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Flashbacks *Part TWO in The Dream Series* by Magnolia
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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*~~~Hello everyone! Thank you to everyone who read the first story (THE DREAM) in what I hope will turn out to be a trilodgy! And especially thanks to everyone who reviewed! Your reviews inspired me to write this faster! I want to mention that this story starts before Harry has his "DREAM".

I dedicate this story to Liz and Kayla! 2 of my very best friends who like me are Harry Potter fanatics! Elizabeth is modled after Liz, and Kayla was Layla. At the request of Kayla I have tried to modle my new charater Ann after her. (but it didn't work very well sorry Kay!) When your done reading PLEASE review! I want atleast 5! Thanks!

Also please note that as of June 23rd this story was RENOVATED!! Meaning that I spread out the information in this story. There is no more or no less I just unblobbed it alittle. The chapters aren't NEARLY as long, but there are more!~~~*

Disclaimer- Everything you reconize from the Harry Potter books Belongs to the Genius jk Rowling. Anything you reconize from "The Dream" Belongs to me, along with Ann.

Part TWO in The dream series
(WARNING! If you have not read THE DREAM PART ONE IN THE DREAM SERIES you will be confused!)

She looked out the window and sighed! Today was November 5, three years ago today her life had started going down hill. It all started when her fiance' betrayed her best friend, then he went and murdered another person she knew fairly well along with 13 other people, on their so called wedding day! Instead of walking down the isle, he was sent to Azkaban and Elizabeth was left to mourn over the fact that her best friend was dead and her fiance' was the one who had caused it.

She spent 2 horrible months locked in her room, on New Years Day her friends Nikki and Joann dragged her to a party. They wanted her to get on with her life and forget about Sirius. She still loved him, but she could never forgive him for what he did. At the party she re-met Robert Grant. They had been in the same year at hogwarts but they hadn't known eachother very well. Elizabeth had been vulnerable at the time and was desperate to forget about Sirius. So she excepted Roberts proposal, after only six months of dating. They were married on January 5th, and for one glorious week Elizabeth was totally and perfectly happy. Then Robert became insane and abusive, but Elizabeth didn't know why. They divorced that May. The week after the divorce Elizabeth discovered she was pregnant, she had always wanted a child, she just didn't want to raise it by herself. She went temporarily insane, and was put in St. Mungo's hospital where her baby girl, Ann was born. Ann went to live with Elizabeth's sister Gabby, and she was still here in St. Mungo's hospital. She had gotten her sanity back weeks ago. The doctors still refused to let her go, but the they had agreed to let Gabby and Ann come to visit her, every other week. Finally on January the 9th she was released under the condition that she didn't live by herself. She moved in with Gabby and Ann, and that's where our story begins.

Ann, ran into her house with complete and total happiness. She had just returned from her first year at Hogwarts and was itching to tell her mother and aunt everything that had happened since Easter break. Gabby was amazed to hear about Barty Crouch's death. She had retired from the international department 2 years ago, and knew Barty very well. Elizabeth was shocked to hear this, Hogwarts had always been such a safe place, Ann was full of stories and the 3 girls stayed up practically the whole night talking..................

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Flashbacks *Part TWO in The Dream Series*: Chapter 1


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