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Harry Potter and The Green Torch Prince of Storage by Fearles Pheonix
Chapter 2 : The Inbetween Chapter or From One Part to Another
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter but I will sign your book for $20.

A/N: Before you read this chapter you must know one thing. I despise these chapters with all my heart. The chapters where you must go frome one phase of the story to another are (in my opinion) the hardest ones to write and in many cases read. Nothing of great importance ever happens and depending on the writer there is no resemblence of a plot in them. I think I'm done ranting now so enjoy the chapter.

The Inbetween Chapter or From One part to Another

Harry Potter woke up feeling the best he had in a long time. He had a long horrible summer as usual. The reasons for this remain mostly unknown because the author is too lazy or because he is terrible at writing Dursley scenes. But what we do know is that part of the reason his summer was so bad was because he was forced to live with them.

But Harry knew that was almost over as it was the second chapter and the writer of this story is horrible predictable. Harry would be out of there faster than you could say ‘overused plot’.

Harry, quite confident of his upcoming departure, put on his cloths and packed his suitcase. He then decided to go over his mental to do list for the chapter. ‘Let’s see’ thought Harry (insert descriptive word)ly. ‘First I have to pack. Check. And now I have to read the letter from Ron and Hermione that I neglected last night.’ With that Harry ceased to think (to his great relief) and walked over to Hedwig’s cage where he had I left the letters. He then picked up Hermione’s letter and began to read.

Dear Harry,

I would ask you how you were doing but I already know. Being the intellectual being that I am, I also know that you have not given my present a second look. Please do since these books often give you knowledge that you will latter need to fight Voldemort or some death eater in the future.


P.S. You escaped Voldemort exactly 5 times if you count his memory in the chamber of secrets. I only mention this because you would never figure it out on your own.

Harry sat down on the bed and was deep in thought. He stared at the letter reading two words over and over again. Love Hermione. He began to feel things he had never felt before. In short, he began to feel all the things normally felt in a H/Hr fic. Then in an instant he knew. He knew he had always loved her ever since she had walked into his and Ron’s compartment in their first year. But does she love him back? Of course she did. Why else would she write love Hermione?

Harry then stopped that train of thought after realizing he was becoming slightly nauseous. He then picked up Ron’s letter and began to read.

Dear Master,

I hope you liked my present because after we purchased it my family couldn’t eat for a week. Great news! The Order is coming to pick you up today so I’ll be able to serve you again. They’ll be taking you to headquarters for a little bit of angst. See you then.


Harry lay on his bed once again in deep thought. He stared at the letter reading two words over and over again. Love Ron. He felt feelings he never felt before. Now he knew the true meaning of nausea. He had learned his lesson. Plutonic love is alive and well.

Having completed his first task, Harry headed downstairs to the kitchen. He was sure he had missed breakfast, but thought it was a good thing since he probably couldn’t hold it down anyways. He spotted his uncle at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper as was his morning custom.

“Good morning Uncle Vernon.” Said Harry plainly.

“Morning,” Uncle Vernon grunted back, as grunting was his favorite way of communication.

“Well, a few people are coming to pick me up today,” said Harry as he waited for his uncle to give his expected response.

“That’s nice,” was all Uncle Vernon grunted in response.

“Don’t you have something to say about that?” asked Harry slightly annoyed.

“Not really. I’m just glad you’re leaving,” said Uncle Vernon showing off his mastery of grunting.

“Aren’t you going to ask how they’re coming?” asked Harry with anger evident in his voice.

“Why would I care how you’re freaky little friends get here?” said Uncle Vernon in an upset grunt.

“Don’t you know anything?” Harry spat as angry people often do. “There are only two ways for me to get picked up. The first more common way is for you not to be here when I’m they come. The second way, which is about to happen, is that I’m picked up by car while you’re here. But it only works under one condition: YOU HAVE TO ASK HOW THEY’RE GETTING HERE BECAUSE YOU’RE AFRAID THEY’LL BLAST OPEN THE FIREPLACE AGAIN!"

