle said to the snake. It sounded like he had a seizure. “Um, Mr. Riddle, sir, could we stay the night?” Elmer said meekly.
Tom’s lips curved into a mean little smile. “Ah, yes, such fine boys can stay. And, you may call me by what my friends call me- Voldemort.”
Jack shivered. The name gave him the chills. “Um, I prefer Tom,” he said to Voldemort.
Voldemort paid no attention to them, and led them inside. There was a man inside, who resembled a rat. “Don’t mind Wormtail,” Voldemort said to them. “He’s just over for a visit.”
They explored many rooms, and in one, there lay a book. Elmer couldn’t help himself. He looked. It was titled, Dark Wizardry- Torturing and the Summoning of Demons. Elmer looked through it. It had horrible things in it, and the worst one was entitled, Avada Kedavra- Quick Death Curse. By simply forcing your energy in a wand, you could kill someone.
Riddle walked in, after leaving Jack in the study. “Finally, I can get to talk with Wormtail,” he muttered as he walked past Elmer without noticing him. Elmer, being the busybody he was, walked into the room and spied on them.
“Wormtail, do you have the ingredients?” Voldemort asked the plump man. “Yes, m-my Lord,” said Wormtail. “Ashwinder eggs, Mandrake root, bubbotubber pus, unicorn horn, pheonix tear-”
“Very well,” Voldemort interjected. “Don’t give away my plans, or I’ll have your head. Who knows if Dumbledore has spies flying above the house!” He pointed a stick at Wormtail. “Y-yes, my Lord.” He whimpered. “You need to be disciplined. Crucio.” Wormtail screamed. “My-my-lord! I-argghh! I can give you… information!!!” Wormtail was screaming in pain. “Aaaaagh!!!! Please, m-m-my Lord!!!!! I can-“(At this point Voldemort put his wand down.) “Trans-form, in-to a r-r-rat, and spy on Harry P-p-potter. P-p-p-please, m-m-my L-l-l-lord allow m-m-me t-t-to go!” Wormtail cried. “Fine, Wormtail. Go. Ah, Nagini, you have returned. Tell me. What did you see?” Voldemort started hissing and spitting again. The snake, Nagini, started answering in the same way. Elmer, still listening, felt his eyes widen in fear. ‘Tom Riddle can talk to snakes’ he thought. Then, Voldemort finished his conversation with Nagini. “Ah, Wormtail, there is another Muggle listening to our every word. Voldemort walked to where Elmer was. Ah, death. I need this. Avada Kedavra!!!!” Then, as Elmer fell dead, Jack walked in to see. He escaped Voldemort, and ran down the street at 4:00 in the morning, screaming, “Murder! Murder! Tom Riddle has murdered! Murder!!!!!!!” At that time, miles away, in Number Four, Privet Drive, Harry Potter woke up, the same cry echoing in his ears.

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