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Sleep Overcomes Her by PheonixTear
Chapter 1 : Sleep Overcomes Her
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Sleep Overcomes Her

(A/N: This will probably be my last fan fic for quite some time. I am leaving for college in a week and don’t see any time for writing until Christmas. Enjoy.)

The trial and sentencing had lasted all afternoon. Hermione and I did not arrive home until after sunset. The stars were gazing down at us, pale and soft, as if they were guarding our pathway home. The stars where always watching us…and we, in turn, watched them.

We finally watched the murderer’s of so many people be sentenced to their dooms. Yet, we felt no closure…you never do. Revenge is only a fleeting emotion. It soon subsides and you are only left with a solitary longing to forget pain and proceed with what life you have left. Hermione and I choose to embark on that life together. I have felt so many things at different times of life. Yet, the one thing that has been constant is the loyalty of my friends and the love we share. The love Hermione and I share especially.

I remember how wide her sierra eyes were when her parent’s murderers where finally chained and sent away. I shall never forget it. They were bright but too strong to cry. She has always been strong.

We step into the house to find dark rooms and silent hallways. Yet we are blinded by the relief we feel…struck deaf by the sounds of our heart beats. It is all too loud…all too bright…all too calm.

She is emotionally spent…I can see it in the lines of her face and the slump of her shoulder.

“Tea, Harry?” she asks as she lays down her pack and wand. I begin to peel away my cloak and shake my head.

“Bed.” I say simply. I too feel exhausted.

When hard, cold eyes are constantly thrust toward you in a hatred unquenchable, your body begins to tire and your bones ache.

Fawks calls out to me from his perch in the study. He has had a burning day it seems, for when I go to check on him he is a small, naked chick with huge gouging eyes. I stroke his neck playfully and open the window to let in the cool night breeze. Hedwig should be back soon. Ron’s reply will be welcome.

I miss Ron, but understand his need for some time and space. He lost so many people he loved. Hermione and I will be here when he gets home. We will be the first he sees. This will be his home too…we aren’t really home unless the three of us are together.

“Harry…I thought you said bed?” I hear her call from down the hall. I stroke Fawks one last time before departing from the room leaving my shoes in the hall. They are beginning to smell…I work too hard.

She has already changed into her nightgown and is brushing through her frizzy locks. I smirk and begin to undress as well. I hear crickets singing lullabies in the distance. My eye lids begin to feel like iron sheets.

“Is it possible to forget them, Harry?” Hermione asks. I turn to see she has been watching me as I threw my shirt and trousers aside and dress into my night clothes.

“No. Never.”

She nods and excepts that these demons will stay but no longer have the firm clasp upon her consciousness as they once did. They will resurface in vulnerable spurts and I would be there to soothe her when they did.

She sinks into our bed and closes her eyes. But she is not sleeping…she is replaying the day inside that brilliant mind of hers. Seeing stoney faces, hearing heart breaking testimony, reliving her parent’s death, reliving the last moments of the war all over again. I pull back the sheets and lay next to her. Her hand reaches out for mine…I take it like always.

She will do this for hours…every now and then mumbling something for me to hear. Yet, tonight…tonight after all this hardship all I want for us is rest. I begin to message her temples.

She moans but doesn’t open her eyes. My fingertips lightly circle her closed lids and up to her scalp. I do this for almost half an hour. All I can think about his how beautiful she is….how innocent. She looks like the Hermione of first year when she is quiet and still. It always takes me back. Night after night I always watch as she falls into dreams…I am only content to know that she has found sleep first before it welcomes me.

I never can believe that all these things have passed. That we are now expected to start new worlds of ordinary? How can you pick up the pieces of a life never even assembled in the first place? How can you mend a tear that was never whole? I am unsure. Yet, the answer lies here in this bed with my wife. Whatever life has in store now, we have to face it together.

I remember our first night in this bed. How close we became…how the sounds of our heavy breathing still replay in my mind. The touch of her hands upon my bare skin still sends me into shivers. I massage her back now thinking of the time we have had. Wondering how much time is left.

Soon, it is clear that sleep has overcome her. I have done a good job. Now, I lay back putting my arm around her and she unconsciously snuggles up to rest on my chest. This is all I need to forget… at least forget for the night. Memories will be waiting for us in the morning. We will face them together.

Sleep overcomes me.

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