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Love Against My Will by LonelyGer
Chapter 12 : Draco\'s Nightmare
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Draco's POV

What in blazes? The potion actually worked! I stared and stared and stared, mouth opened.

I heard someone come in but I was too concentrated to notice.

"Beginning to be vain, huh, Weasley?"


Crabbe snickered beside him.

"Shut up," I snarled. "You are in no position to talk to me that way."

Goyle looked surprised at first, then quickly collected himself. "How about my fist? Is it a higher position?"

Before I know it, his fist slammed into my stomach. They laughed cruelly and went off.

I groaned in pain. What bastards. When I become myself again, they would die alright.

"Ron! What happened?" asked The Boy Who Lived To Be Annoying, rushing to my aid.

"I'm not Ron," I spat, helping myself up.

Potter looked confused for a moment. "Who else are you? Are you sick?" With that, he pulled me out of the lavatory. "Don't tell me you forgot."

"Forgot what?" I said, despite being irritated for being pulled by Pothead.

He gaped at me. "Hermione, you and I went to talk to Professor Dumbledore! He gave us permission to go to the Muggle world to buy an extraordinary gift for Lavender's birthday!"

I narrowed my eyes at him and spat out my words. "The Muggle world?"

Potter blinked at me and felt my forehead. Annoyed, I slapped his hand away. Just as I was about to retort, my twin Draco appeared.

Except I wasn't Draco anymore.

We stared at each other in shock. "Harry! What are doing with him?" Weasley, or Malfoy depending on how you look it, sputtered.

"Better him than you," Potter answered immediately.

Weasley looked hurt for a moment. Uh-oh. "Give me a minute," I told Potter, pulling Weasley away, much to Potter's shock.

"I don't believe this," Weasley muttered.

"Told you I was good at Potions," I bragged.

He smirked at me. So that's how I look when I give people the traditional smirk. Not too shabby, I thought.

"So what do we do now?" Weasley asked.

"I guess just be each other for the time being," I said, shrugging. I don't really care, actually. After all I could be with Hermione. Weasley would be with the goons, Crabbe and Goyle.

"Whatcha snickering at?" he asked, glaring at me.

I grinned at him. "You know how to play Quidditch don't you? If you take my place as a Seeker..."

He looked at me thoughtfully. "I do know how to, for your information. I don't know if I can be a Seeker..."

I shrugged at him again. "Too bad. You have to take my place."

"What if I lost? Aren't you afraid people will jeer at you?" Weasley wanted to know.

"Would they dare?" I drawled, trying to sound like ME.

Weasley rolled his eyes. "Fine, we'll be each other for the time being. I always wanted to how the Slytherin common room looked like."

I smirked. "Now you can go," I said, turning away from Weasley.

"Oh and beware of Parkinson," I added.

As if she could hear me, Pansy came shrieking and pulled Weasley away from me like I was some disease. Laughing to myself, I headed back to Potter, who was eyeing me.

"What was that about?"

"Just some stupid stuff he wanted to know, that ferret," I said, feeling guilty for scolding myself. Hurhurhur.


So here I am, in the Muggle world with Potter, Finnigan and Hermione. Been ages since I've been here.

I looked around interested while Potter continued his mass staring at me.

"Potter. You don't happen to be interested in me, do you?" I drawled, forgetting who I was for a moment.

His jaw dropped. "Ron! Don't be gross!"

Oops, I thought. Shrugging, I followed Hermione and Finnigan into some gift shop.

"Doesn't this look cute? I've got to get some for myself!" Hermione squealed, holding up a stuffed teddy bear.

I shrugged. "Yeah, maybe."

At the corner of my eye, I spotted Potter pushing Finnigan out of the store. "Hey! Where are you guys going?" I called.

Potter cringed at the loudness of my voice. "Er, Seamus wants to get some necklace for Lavender. Meet you guys later at the Starbucks!" he returned, giving me a meaningful look.

I was pondering over the look for quite some time until Hermione nudged me and told me to carry her bags. I narrowed my eyes at her. "Do I look like a house elf?" I snarled.

She didn't even look bewildered. Shoving the bags into my folded arms, she replied, "Don't be childish, Ron."

Again, I had forgotten who I was. Sighing I took the bags and trudged after her out of the store, where we were immediately attacked by splattering water. Like ouch.

"It's raining!" Hermione exclaimed in excitement. "I haven't seen rain for a long time!"

I smiled at her childlike self. She looks so adorable.

The rain got bigger and worse. Squealing, she pulled me, running to the nearest shelter, causing me to nearly drop the bags.

The shelter wasn't big though it could probably fit us if it weren't for the bags. Finally we managed to keep the bags away from the wet area and the rain and we stood, looking around, embarrassed by the closeness.

I wanted to hold her. I kept looking at her at different angles till she touched her hair self-consciously. "What?"

"Hermione, I..." I leaned in.

She looked elsewhere. "I've been thinking..." Hermione trailed off.

"Thinking what?" I said softly, my breath on her neck.

"That maybe... maybe you are right. I... have a crush on you too. We should..." she trailed off again, her face burning.

I smiled slightly. "That's great, Hermione," I murmured.

Without thinking, I leaned in and gave her the most passionate kiss I ever gave.

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Love Against My Will: Draco\'s Nightmare


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