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Love Against My Will by LonelyGer
Chapter 8 : Draco and Hermione hides their feelings
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Draco's POV

"Whatcha looking at, Mudblood?" I sneered.

Pain flashed through her eyes.

"Watch your language, Malfoy!" Ron yelled.

I smirked at him. "Got yourself a boyfriend finally huh, Granger?" I asked, raising my eyebrow.

She stared at me for a moment, as if couldn't believe what I had said. "Jealous?" she spat.

She's right. I am jealous.

I pretended to choke. "Of you?" I said, laughing shortly.

"Well, don't let me disturb you two. Carry on, carry on," I said lazily. "I was just going to the Slytherin common room to get Pansy."

I gave them a last smirk and went through the Slytherin portrait.

Hermione's POV

An uncomfortable silence settled around our working table.

"What a bastard," Ron said finally.

I nodded numbly in agreement. I hate the way he makes me lose control. I hate the way he makes me want him so badly. I hate, I hate, I hate Draco Malfoy.

"Stop, Hermione!" I mumbled loudly.

Ron looked at me strangely. "Perhaps we'll do this assignment some other day. You are acting weird today. Get some rest." He patted my back awkwardly and left.

I sighed and went back to sleep.


Oh goodness, is it morning already? was the first thought that came to mind.

I blinked furiously and stretched. It looks hot enough to fry Draco Malfoy on the sidewalk.

Laughing at the stupid image, I got out of bed and made my way downstairs slowly while yawning.

It was then I saw Malfoy.

With Pansy Parkinson.


I swallowed the lump in my throat and pretended to be oblivious to them as I walked towards the exit.

Somehow I sensed Malfoy staring at me. I turned around, hoping... hoping that he'd been watching me and wanting me.

Was I wrong.

He broke the kiss and looked up just then. "What are you looking at?" he growled.

"Fancy wearing the same clothes for 2 days in a row." he sneered.

My cheeks hot, I realised he was right. But I couldn't think about that now. I lost my sense of control the moment I saw him. The sight of Pansy on his lap hurt too, too much. I turned back and walked away, ignoring him.

Draco's POV

She looks cute with her uncombed hair, I mused to myself, smiling inwardly.

"Draco..." Pansy cooed.

Rolling my eyes, I pushed her off my lap. "Pansy, I wish to be alone. Can you go back to the Slytherin common room?"

Pansy pouted but knew better than to argue with me. She left in a huff and I was all alone in the prefects' common room.

I know, I know. It was wrong to use Pansy to make Hermione jealous. It sounds even stupider and more ridiculous. Pansy!? Who would be jealous of Pansy? I laughed to myself. My stomach growling, I left the common room to go to the Great Hall, which I knew that nobody was there at this time.

When I reached there, I spotted some Hufflepuffs reading some thick book on Potions. Just like Hufflepuffs to waste a perfectly free day to study.

Rolling my eyes, I headed to my table. It was then I saw Hermione at the Gryffindors table. She looks so adorable...

I pressed the bell at the side of the table and waited for a house elf to appear. Since it was so early, few people were up so the house elves could actually come out.

A petite little house elf came to my service immediately.

"Coffee and 2 slice of buttered toast," I told her and she nodded, hurrying back.

I looked up again and admired Hermione at a distance. As if she felt me staring, she glanced at me and gave me a nod. I, in return, gave her a half-smile.

But she seemed oblivious to my sexiness. Damn her.

Hermione's POV

He smiled at me! He smiled at me!

"Get a hold of yourself, Granger," I lectured myself.

"Talking to yourself again?" a voice called, walking towards me.

"Ron!" I said, pleased to have someone sit across me to block out the view of Malfoy. "What are doing up so early?"

Ron glared at me. "I do wake up early now and then."

I laughed. "Yeah, sure. And I failed Transfiguration last year."

He rolled his eyes at me and grabbed my peanut butter and jelly toast.

"Hey!" I protested. "That's mine!"

"Caring and sharing for your friends is important," he mumbled, his mouth full of bits, as he swallowed.

I chuckled. I studied my coffee as I waited for Ron to finish up my toast.

He did and he started staring at me.

"What?" I said self-consciously.

"You are wearing yesterday's clothes," he stated.

I stopped myself from rolling my eyes. I gave him a duh look.

"Her... Mio... Ne..." he said slowly.

I looked at him questioningly.

He bit his lip. Before I knew what was going on, Ron leaned in and kissed me squarely on the lips.

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