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Love Against My Will by LonelyGer
Chapter 13 : Hermione\'s Distraught
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Hermione's POV

Wow. I blushed. I didn't know Ron could give a kiss that powerful.

"Wow, huh?" he whispered, blushing a little.

I tilted my head in agreement.

Magically, the rain stopped and both of us blushing from head to toe, moved out at the same time, almost getting stuck there.

Ron grinned and bowed down dramatically. "After you, mi'lady."

I giggled and curtsied.

When we got out, we rushed to Starbucks where Harry and Seamus were waiting impatiently. I spotted Harry raising his eyebrow at Ron, to which he smiled innocently and I chuckled inwardly. Ron turned to me and asked me if I wanted a mocha. I smiled back. "Sure. Thanks."

It was strange. I felt so protected with Ron. That feeling had never came before whenever I was with him. The only time I felt that way was...

With Draco, I thought bitterly.

Harry cleared his throat. "Hermione. Can you give us a recap?"

I blushed at his emphasis. I leaned towards him and whispered in his ear. "It's strictly private."

He looked at me, annoyed but smiling all the same. Guess he figured it out.

Draco's POV

Realisation hit me hard when we arrived at Hogwarts. When Hermione said we should go steady, I realised she meant her and Weasley. Not me and her. I looked at her in despair but she barely noticed. At times, she could really be dim.

I hurried down the hall to look for Weasley. Where was that git?

Someone pulled me away from the hall into a corner.

"Hey!" I yelled.

He covered my mouth. "Shhh..." It was Weasley.

Sighing in relief, I leaned against the wall next to him. "How's life?" I asked casually.

He gave an exaggerated groan. "Your life is horrid. Pansy keeps trailing behind me. I can't even get some privacy!"

I chuckled. "That's her," I pointed out.

He shook his head in disgust, looking very much like me, thank you very much. "So how's things your side?"

I'm not dumb. I saw the look in his eyes. He's in love with Hermione alright. I felt a pang of jealousy when I remembered what happened at the shelter. They were going to be together.

I shrugged and supplied him with a famous one word answer. "Okay."

"How's...?" Weasley looked at me, his face red.

"You mean Herm-Granger?" I teased, ignoring the way my heart was thumping.

He nodded. "She's fine. In fact, she's never better," I said, grinning mischievously.

Before I knew it, Weasley hauled me up by the collar of my robe. "You better not give her any trouble."

"Me?" I widened my eyes innocently with exaggeration. "Better get back to the common room," I said cheerfully.

"Actually, I was thinking of asking Snape to change us back." Weasley said nervously.

Right now, he was taller and had more power. But he was acting like I was Malfoy again.

"Why?" I asked slowly. "Not that I don't want to," I added quickly.

"Good! Let's go find him now," Weasley said, pulling me out of the corner and marching towards the dungeons.

I wanted so badly to be with Hermione. But it wasn't right, I guess. Sighing, I let myself be pulled.


Snape's face had a trace of smile. "And I thought there was nobody who could do the potion," he said, before dismissing us.

I was back to myself and Weasley was back to being him. I thanked Snape along with Weasley and we left the dungeon.

"See yer around," I drawled, giving Weasley a half-wave, much to his shock. He waved back and grinned.

"Draky!!" a voice shrieked shrilly.

Pansy. I groaned aloud, and quickened my steps to the Slytherins common room.

Hermione's POV

Ron entered the common room, with a smile of his face.

"What's so amusing?" I asked, punching him playfully.

He looked at me, surprised. "Uh, nothing."

Blushing a little, I gave him a light kiss on the cheek daringly in front of the others.

He just gave me a bewildered look.

A little annoyed, I looked at him with ridicule. "What's wrong?" I asked, forcing my voice to sound concerned.

He was different. Not like the Ron that was stuck in the shelter with me. He pulled me to somewhere private.

"Did I miss anything?" he asked with confusion in his eyes.

I smiled appreciatively at his acting. "You were only gone for a few minutes, Ron."

He gave a small chuckle. "Actually, I was gone longer. You wouldn't believe what happened in the morning right after Potions," he started, sitting down onto the floor and patting the space next to him.

I sat down beside him, irritated yet curious.

"You know the potion Snape thought us?" he queried.

I nodded. Like duh.

"I changed into Malfoy."

I know, I know. Don't be depressed about not doing the potion rig-


I blinked at him, not processing his words.

"He turned to me, and I became him," Ron repeated. "His life is truly terrible."

Oblivious to Ron's chuckles, I flashed back to the scene at the shelter. "Right after Potions?" I asked, fear seizing my heart.

He nodded and this time he was the one who looked concerned. "Did Malfoy do anything to you?" he asked, his voice getting louder and angrier when he saw my look.

I placed my finger at his lips. "Shhh..."

I sat there, staring into space, looking dazed. No. No.

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Shadow:: I already did.

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