Harry, finally happy that he could blow up on someone, looked over at his uncle to see him turning his trademark purple. He looked as if he was going to yell back, but he didn’t because he was afraid of jumpy old men with glass eyes.

“How are they getting here?” asked Uncle Vernon through gritted teeth.

“I don’t know really.” Harry replied in a chipper voice. “I don’t think they’re coming through the fireplace if that’s what you’re wondering.”

At Harry’s last response Uncle Vernon turned a shake of purple that brings a ripe plum to mind. This was Harry’s sign to go back up to his room. And he did so as he mentally checked off the last box on his checklist. He lay on his bed and relaxed, having completed all of his tasks. Harry knew now there was nothing else to do but wait. He wondered how the author would fill in this gap as his cousin, Dudley Dursley walked into his room un-announced.

‘Should have seen that one coming,’ he thought ________ingly.

“Harry,” said Harry’s whale of a cousin. “I have to talk to you about something.”

“Of course,” said Harry with a sneer. “But I don’t know much about muggle diets.”

“It’s really important,” said Dudley slightly annoyed. “I think I’m a wizard.”

“What makes you think that?” asked Harry his interest now peaked.

“Well nothing really. I just thought it would be a great plot device,” replied Dudley. “Maybe I could go to Hogwarts with you?”

Harry’s famous temper began to rise. “The day you go to Hogwarts is the day I become a self-centered jerk who cares for no one but himself,” he yelled.

“Do you really mean it?” asked Dudley excitedly. “I can go to Hogwarts. I can go to Hogwarts!!!” and with that he left the room to pack leaving Harry alone with his frustration.

But his frustration couldn’t last too long as the big event was soon to occur. Harry sat on his bed for 30 minutes reading the defense book Hermione had gotten him, but only because all other plot devices had been used up. After the 30 minutes he sat up abruptly and began to count down. “5…4…3…2…1…”

“Potter get down here!!!” yelled Uncle Vernon. “Your freaky friends are here to pick you up!”

Harry then grabbed his luggage and his owl and ran down stairs to see Tonks, Lupin, Moody, Ron, and Hermione. He wanted to get out of there quickly before his cousin found out they were leaving.

“Nice to see you all,” said Harry hurriedly. “Bye Uncle Vernon. Let’s go!” he finished as he saw Dudley slowly walking down the stairs with his luggage. It was then that he panicked and began to push everyone out of the door.

“Is something wrong?” asked Tonks as she was being shoved out the door.

“No!” replied Harry a little too harshly. “Just get in the car!”

Reluctantly everyone piled into the car, with Tonks behind the wheel. Dudley was now running up to the car with amazing speed for someone of his size.

“I think your cousin wants something,” said Lupin with an odd look on his face.

“Don’t worry about it!” said Harry noticing his cousin was halfway to the car. “Just go! We don’t have much time!” yelled Harry.

Tonks, feeling quite nervous, pushed down hard on the gas peddle but the car didn’t move an inch.

“It’s in neutral!" cried Harry as Dudley began to violently tug at the car door screaming to be let in.

Tonks panicked as she struggled with the controls of the car. She finally got the car in gear and stepped on the peddle like a mad woman. The car shot off like a rocket leaving Dudley behind with a broken door handle.

“I’ll make it to Hogwarts if it’s the last thing I do!” he screamed but the car was long gone into the distance.

A/N: Now you've read it and have probably put together your own insignificant opinions (just kidding). Even though my opinion is the only one that matters, I would still like to hear yours for my personal intertainment. Please Review.
Also If you like you could leave me Ideas that you may think would go well in my story. If I like them I may work them in and you will recieve recognition for your contribution. I just want you all to know that I care... About you.

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Harry Potter and The Green Torch Prince of Storage: The Inbetween Chapter or From One Part to Another


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