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Love Against My Will by LonelyGer
Chapter 20 : Lost Without You
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Draco's POV

She rejected me. She rejected me. She rejected me.

I repeated those words to myself, hardly processing. I slumped down the bench in the garden. This time, this time it's real.

This time she's dumping me.

She's leaving me.


For Ron.

Hermione's POV

I ran and ran, fresh tears flowing out of my eyes. Not looking where I was going, I ran smack into Ron. Ron was surprised and put his arms around me.

"Shhh... it's okay..." he consoled.

But it's not. It never will be. I couldn't face the facts. I could hardly believe my courage.

To tell you the truth, I have no idea. People look at me like I'm some brainy genius when actually I'm not. I just happen to like reading. I'm stupid at times too. Like now. I have absolutely no idea about everything. Like why I was sorted into Gryffindor when I'm not at all brave.

And why I had to be in love with, of all people, Draco.

Or why I gave him up.

My heart felt as if someone had shot me. I had never felt so completely lost before. Because this time, this time it's real. I knew, I knew that it would never happen to me and Draco again.

For the last time, I glanced back, my face tear-streaked.

The End.

The new sequel will be called 'Forced to Hate'. :) Kindly support!
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Love Against My Will: Lost Without You


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