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Harry Potter and the Riddle house by sugarquill
Chapter 1 : The Quick Departure
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Harry,Ron, Hermione and Ginny were dancing the night away in the moonlit yard for Rons seventeenth birthday. It was mid July and a beautiful summer sky shined down over them, but a strange feeling welled through Harry's body, but he still danced. Dumbledore had told he and Ginny to be packed and ready in case anything were to happen. In Harry's fifth year they had been inducted into the Order of the Pheonix , an order formed to help rid the world of Voldemort. Ginny was in the same year as Harry, Ron and Hermione, that was part of the reason she was in the order in the first place, because she had skipped her fourth year she spent alot of time studying, scince she didn't really have friends until she skipped and moved up with her brother, nobody really liked her because of what happend in her first year. This was the other reason why she and Harry both were in the order because they had come face to face with voldemort and where many powerful witches an wizarards died they lived, Harry more than once.If voldemort were to come and attack they had agreed to fight risking their lives. They had to take advanced DADA and Charms classes. Voldemort was on the loose and Dumbledore thought that they should be well trained. They only person who knew,besides the other members of the order, was Aurthur Weasly, Dumbledore feeling a parent should know, they hadn't told any body else not Molly, or even Ron and Hermione, they were sworn to secrecy. The stars in the cloudless sky shown over the party of Gryffindor Seventh years and many Weaslys of course. A fast swing song come on, Hermione grabbed Ron and whisked him out onto the dance floor. Harry and Ginny laughed from their chairs on opposittes sides of the yard. Ron and Hermione were Madly in love with one another an they were the only one's who didn't relize it. A cool summer breeze whipped through the night as two owls swooped overhead dropping letters into the laps of Harry and Ginny. The laughter fell from their faces. The looked across the yard at eachother as they opened the letters, Harry read:
Harry- Your presence is requested by the order at an urgent meeting tommorow evening at hogwarts, Leave Imeditly, Take the Knight Bus you'll be here by 5 tommorow, bring your school things -Albus Dumbledore
Ginny approached him slowly, her letter said the same, "how do we explain all this exactly?" she asked him with a look of concern, They'd never had to leave before, he anserwd "we don't, we can't, we're not allowed!" they ran over to Ron and Hermione, The smiles fell from their faces as they encounter their friends look of distain, "Whats wrong" asked Ron, Ginny approached him "Ron we can't explain right now but Harry and I have to leave and quick" Ron glanced at Harry with a quizzical look "but where are you going" he asked "I can't say, tell Dad when he gets home that we had to leave Urgently, he might be able to explain a few things" "see you at the start of term" yelled Harry as he ran into the house after Ginny. They were upstairs in Ginny's room "Harry get your trunk I'll call the bus" as Harry left for the next room she stuck her wand out the large opened window and muttered "lumos" as Harry re-entered there was a loud BANG Ginny ducked as a large purple bus stopped out side Ginnys window , Harry looked at the new bus boy, Stan must've left, "We need to get two beds to hogwarts by tommorow" he stated "Ah yes, Mr. Potter," His eyes did the normal filck upward to harry's forehead, "Dumbledore prebooked you two, don't worry its been taken care of" he said pushing the sickles backtowards Harry. They dragged their trunks to the first two bed in th front of the bus, there was a jolt an the another BANG and they left the burrow behind them. Figuring it wouln't be, at the least, morning until they reached hogwars so they tried to ignore the bangs and jolts and get some sleep.

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Harry Potter and the Riddle house: The Quick Departure


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