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Love Against My Will by LonelyGer
Chapter 18 : Temperarily Forgotten
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Draco's POV

I yawned and tried to move. My right arm had fallen asleep and Hermione was sleeping on it. I gazed at her, smiling. She was sleeping soundly and snoring slightly.

Dracoooo, a voice called out playfully.

I immediately twisted my head around and looked for the beautiful new girl, standing up and startling the brown-haired girl and feeling sparks on my right arm.

I'm outside the prefects' common roooooom, the voice called out again.

Ignoring the yells coming from the brown-haired girl, I walked out as quickly as I could.

Beliarosa was standing there, looking totally bored and was surrounded by guys. When she saw me, her face lit up. "Draco!" she said, smiling.

I broke into a grin and jogged over to her, offering my hand to which she held gratefully and gave the guys a wave. We walked off, pretending that we owned the school.


That voice... it sounded familiar... like I've heard it somewhere...

The brown-haired girl who had been in my room stood before us, hands on her hips, her eyebrows arched in anger.

Beliarosa turned to me, her face concerned. "Do you know her?" she asked.

I looked at Beliarosa and then, at the girl, and did that for a couple more times. "No..." I said confusedly.

Tears formed in the brown-haired girl's eyes and her bottom lip trembled slightly. Beliarosa shrugged and pulled me towards another direction. Before moving in step with Beliarosa, I turned back and scrutinized her face. Do I know her? Why was she making such a big deal?

Hermione's POV

I collapsed on the ground, my tears flowing silently. Drac- Draco promised... he promised to love me till the day he died. How-how could he?

"That Belly girl is such a slut," a voice said quietly beside me. Slowly, I turned my head and saw Pansy Parkinson staring after their wake, frowning in disgust.

"Hm." I muttered. I guess my only console now is that Pansy was feeling discontented too. I sighed aloud.

She sat down beside me, her face seeming a little wet too. "I hate her," she said aloud.

I hung my head in agreement. "She's a Veela," I said.

"Half," Pansy corrected me. "She's in my house. Of course I'd know."

My bottom lip trembled. "What do we do?" I cried, my heart aching like crazy.

She looked at me, her lips parted in shock. "You're asking me?" she asked incredulously.

I sighed in misery.

Draco's POV

Wow. I had been together with Beliarosa for three months. You bet that was long. Although she was kind of ditzy and air-headed, but she's... sweet and gorgeous. And she's... pretty.

I noticed the brown-haired girl had quitted disturbing me, though she was now staring at me in some sort of trance. Although I felt really uncomfortable, a part of me felt gleeful. Of course, someone would be watching me.

I also noticed she was usually with a redhead. A Weasley. His arm was always around her whenever I saw them. A pang of jealousy shot passed me when I think about it.

I stepped into the Slytherin common room, looking for Beliarosa.

"She's missing!" someone shrieked. Chaos reigned.

"Huh? What?" I asked, bewildered. Slytherins are usually a cool-headed bunch. What are they getting upset over?

"Who? Who's missing?" I tried to ask a first-year. He ignored me and continued searching frantically.

Annoyed and disturbed by the scene, I yelled out. "STOP. RIGHT. NOW!"

Everyone froze in their places, all turning to me at the same time. "What happened?" I asked slowly.

The first-year looked at me as if I was an idiot, which I found rather stupid. "She's missing!"

"WHO?" I roared.

"Beliarosa." A girl called Pansy told me calmly. She must the only person who could be calm at this time.

My eyes widened. "WHAT? We were supposed to go on a date TODAY!"

Everyone rolled their eyes at me and continued searching while I stood there, dazed.


Hermione's POV

Word had spread. Beliarosa Atractivo, the amazing, gorgeous beauty was missing. I was relieved when I heard that but my relief quickly changed to heartache when I knew Draco would be upset over the loss. Poor Draco.

Ron's hand tightened around mine as we proceed to the Great Hall. We were pretty late because Ron was so helpless in Care of Magical Creatures.

When we got there, I noticed straightaway that Draco wasn't there. Worry seeped into my heart, lungs...

"Er, Ron, I got to, uh, go to the washroom," I said, giving him a brief reassuring smile and walked briskly out. Once outside, I ran and ran to the prefects' common room.

He wasn't there! I turned hysterical as I searched the bathroom and his bedroom. Where could he be?

Then the troubled look on my face cleared when I happened to look out of the window.

He was at the garden.

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