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The Awakening ( The sequel to I WATCH YOU) by recordgeek
Chapter 1 : The awakening
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Harry's eyes beamed open, he was in a cold sweat once again. Every single morning he would wake up frightened and curled up into a ball in his covers. The dream was always the same, the same presence watching over him making him gasp into the darkness. Yet always when the dream was over he would sit in his bed and think what could it possibley mean. Although Harry was tired today and he diddn't feel like taking the time to think about the whole meaning of life again, and he was running late anyway.
"Harry would you wait up , every single morning you are so tense , I mean your shoulders tense up, and you look so frightened would you mind letting me in ojn why you are always so paraniod?" said Hermione when she saw Harry in the hallway
" Yeah well i am just not feeling well"
" oh yeah sure come on I want to help"cried Hermione
" alright but you can't tell anyone it has to be a secret , not a word to anyone, not even Ron. Ok, every night I have a dream, like someone is actually talking to me , but everytime I wake up no one is there, the whole place is deserted." explained Harry
" Harry you shouldn't be ashamed of anything like that I mean I too have dreams like yours. Now I have studyed dreams before so it is either one of two things . YOu are either feeling insecure about your weight, which I highly doubt, or you are feeling insecure with yourself, or it really is someone talking to you ! Maybe I could look something up in the Library for you I will be right back " stammered Hermione

~One hour later~
" Harry come here, I found out a lot of information, now the whole dream thing, I was reading a book by a dream expert who says that you must finish the dream to end it , also I found something on spirits communicating through dreams ,I mean I don't think that will help , but still maybe you could read through it so here." said Hermione
" Spirit's commincating through dreams ok, so you are telling me that it is most likely my dead goldfish speaking to me?" asked Harry
" No, all I am saying is that it is somewhat possible, I mean do you ever get cold shivers, or do you think people are calling your name , but you don't hear I mean it could be. I meanmaybe it is some dead wizard upset maybe this school is over a cemetary from the dark ages."explained Hermione
" Well there is only one way to find out, lets go see if we can find anything unsual around outside"

"AFTER DARK, no way I am not going to get us expelled , I can't it would be terrible."Cried Hermione
" Come on I will be there to protect you, I have done it before, "

" Ok Fine" stammered Hermione

~Later that night~
IT was dark outside and Harry and Hermione had been wondering for what seemed like a life time ................................................. UNTIL

Hermione found something.

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