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Love Against My Will by LonelyGer
Chapter 16 : Exposed
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Hermione's POV

His eyes were so different. When I first met him, I knew he was going to be one cruel dude because of his cold blue-grey eyes. But right now, they were the opposite of cold...

His eyes widened.

"Draco?" I questioned.

"B-behind..." he stammered.

I tried to turn my head using the least amount of energy and gasped.

Harry was standing there with Ron, tapping his foot and folding his arms, clucking his tongue. I wonder how he does that. So many actions at one time.

Ron, however, was staring at us with an expression mixed with disbelief, relief and hurt. "Hermione..."

My eyes flicked from Harry to Ron, and back. Oh my god... What should I do? "I-I can explain..." I trailed off.

How do I explain? Where do I start?

Draco cleared his throat. "Maybe we should find a place to talk," he suggested, squeezing my hand reassuringly.


"Then the previous Muggles assignment somehow broke us up." Draco continued from my sentence.

Harry cocked his head. "Uh... okay..." he said uncertainly. Ron was still staring at me, his expression never changing.

I swallowed painfully. How could I do this to him?

All of a sudden, Ron stood up. "I'm not taking anymore of this crap," he announced angrily and stormed off.

"Ron..." I tried to call out, but failing miserably as I had hardly any more strength.

Harry sighed. "I'll go talk to him," he said, nodding to us and left.

I don't know why, but tears started to run down my cheeks.

"Shhh... Shhh... it's going to be alright..." Draco soothed.

"Did you see his expression? He must hate me..." I sobbed into Draco's arms.

Draco tensed a notch, probably because I mentioned Ron. "He won't be angry for long... Nobody can stay angry at you for long," he said softly, kissing my nose lightly.

"I-I hope so... I'm scared, Draco, I'm scared," I mumbled, my voice muffled.

"Of what?" he questioned.

I peered at him under my eyelids. "What if he makes up his mind to never forgive me?"

Draco didn't answer and seemed to be staring off into space.


He blinked as if he had just heard me and ruffled my hair. "Don't worry, Hermione. Everything will be alright..."

Ron's POV

"Ron! Ron! Wait up!" Harry called.

I grimaced as his voice and quickened my pace if possible. I certainly didn't need Harry to butt in at this time. Kind as he was, caring as he was, he can be annoying at times.

He caught up with me in a short matter of time and stopped me. "Ron... Listen to me," Harry panted.

I shrugged his hand off. "What?"

"I think you should have waited for Hermione to finish her explanation," Harry said, still panting slightly.

I sighed in exasperation. "That's your problem. I don't feel a need to stay and listen to her talk about Malfoy like he was some-some god," I muttered furiously. "I thought he was a good guy."

Harry rolled his eyes at me. "This is Malfoy we're talking about. I don't feel good about this arrangement either. I feel that he's going to hurt her sooner or later. But right now, they look happy together-"

"So we should just let them be?" I interrupted in disbelief. "Damn, have you forgotten that I'm madly in love with Hermione?"

"Ron! Calm down! Stop your blabbering!" Harry shouted. "I have not forgot about that, Ron. If you claim that you love her so much, you should let her be with Malfoy where she would be happy with!"

I think I gave Harry a punch. He staggered back, glaring at me in shock. "This is nonsense! I am not listening to this," I said, pushing him away as I stalked back to the Gryffidor common room.



I laid in my bed, glaring at the ceiling. Malfoy. Draco. With Hermione? My Hermione?

I turned to my right. "Harry's right," I mumbled to myself. "Malfoy's where Hermione would be happy with."

Hermione's POV

I'm so glad. I'm so glad. I'm so glad. I'm so glad. I'm so glad.

"I'm so glad," I muttered out loud.

Draco looked at me quizzically, then shrugged and continued talking to Madam Pomfrey.

From what Madam Pomfrey said, it looks like I had a high fever. Had is the correct word. I guess it blew off already. Whew. To think I thought I had leukemia or something.

Anyway. I'm so, so glad Ron's not angry at me anymore. His opinion matters a lot of me, along with Harry's. After all we are the wonder trio aren't we?

][ A u t h o r 's n o t e ][

Hi, will you all care to join my Interactive Hogwarts? It's at :)

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