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The Time Of Their Lives by HorseGoddess
Chapter 1 : Malfoy Trouble
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Hello everyone! Okay, this is the first fan fiction I've written here. Hopefully the first of many. It's rated R for many reasons-sex, violence, birth, swearing. I'm finished with the first and second chapters. Please review them and and rate them so I know if you guys like it or not. Thanks a ton!!!
A Harry sighed. "Come on, Hermione! Hurry up!" Hermione finished her Tranfiguration paper and then stood up.

"I'm coming! I had to finish this paper. After all, the head girl is supposed to set an example! What kind of Head Girl would I be if I didn't finish a paper?" Harry laughed.

"One that isn't late to go see her best friend!" He teased. She slapped her forehead.

"Were supposed to meet Ron!" she gasped. Harry laughed again and took her hand as they walked out of the portrait hole. He then begin to think of how lucky he was to have such a beautiful girlfriend. Hermione had changed a lot, and so had Harry-after all, they were both 18 and in their 7th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hermione still had her curly brown hair, but it was shorter and much more tame. She had what people would call a perfect hourglass figure. Harry was the muscular Quidditch captain, and was about three inches taller than Hermione.

"Now Hermione, were out of school in a week! The wedding is in a month! We need to plan! And Ron is helping us," Harry smiled, kissing her softly. He pushed open the portrait hole to see Nevile Longbottom standing there.

"Oh, hi Harry. Hi Hermione," Neville said, "I can't remember the password!" Hermione giggled silently.

"It's 'speenwort,' Neville," Harry informed him Neville smiled happily.

"Thanks Harry!" he said. He headed into the Gryffindor common room. Hermione laughed.
"Some things never change! Were 7th years, and Neville still can't remember the password!" she said.

"But some things do change," he concluded, finger the diamond ring on her finger. "Were getting married, Hermione. And I still can't believe it..." Hermione blushed and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him deeply. He kissed her back, and slowly ran his fingers down her back.

"Snogging agian, Potter? Oh what a good example for the Head Boy and Girl to be setting!" said a drawling voice in back of them. Harry let go of Hermione and whipped around.

"Oh, shut it Malfoy. Your just pissed cause you don't have a fiancee as gorgeous as mine." Harry countered, rolling his eyes. "And anyways, as if you haven't been snogging in the corridors about ten times as much as everyone else."

"Oh, not in the corridors," Malfoy drawled, "in the dorms. And its been more than snogging, Potter. At least I'm not Head Boy....they should rename it Big-Head Boy just for you, Potter...." He glanced at Hermione's chest. "And they could use Big-something or other for Granger, here. I'll bet you love your girlfriend's big..." his voice was cut off as Hermione fumed at him. Harry slapped him in the face.

"That'd be 15 points from Slytherin, Malfoy, for insulting the Head Girl." he said cooly. he took Hermione's hand and lead her down another corridor towards the library. They entered to see Ron with a pile of papers, sitting at a table with Padma.

"Where in bloody hell have you two been?" Ron snorted.

"Scum bag Malfoy stopped us," Harry said, rolling his eyes. He sat next to Hermione, across from Ron.

"Anyways...I found a whole bunch of spells for things at the wedding. Padma here is going to do the cake." Ron smiled and took Padma's hand. He handed the papers to Harry and Hemione. "You guys look them over, okay?" Ron stood up and Padma followed. "I've to attend to." He walked out of the library, hand in hand with Padma. Harry laughed and shook his head.

"Speaking of business....classes and dinner are over. I personally know that Ron is off somewhere with Padma, and Seamus, Dean, and Neville are having a party in the common room. Now, we could be there with them, but I know that the 7th year boy's dorm is empty..." Harry said, raising an eyebrow. Hermione smiled mischeviously and they walked back to the Gryffindor common room. They entered to see the common room was packed with people having a large end-of-the-year party. They snuck up the stairs to the common room and cracked the door to see it empty. They walked carefully inside and then Harry put a locking charm on the door. He tossed his wand on the floor and then embraced Hermione again.

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The Time Of Their Lives: Malfoy Trouble


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