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Come Some Rainy Day by LTDan
Chapter 1 : The One And Only Chapter
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A/N: I wrote this, not because I was bored, but because I was inspired. Inspired by one of the best books I have ever read. Yes, it made me cry. The book was called, A Walk to Remember and I recommend it to everyone that has not read it. This book is very touching, heartfelt, well written, and, of course, motivating.

Disclaimer: I is of the not ownin' nuttin', mas'a!

I’m not much on country music, but they make for great songfics! This particular song is called "Come Some Rainy Day" and is by The Judds...I actually like this song! 0_0 No...I *love* this song!

Oh, and, yeah, all those italics were needed!

*~LT. Dan~*

Ron’s POV

Ron Weasley’s little sister was gone from him forever. He couldn’t ever have her back, no matter how much he wanted to believe he would. He couldn’t—because Harry Potter had her. They had had the greatest times together before Harry took her away from him…playing Quidditch, Exploding Snap, and their laughs…the things he missed most about not having her around.

He wandered around through the Quidditch pitch that he and Ginny used to play on as young children. Remembering everything that they had been through, he sat down on the ground between the house and the field.


“I bet I can beat you to that house down there,” Ginny pointed to a Muggle house a little ways off from theirs. “If I win, you do the dishes for a month—the Muggle way.”

“Alright! And if I win, then you clean my room for a month—the Muggle way,” Ron agreed, shaking her hand.


Ginny won. Looking back on it, he wondered if he had let her win. No matter now, though, because she would marry Harry in a week…

What good’s a dollar, without your baby sister?
Two scoops of ice cream on a summer afternoon.
We ran wild. And all we ever wanted,
Was to rule the world between our house and school.

Hermione’s POV

Her fling with Harry had, indeed, been a short one. She thought he loved her, but she soon straightened up and figured out that he wouldn’t love her, no matter what she done. He would only be her best friend forever. She had been trapped inside herself for so long, but now she had someone else… Seamus loved her, at least. And she loved him, too. Maybe she would marry him—if he ever asked. The only problem with Seamus was that he moved too slow.

She moved slowly from Harry to the man she had now. Everyone had eyes out for Harry Potter, and who could blame them? But little Ginny was the only person that Harry really saw, and now they were about to prove that next week. Hermione loved Ginny like a sister—but one part of her was jealous, and cringed whenever her name was mentioned. She remembered the moment Harry broke up with her…


“…’Mione, I’m so sorry. You knew deep down that we could never work. We’ve been best friends for too long for us to ever work…” He brushed away the solitary tear that trickled down Hermione’s face with a single finger.

“Yes, Harry, I s’pose I did…” she lied through her muffled sobs—which were so because her head was now resting against Harry’s chest…


Now it was too late to retract her words because Harry had someone else, and so did she…

But we move on, put those dreams away.
Hoping that we’ll find them, come some rainy day.

Draco’s POV

How he had fallen in love with her, exactly, he didn’t know. All that he knew, was that he was in bad shape. He loved a Weasley, who could never—not ever—return his feelings. He felt stupid, and knew everyone would criticize him for it, so he never told anyone about it.

Of course, that stupid git, “Harry Potter the boy who lived” was there to ruin everything for him. The smallest chance he had had, had been ripped away from him because of him. he showed up before Draco could have his opportunity, and asked her to marry him. Of course, after two devoted years, she had said yes. He wished that she would bend over backwards for him…

When he first caught sight of her, his heart skipped a beat. She was the beautiful young girl with strawberry hair and deep blue eyes. His heart hardened quickly, however. She had been smiling at something—Harry, no doubt—and frowned, appalled, as her eyes met his.

He kept his feelings hidden for years because of that one frown. But he never wanted that smile to end. Every little smile since that first one that he managed to catch a glimpse of made up for all the times she hated or scoffed him. He didn’t want to think anymore of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, and laid down on his bed…

First time I saw you, I knew I would love you.
Halfway through sophomore year, I finally asked your name.
And when I kissed you, I lost my heart completely.
And all we wanted, was just to stay that way.

Cho’s POV

Cho Chang was envious. She was so jealous of Ginny Weasley that she hated her. She did have a problem with the green-eyed-monster, but she never hated anyone before. She was among the many girls she knew that had a crush on Harry.

A year after Cedric’s death, she began to warm up to Harry. She was confident that Harry would want her—as he had for two years—but it seemed he had outgrown her. For now he was single, but didn’t want anything to do with girls, either. Sixteen though he was, he had never had a girlfriend. From the way things were looking back then, he never would. Cho’s outlook wasn’t very bright.

It had been over nine years she had developed the feelings for him, but she had not given up the emotion. She didn’t want to be around Ginny— ever . Things were different now—a lot different. Except for the fact that she still loved Harry Potter…

But we move on, put those dreams away.
Hoping that we’ll find them, come some rainy day.
How could I know, that everything would change,
Except the way I miss you, come some rainy day?

Parvati’s POV

She dated Harry for a whole of 13 months…until the cookie crumbled. She didn’t have a jealous bone in her body, but she wasn’t much for Ginny Weasley. She couldn’t help but feel that way. She had taken Harry from her— stolen him. All she had to do to get him, was give him a tap on the shoulder when his back was turned, and he was hers.

Of course, she would attend the wedding next week. It had been seven years since she had felt those feelings of love and lust for him. She was quite over him by now—for the most part. Some of her still wanted him—and she knew it. But most of the time, she didn’t think of him. At least, not until she had received the invitation for their wedding.

Wanting to impress him thoroughly, she laid a very memorable dress across the chair in her bedroom. This was The Dress. It was That one…the one Harry said looked beautiful on her…


(Going to a seventh years’ ball)

“You look— beautiful , Parv! That dress looks wonderful on you. It brings out your eyes…and it makes your hair seem like a thing, instead of just part of you. And your skin looks much creamier in it. You’re beautiful without the dress—but it contributes!”


That would never happen again. Harry would become a married man and husband to Ginny Weasley next week, and she was seeing someone. She couldn’t let a foolish little relationship like that get in the way of everyone’s love life.

I sit and laugh with friends at what we’ve all been through.
I still catch my breath whenever someone mentions you.
We move on, put those dreams away.
Baby, I still miss you, come some rainy day.

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Come Some Rainy Day: The One And Only Chapter


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