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Love Against My Will by LonelyGer
Chapter 15 : Hermione\'s Illness
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Hermione's POV

Voices. More than one.

My eyelashes fluttered as I tried to open my eyes. "Harry... Ron..." I whispered hoarsely.

I tried to turn and look around for Draco. Realising, Ron and Harry were staring at me worriedly, I gave them a reassuring smile. "I'm okay. Who... how did I end up here?"

"Malfoy brought you here," Harry said shortly. Next to him, Ron beamed like Draco was his pet ferret and he had taught Draco well.

"Where's... him?" I forced the words out.

"When he saw us, he left and told me to take care of you," Ron informed me.

I tried to muster up some strength to stand. "Where are you going, Hermione?" Harry asked. "You can't leave."

"Need... to thank... him," I said, gasping for breath. Hands against the walls for support, I ordered Harry and Ron to stay there to wait for me. As much as they hated the idea, they could only watch me worriedly. Especially Ron.

On my way to the Slytherin's common room, I spotted Parvati Patil. I stopped her and asked her if she had seen Draco. She looked at me like I was insane, then told me he was at the library. I thanked her gratefully and made my way slowly to the library.

Just as I was about to enter the library, Pansy Parkinson and her other two girl friends came out. Pansy saw my helpless self and sneered. "Look at her. Don't you just pity her?" she mocked.

I tried to glare at her with as much fierceness as I could.

She laughed at my attempt and pushed me to the ground. The three of them purposely stepped on my hands as they walked past me.

Flinching, I tried to stand. My hands hurt and my legs felt as if they were broken. I swallowed with difficulty and moved out of the way and onto the wall. I hated myself for being so helpless.

It was then Draco came out. He gasped at me, with a thick book under his arm. It read Muggle Illness for Dummies. I started to smile despite the pains. He saw me smile and quickly hid the book, his face tingeing with red.

"Hermione, what are you doing here? You are supposed to be in the-" Draco said, looking at me worriedly.

"Thank you," I spoke barely above a whisper. Draco helped me stand and I would have fallen if not for him standing there, supporting me.

It was like, the whole world just... sort of vanished. Like there was only me and him and nobody else. We were just standing there, me in his arms, gazing into each other's eyes...

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